A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

A Misanthropes Response To Recent Events.

I am never quite sure if I am a simple curmudgeon or full-blown misanthrope, well whatever the truth of that, perhaps my approach to current events, has not been too far short of the mark, an approach which came to the fore at the sudden  appearance of the “Arab Spring,” which as I suggested at the time was little more than a contrived excuse to take down Gadaffi and later Syria and Assad.

I have watched the British and their allies, completely dismiss the Syrian people, on to whom they were preparing to install a government selected by them, describing their act as “bringing democracy” to the Syrians.

As with Gadaffi and the Libyan people, not one person has ever been allowed on to British Television expressing the view of the Syrian in the street, whose continuing support for their leader has astonished those like myself, who are aware of their courage and pray that they do not end up like those other victims of British concern for their welfare, in Afghanistan, Iraq or Libya.

So imagine my surprise while listening to Jeremy Corbyn speaking to the Labour Party Conference, when instead of condemning out of hand the savage, bloodthirsty behaviour of the Cameron regime in its attempts to drum up support for a bombing campaign aimed at the destruction of the country, never mind the fact that there was no immediate threat to the UK,  Corbyn spoke instead about the need to accept more immigrants into Europe, totally ignoring the fact that most Syrians want to stay where they are.

So why is Corbyn condoning Cameron’s behaviour by ignoring it? Well he is in step with Pope Francis, The Jesuit, who in order to fulfil a Bible prophecy, which tells us that Christ introduced himself, in the name of his Father and when he returned it would be in his own name, which Francis did, when he claimed to the congregation that, “I come in my own name,” which is indicative of something or other, presumably he is claiming to be the Second Coming, is Corbyn some sort of Coming?

Well let us take a little look at where he did come from. First things first, he is a member of the Labour Party. I believe he is a member of the Fabian Society, a secretive group, which has a public face and a more sinister hidden face, which set up the Labour Party in order to take control of the working man.

They did this through deception and Trade Unions, which pretended to be working for the benefit of its members when in reality they were working for the enslavement of the workers through Socialism, which is Marxism.

The Fabian Society was funded by many of the well-known characters like the Rothschild family, Lord Milner and his group, Cecil Rhodes,  Balfour of the Declaration fame etc. From across the water, Rockefeller and others aided the Fabians in setting up the London School of Economics and other subversive institutions.

It goes without saying that these same folk funded the European Union, within whose ranks Corbyn wishes to remain, whatever changes Cameron may negotiate, which is bad news for those whom want a referendum.

The Fabian Society is also in league with all of the main groups which are proposing a New World Order, for which they themselves have been pushing for ever since the days of George Bernard Shaw, the man who was eager to do away with the “Useless Eaters.”

The Fabian Society has links with all of the un-elected organisations which control us,including the Trilateral Commission, the Committee on Foreign Relations, the Royal Institute of  International Affairs, the Bilderberg Group the European Union, and have been calling for a World Government for ever

So here we are, with the sudden appearance on the scene of two men from the depths of secretive groups, Corbyn from the Fabian Society which is striving to destroy the White English, ethnic people of the UK through mass immigration, which they have been carrying out since the end of World War Two and which Corbyn – like every Labour Party Leader since Clement Atlee opened the door to Blacks from the West Indies and Blair was urging the EU to allow Turkey to become a member, ensuring the saturation of the UK with Muslims – believes should continue by accepting those whom have been driven out of their homelands in the Middle East to suit Rothschild’s dream of Greater Israel.

There is no place for freedom in the works of Marx, we will all be chained to our workplace, that is if the Popes desire for a New World Religion, which will apparently be called Christlim or some snappy title combining Muslim with Christianity, ignoring the fact that Catholics are not Christian, they are already a strange mix of paganism and Roman beliefs which includes many different Gods, none of which actually correspond to Allah but which may involve us all having to get down on our knees five times a day to pray.

The Jesuits and St Ignatius Loyola gave us the Spanish Inquisition, which strangely resembled the slaughters of the Bolshevik Jews in Russia and Germany. Recent research suggests that there may have been as many as twenty million people tortured to death on the rack by the demons in priests clothing.

So it is inconceivable that Corbyn is not aware of these connections between his Labour Party and those whom want to own the world and force us to conform to their desires, which will include a form of  serfdom, where in Shaw’s terms we will not be allowed to have a baby without permission and only then if they have need of one.

Everything which Corbyn proposed in his speech,conformed to the aims of Socialism. He is presumably unaware that there are those whom understand exactly where he is coming from and exactly to where he is leading.

George Bernard Shaw worshipped Marx, Lenin and Stalin and adopted their model as the blue-print for the Fabian form of Socialism.  Corbyn was like an uncle to the Miliband brothers, whose father Ralph Miliband was a lifelong Communist and Stalinist and a very good friend of Corbyn’s.

The Fabian Society are involved with so many subversive groups of nasty people that it would take me a week to mention them all. The curmudgeon in me makes me suspicious of anybody who is prepared to remain in their circle of influence and that includes Corbyn.

While he is calling for more immigrants, he is continuing the strategy of the Fabian desire for Globalisation, which has even interfered with our perception of music, by pushing so-called Black music and World Music, while giving little publicity to good quality White Music, which would have us believe that the likes of Beyoncé and other mediocre Black performers are superior to virtually unheard of Whites, whose music is referred to as Alternative, all of which is designed to dismiss Whites out of their preferred culture of Globalisation.

Check out the Fabian Society  for yourselves, I don’t give out many links because that smacks of leading people. Its better if you dig it out, there are a few good blogs out there.


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