A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

Here Is The Unsubstantiated News.

 Today on Sky News, an alleged journalist presented us with his opinion that no action could be taken against high-flying paedophiles, simply because the accusations had not been substantiated.  Mainly because the Metropolitan Police and other guardians of the law, had “misplaced” the evidence.

An unsubstantiated report alleging that David Cameron was photographed, no doubt with his ‘wellies’ on, going one up on the well documented ‘Somerset Sheep Shaggers, by sticking his posh member into the mouth of a porky piggy, which unlike the live sheep shagged by the  uncouth peasants in Somerset was already dead and ready to be scoffed. Despite the humour in such a tale, the hacks on the British Media, declined to explain exactly what this performance of Cameron’s was all about.

What a great shame it is that these same guttersnipes are prepared to denigrate Muslim people without fear, whether it gives rise to calls for war and the death of millions, regardless of whether it has been substantiated with solid facts or not.

Only today, an unsubstantiated claim was made that one in three of all children born, will fall victim to a form of Dementia, this being because we are all living longer and Dementia is an illness of the old.

They then interviewed a woman, who was the carer of her mother, whom was a victim of Altzheimers Disease, which struck her down when she was fifty-eight years old. This can hardly be described as old, so the whole notion was ridiculed from the word go, yet this was not picked up by the ‘Hacks.’

I would like to call on this journalist, a certain Michael Booker, to dig out the available conclusive proof of Bashar al Assad’s crimes against his own people. While he is at it, should he stumble across the demonstrations, against Assad – which were in fact relatively small and held in side-streets, all of which were filmed – produce some sort of evidence that it was the police and only the police whom were responsible for any deaths which may have occurred, to clear up those unsubstantiated claims once and for all, we could all then relax and let go of the nagging impression, that it was all a Sky News  production, with Stuart Ramsey in the leading role, as the “Journalist.”

To give him some idea as to where I am driving, I might remind him that the British Public, of which he is a proud member, were informed by his own “newspaper,” amongst many others,  that the IRA had opened fire on the British troops, whom were in Ireland to protect the  Catholics,  whom were marching in “Free Democratic Britain,” for their Civil Rights, which were being denied to them by the lovable scum, whom he supports with alacrity, without any form whatsoever of substantiation.

The British denied their murderous act of the slaying of peaceful, Catholic demonstrators, for thirty years, having opened fire on the very people they were allegedly protecting, to generate an excuse for their own hidden agenda, which I might add, included a “shoot to kill,” policy against Catholics.

These typically “British” acts – which were no departure from normal daily life under British Rule – were presented as an adequate reason to bomb the shit out of Libya, claiming that Gadaffi had committed a similar crime in  Benghazi,  and then claimed that Assad had done exactly the same thing in Syria, not to mention the thousands of examples, such as the atrocity at Amritsar, with which history is deluged and which I do not have enough computer power to list.

One might ask the logical question as to why, when, such acts are carried out by the British, nobody called for a “No Fly Zone” over the UK, in keeping with British policy of imposing one against Saddam Hussein and Gadaffi in similar circumstances.

So lets hear from you Booker, where is your substantive evidence for a few of these firmly held beliefs, with which you and your kind have contaminated the minds of children for decades?

Today’s News on Sky  instead of presenting the SCANDAL of the deliberately provoked wars, which have killed and maimed millions of INNOCENT people and which are responsible the IMMIGRATION CRISIS which is going to strangle Europe to death, they are reporting the INTERNATIONAL SCANDAL of Volkswagen’s deliberate rigging of the level of pollutants, which are emitted from their motor cars.

The level of propaganda, which is delivered on a daily basis, by the “free and uncontrolled”  Western Press, is of such an enormous quantity, that to adopt the position of non-belief in anything which is reported on television “News” or in the publications from “The Street of Shame” is valid and justifiable.

The same Press which once informed us that “Globalisation” was wonderful and was of infinite value to the well-being of those countries which embraced it, now tell us that as a philosophy it has failed.

Well this “cynic” not only disagrees with this announcement but on the other hand would like to claim that it has been a resounding success. However, through the lies and misrepresentation of the object of this “Globalisation” and without any form of verification of the value of the exercise, for the man in the street, he is sadly, totally confused and afraid to make his own judgement as to what has been inflicted on to his homeland, for fear of being sneeringly called a Racist.

I would suggest that the people of Europe need only look around themselves, as they walk in the now Globalised streets of Europe, to come to the understanding that they are now in an irreversible situation, which can only lead to disaster, yet they are incapable of taking any action to save themselves.

The Politicians, by whom, through the sham of Democracy, we have had this disaster imposed upon us,  can now afford to say that they must change the policy of Globalisation,  as a failure,  while at the same time creating wars across the Middle East, deliberately creating millions of refugees, telling the folk of Europe that they must treat these poor refugees – whom through the use of  “terror tactics” they have created – with a humane understanding of the needs of these folk and welcome them into an already saturated Europe.

Across the Irish Sea, the ever malevolent Jew/British Empire, quite deliberately brought a bunch of Scottish Protestants, into Ulster. They then very carefully changed the boundaries of Ulster and gathered the Catholics into ghettos and calmly rigged the election process, ensuring a Protestant victory in any election, in order to maintain their grip on Ireland.  Protestant was code for English.

