A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

Russia Chases Off Daech, While Agenda 2030 Is Signed By One and All..

Listening to the endless repetition of insults and lies against Bashar al Assad, pouring from the mouths of David Cameron and other members of his government, on all of the Jew controlled News outlets in the “Free West,” with nary a word from the other side of the tale, is both nauseating and an insult to the intelligence of the average Briton as it comes from the mouth of the latest, in a long and distinguished line of British hypocritical, War Criminals.

Their behaviour is generously described as being, despite all of their  efforts, time after time, having learned nothing from past disasters, they repeat the same calamitous mistakes. Well sadly, this is no more than the usual pap,  which the Jew controlled “British” media give them and their supporters hours of time to insinuate, firmly into the half-dead brains of those whom voted them into office.

Wake up to reality, Cameron deliberately slaughters to order. He is part of that group which embraces death, worships Gold and assures its safety with  baksheesh.

Cameron, as have all of the previous British governments during the past one-hundred years, by whatever name they attach to their hidden agenda, have never missed an opportunity to inflict war on to those whom stand in the way of British/Jew domination of the planet, which was, in past times, referred to as The British Empire, and is now known as The New World Order.

We now find ourselves in the ridiculous position of listening to Cameron blathering about the “Butcher” Assad  on the one hand while on the other he complains about the very people, Daech, whom he and his Jew chums have trained and armed and furnished with their nifty costumes, to terrorise those regions of interest to his controllers in the City of London, while at the same time,  he and his chum Obama have been pretending to bomb them.

He today presented this garbage to a sycophant, on the Jew controlled BBC, without being asked a single difficult question as to why, for example, he was criticising Russia for doing something that was designed to protect the integrity of Syria and which would allow the Syrian people, at a future date, to enjoy their, right to decide their own future.

We have not yet forgotten that it was he and his thug accomplice, William Hague, whom gave us the murder of Muammar Gadaffi and the total destruction of  Libya, despite having a carefully selected replacement puppet regime waiting in the wings, which was not acceptable to the Libyan Tribal Elders. Wee Willie Hague, has, I understand, landed a well paid job with a major arms company, in payment of all his efforts in the Middle Eastern Deserts.

While the British Press continues the campaign to hand parts of Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and Iran over to their Jew “Runners,” they find time left over to snatch FIFA out of “private” hands into the hand of Jews, as has already taken place with Athletics and large parts of Premier League Football. Despite having nothing, as yet, proven against Sepp Blatter and Michel Platini, the clamour continues, all based on nothing more solid than allegations.

A reporter on the Jew owned Sky News, suggested that Blatter, having had no charges laid against him, would perhaps now find time to prove his innocence. In my own innocence, I thought that was the job of the accuser. Are we not all considered to be innocent until proven guilty, or is that privilege available uniquely for those “posh people” whom allegedly, shag pigs?

Personally I do not believe one word of the accusations against Assad, on the other hand I believe every word of the allegations against Cameron. He is a shifty nasty piece of……! He has been lying through his teeth, as has Obama, about the threat posed by the non-existent body of eight-hundred youngster whom have taken up the Jihad with Daech and whom will one day return to the UK and wreak  havoc.

This was simply a pretext for the False Flags, which they had been planning, which would be used to maintain a grip of fear on the people. They had been planning on it taking decades to solve the Daech problem, which Putin looks like sorting out in weeks.  Whoops!

So while all of that crap was taking place, the heat has been taken off the immigration question, which was having a somewhat radicalising effect on those whom were being drowned in them, while behind the scenes and virtually unmentioned, we have all been enlisted into the Jews New World Order and the Communitarianism which goes along with it, all carefully and vaguely written, in language which can be made to mean whatever they want it to mean, we are now in throes of Agenda 2030.




Hidden behind all the crap, Europe has already been forced into the European sector of the New World Order, with its unelected rulers hidden behind the curtain, while well-paid Members of the Parliament normally turn up for no more than a few minutes a day in order to claim a hefty fee.

David Cameron is pretending to the British people that he is going to re-negotiate the terms of Britain’s membership of the EU, knowing full well that this is not possible, because all of the necessary, binding Treaties have been signed. However in or ot will not make much difference because like it or lump it we have all had our Democratic Rights cancelled and we have been herded into a Dictatorship from which there will be no way out.

Take my word for it, the next step will be the formation of a United Nations Army, which will enable foreign troops in blue helmets to be despatched to any country which steps out of line and the British, French and American people would do well to bear in mind that they have made a lot of enemies in recent times, who will not have too much concern for their welfare.




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