A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

US Government Complicit In Massive War Crimes, Will Corbyn Speak Up For Justice?

Perhaps Jeremy Corbyn and his associates in the Labour have never seen this clip of the Jew, Wesley Clark, delivering his comedy sketch about the wholesale slaughter of an estimated seven million Muslim people, if not here it is.

This is the obligatory explanation to the world, of what the hidden hand intends to do and having explained it to us all, if we allow them to carry on with their programme we can not complain afterwards.

Well  bearing in mind that everything of which Clark is speaking is exactly what is taking place across the Middle East, to order, how can Jeremy Corbyn find himself sitting alongside prats like Hilary Benn whom insist on continuing this murderous campaign?

Is it not clear to one and all, that Gadaffi and Assad were not and are not a threat to anyone but simply stumbling blocks to those whom have bought the use of NATO to suit their own needs?

Is Corbyn and his “refreshing new Politics” no more than another “Front” intent on continuing the Fabian Society’s dream of World control, or will he stand up and speak for truth and justice by calling for the arrest of the War Criminals instead of accepting the position of those whom wish to maintain the myth of the culpability of those like Gadaffi and Assad, when it is clear that WE are the problem?




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