We will, in future years, see the same process being “allowed” across Europe, as that which was imposed on the Middle East, which under the control of the same Jew/British Empire, was sliced into weak and chaotic and easily manipulated religious States, after The Great War, into which they introduced the Wahhabi version of Islam, as a violent destructive force, to undermine any possibility of a peaceful existence.

In both cases, in Ireland and the Middle East, the success of the policy was total and as a result, both regions have been in disarray ever since.

The same Jew/British Empire, still installed in the City of London, is about to carve the UK and Europe into the same situation as that which was such a game changer in the Middle East. Very soon huge areas of the UK and other European countries, will be advised to introduce “autonomous” areas, where large populations of immigrants have been encouraged to seek the succour of their own kind, instead of integrating into a complete National identity, will call for the creation of their own State with its own laws etc. This will be called “Real Democracy” and should of course be encouraged, a sentiment which will be endorsed by White hating Liberals.

The power of the controlled media is so incredible, that the vast majority of those whom offer an opinion, believe Gadaffi, Assad, Saddam Hussein, Hitler, Mussolini, Franco the IRA and Uncle Tom Cobley and all to have been “bad” while the aggressive, murderous, cold-blooded monsters, who murdered them, to have been “good” such is the power of unsubstantiated news reporting. Who, for example, would believe that there is no evidence of a “holocaust” just as no “Weapons of Mass Destruction” were ever found in Iraq.

Ireland is now being forced through the same mangle all over again.  This time the immigrants are not Protestants, they are Muslims and they are already out in the streets of Dublin,  demanding, from the poverty-stricken Irish, housing, medical care, education and of course Social Security payments.

The unsubstantiated claims that immigrants are a benefit to the economies of Europe, do not stand up to inspection or logic. Most immigrants into Europe have been a drain on the economy. In Denmark for example, 75% of all of the immigrants whom have arrived in Denmark in the past ten years, have never worked.

In the UK, despite accepting ten million immigrants in recent years, the economy is flat on its face, there are not enough homes available for such a huge influx, I defy anybody to point to some of the so-called benefits of this immigration, the usual claim being that without them, the National Health Service would collapse, without disclosing how many of the sick are themselves unemployed immigrants.

Social systems across Europe are collapsing under the pressure of this inflow, yet it is NEVER discussed in the mainstream media as a problem. They are still, full in the face of the actuality on the ground, dismissing the intelligent few whom choose to speak out against this evil manipulation of common sense, to be no more than “Fascists” misusing the word to suggest some sort of connection with another piece of unsubstantiated reporting.

The European Union, which is itself a form of  Secret Society and  which was installed by a group of Jewish Bankers,  which included Goldman Sachs, plus Chatham House in the UK, The Committee on Foreign Relations in the US and the Trilateral Commission all of which have now placed its agents in massive numbers across the EU, in Greece, Italy and the UK amongst other places, where they control the Central Banks, including the European Central Bank.  This is an actuality which is never exposed by the controlled media, which, of course, is also controlled by all of the above covert groups.

History is full of examples of control being taken by incomers. I can find no example of an invaded country in which the indigenous population survived the invasion intact. Australia, New Zealand, many South American countries, the USA, Canada, into which were invited the teeming hordes of sick and diseased Europeans, to wipe out the indigenous folk.

Take a good look at Palestine, where Jews have retained the right to carry out a genocide and to operate a system of Racism, with the support of the same politicians whom recommend immigration into Europe, while Israel clears its own land, of its indigenous people, a land which they themselves stole through the medium of mass immigration. It would be fair to say that Europeans will soon be the new Palestinians, with no land of their own.

Those strange people whom are referred to as the British Government, have invited their current chosen enemy, International Muslim Terrorists, to enter their territory, in unrestricted numbers,  suggesting that they have no fear of this enemy, otherwise the Military would have soon put a stop to this wholesale influx of “dangerous” people.  This,  therefore,  would suggest that there is some other agenda in play.

The need of a Muslim Community was demonstrated in 2005 and the 7-7 False Flag in London, when within minutes, with no substantiation, the British Top Cop, Ian Blair blamed four young Muslim lads with back-packs, for an act which was way beyond their capabilities,  just as was the unsubstantiated claim of the  911 atrocity in New York, was way out of the range of Tim Osman, aka Osama Bin Laden.

Our world has been destroyed. It is now being occupied by folk like the Muslims whom are already, prepared to sit on their back-sides claiming Social Security and free everything, infinitely richer than they ever were in Turkey or Palestine. In Germany, it has been disclosed that 97% of Turkish immigrants claim Social Security.  How many more can we pay for, when we should be stopping the Jew wars, which are driving these folk from their homelands? Just as the Jew/British Empire drove millions of Irish out of Ireland.








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  1. Tony Abbott has been usurped by Turnbull as Prime Minister of Australia, Turnbull is noted as being rich, also he worked for Goldman Sachs and made either all his wealth of a substantial amount on the frauds that this bank instigated, I suggest he is well in with the Jewish bankers here and what I am saying is not a issue for the Australian people or the establishment predominately run here by the Jews do not want to know? as you are aware Murdock has roots here in Australia and adds much to the propaganda via his influence of and control of the media.


    September 23, 2015 at 23:58

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