A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

I Seem To Have Missed This On Sky, I Wonder Why?


Almost immediately after making this statement, Putin ordered attacks against the mercenaries who were fighting to bring down Assad.  The response of the West was right on cue and accusations of civilian deaths were made along with claims that Putin was attacking the wrong sort of paid murderers.

There have already been nauseating warnings that Putin would do well to remember the morass into which Russia had tumbled during their ill-conceived adventure in Afghanistan in 1979 which resulted in many Russian casualties.

Well let me think now, what was happening in Afghanistan back then?  Ah yes! It’s all coming back to me. The CIA was building up the mujahideen and Al Qaeda to fight Najibullah and his Democratic Republic of Afghanistan.

The situation then was much as now in Syria.  The West was funding Mercenaries to take down a Democratic government, to suit their own purposes. Russia was lending a helping hand to that government.

When Russia finally pulled out, Afghanistan fell into chaos. Najibullah was hanged out of hand and the criminal War Lords regained power and resumed the sale of Opium to the Western Drug Pushers.

The first target after 911, was Afghanistan and the Taliban, which had previously been called Al Qaeda and whom had strangely been in talks in the US, with the Bush government shortly before the attack on the World Trade Centre, discussing who knows what.

The British and the USA, had already deployed forces to bases in Pakistan, which were already in place for a surprise attack, on Afghanistan, to capture their own man,  the Phantom Osama Bin Laden, the brother of one the Bush Families closest allies, before the 911 False Flag had even taken place? How clever and how prescient.

Evidence of the same forward planning was found in 2003, before the illegal war against Iraq was kicked off and how can we ever forget the fact that British Diplomats were actually arrested in the Libyan desert as plans were being finalised before the illegal attacks against Gadaffi.

I think it would be fair to suggest that the common denominator in all of this slaughter is not Russia nor is it Assad, Gadaffi or Saddam Hussein or Najibullah or indeed the Mullahs in Iran, it is of course the guardian angels of the planet, the good guys in white hats who saw off Hitler and saved the world. Yes! That’s us! The Coalition!

Well Hitler has been gone for a long time now but he is never allowed to rest in peace. He has become the measure of evil for the scum whom are killing without mercy, anyone who gets in their way. Well Hitler, like the Irish, stood up to these ghouls and he paid the price as have all the others and the coalition are still at it and still blaming everybody else.

All of the blood-thirsty scum who are crucifying and beheading people in Syria and Iraq are doing it to order. This is common practice among Zionists or Bolsheviks or whatever other title behind which they lurk. It was par for the course in Russia, Germany and as revenge in those unfortunate countries which had supported Hitler and then found themselves trapped behind the “Iron Curtain” by the Bolshevik Jews from Russia.

Why is it such a mystery to those who condone these brutal attacks in Syria, that the Syrian people have remained loyal to Assad?  The Syrian people are not stupid they can see what is in store for them if Assad loses this struggle, the same fate as Libya, and the other.  We are from Hell.

Putin posed the question to Obama and the rest of the “Security” Council, “Can you not see what you have done in Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen and other places?”

I now  ask those whom support this coalition of ghouls, whom have, through their “scorched earth” brand of warfare, destroyed huge tracts of the Middle East rendering them uninhabitable, can this be by accident?  I think not, with this filth nothing is by accident.

This cruelty goes all the way back to the 17th Century when the City of London Bankers sent Cromwell into Ireland where during the following years almost half of the Irish were slaughtered or sent overseas as slaves.

Wake  up! You are next in line. The White Genocide is already under way. These folk have no concept of the word mercy. They have a system already in place, which they call “The Samson Option” which means that if they are in danger of defeat, they will, with their Atomic Bombs, take the rest of us with them.

PS Even as I was writing this addition to yesterdays post, Russia has claimed that they have bombed three Daech positions while the Coalition claims them to have bombed civilians. What is more interesting is that Daech would appear to be on the point of vanishing, they will now, miraculously,  meld into this “New Group” called The Army of Conquest. What a panic Russia seems to have stirred up.


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