A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

While The Wars Continue, So Does The Road To Serfdom.

While David Cameron complains about Russia attacking the wrong sort of murderers in Syria, before he was given permission to destroy the entire country, as he did in Libya, with his “No Fly Zone” and   Israel is once again killing the defenceless in Gaza and the West Bank,  while the Kosher Butchers, Jew regime in Saudi Arabia, is laying Yemen to waste with British Armaments, slaughtering dozens of wedding guests at a marriage ceremony and Obama is killing aid workers and a hospital full of the sick and wounded, in Afghanistan, these blood-soaked regimes and their controlled media continue to reserve the title of “Brutal Dictator” for Assad in Syria. Do you believe this twaddle?

While all of this illegal killing is taking place all across the Middle East, those poor dumbed down British are in turmoil, wondering how they are going to solve their latest riddle, what are they going to do at the check-out, where they will find themselves with the conundrum of for which plastic bag they will have to pay five pea, whatever that is.

It will take some time for these folk, many of whom would, given the opportunity, vote to leave the European Union, to understand that while they have been fretting about England getting booted out of the Rugby World Cup or the latest scandal to hit Strictly, their lying, deceitful, Jew leaders have been signing them up to what is jokingly referred to as The Jew World Order.

Those tens of thousands of demonstrators, whom took to the streets of Manchester, to protest against the imposition of  more Austerity Measures, would do well to forget little details of that magnitude and concentrate on the question as from where the Jew lead Tory Party, gained the right to force the British into a Dictatorial World group, which will very soon become apparent as the worst disaster EVER for the “freedoms” of the British.

The reference to Germans using the same method as did the Jew Soviet Regime has never been graced with the evidence of one single mass grave of those executed in this manner by the Germans.  The one alleged case, the Katyn Forest massacre was a lie it was Stalin who ordered it. There were no Pogroms against Jews, as for the gold?  The folk of Ukraine were dirt poor peasants.

Apart from that, if you have never watched the full film, The Soviet Story, take a look at it now.  This is what Jews do. There is no point in saying otherwise.  The British have just signed themselves up for the same treatment, which has already been announced for us. It has been written in stone on the Georgia Guidestones.

The United Nations was funded by the Rothschild’s and their accomplices in the USA, the same folk whom secretly funded the European Union. What are so-called Democratic politicians doing, handing control of their countries into the hands of a “Private” cabal, without so much as explaining it to their electorate?

All of these things have their origin in the City of London and The Royal Institute of International Affairs, Chatham House and the Milner Group, the same folk whom destroyed the Middle East after the Great War and are even now attempting to clear the indigenous Peoples from the region.

In the Ukraine the  “unwanted” were simply sent to Siberia.  Nothing has changed, sadly it is still the most ruthless whom have control. These are the folk whom funded Lenin and Stalin and all of their purges. Instead of carting the “neo unwanted”  off to a dark and dangerous land, this time round they are sending them to us and our Jew leaders are taking them in.

The Jesuit Pope, in his speech in Washington reminded us that at one time we were all immigrants. That may be so, but when the huddled masses arrived in the USA, they did not expect the Indigenous people to feed, clothe and shelter them.   Those who ventured West, in the USA,  were on their own and lived a rural life-style, which had become impossible because of the theft of all of the arable land into the clutches of the money-lenders.

Those same money-lenders, whom were driven out of the Temple by Christ, are once again robbing the poor and are in the process of continuing their clearances of the arable and the theft of the property of small farmers, forcing them to take shelter in the already dysfunctional cities. This is the result of the “Privately written” Agenda 21/ Agenda 2030.

Take a look at the International Property Maintenance Code. If this is not evidence enough that you no longer have even the tiniest morsel of control over the running of the UK, you might as well go back to sleep.



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