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Good On Yeh VW! Can You Fit One To My Car?

What on earth is all this crap about Volkswagen?  I have yet to see any evidence that a VW diesel engine was any more in need of this defeat device than are any other makes.  Where is the proof that they would fail to pass an emission control without one?

What is all this shock and horror and have I already been poisoned by these toxic particles and am I dying, bullshit. Diesel engines are far superior to petrol engines.  Whoever set about raising this alarm about emission, is as usual, only giving that part of the tale which suits their needs.

They are picking on the only gas, which a diesel engine produces more excessively than does a petrol engine and because of this they are attempting to interfere with our choice of vehicle.

No mention is made of the fact that diesel engines produce virtually no carbon monoxide, the most potent killer gas which is mainly produced by petrol engines. People die in their sleep because of Carbon Monoxide from a variety of sources. They can kill themselves accidentally, should they fall asleep in their car, in winter, with the engine running for the heater but not in a diesel car. Plus there is a small amount of oxygen produced by a diesel fueled engine.

In the USA, the source of this nonsense, there are practically no diesel propelled cars,  so the poisonous haze, under which Americans pass their lives has nothing to do with diesel and to ban diesel cars will only increase deaths from toxic gases not reduce them.

Everybody with whom I have discussed this issue, gave me the same response. They would not even consider going back to petrol and neither would I. Like me, not one of them discussed the emissions of their car before buying it and I very much doubt whether any Americans were any more curious.  So to suggest that they should search damages from VW is sick.

The attitude of my colleagues and others was one of , well done VW. You did your best for us and don’t you worry about a thing, we will buy your vehicles because we love them. We would happily pay a bit more if you offered to fit a defeat on to our vehicles.

I have personally spent years of my life driving Volkswagens and I will now be on the look out for a Golf, with a diesel engine, if anybody around here is stupid enough to sell it cheap,  as a result of this concerted attack against of the people who gave us the Beetle and the Kombi.

Nobody around here is shocked and unsure of whom to trust and all that bullshit. Laws are being put in place which will restrict our right to private transport. These regulations are deliberately beyond the capabilities of manufacturers at the moment. Emission levels should gauged by what is possible and to then make sure that everybody makes changes to achieve that standard.

Volkswagen have some of the best engines in the world, there is no doubt about that claim, so should they be running into difficulties, you can be sure and certain that everybody else in the business are experiencing similar difficulties.

Why did these holier than thou guardians of clean air in the US, not demand the same billions of dollars of reparations from General Motors, a company which knowingly continued to produce and sell vehicles, with such a serious mechanical problem, that 124 people lost their lives. Could it be because US car makers have not yet achieved a half-way decent diesel engine which can compete with the VW?  Nobody was put at risk by Volkswagen and their “emissions controller.”


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