A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

This Is How The Criminals Are Elected.

There is a saying, “When you have seen through life’s illusions, there is no going back,”  or something like that.  That is my excuse for becoming a boring old cynic.

Having watched the build-up to the recent election in the UK, hot on the heels of the in/out referendum in Scotland, I came to the conclusion that both were rigged, with the assistance of various polls, all of which gave ambiguous results, plus carefully worded phrases of propaganda on Television and Radio News programmes.  Which is the correct word for them, “programmes.”

The same thing is going on at the moment, during discussions about Syria. Cameron talks of a “Brutal” Dictator, his chum Osborne prefers “evil” dictator, while Hammond uses variations of the same rhetoric. Phrases which are being bandied about as justification for more British, evil and brutal slaughter.

During the election, which against the results of all the polls and the exit polls and all other educated guesses as to which Party would come out on top, the Tories, to every bodies surprise were elected.

The voter was informed, several time an hour on the BBC and Sky, that only one of two men could win.  To vote for any Party other than Conservative or Labour was a waste of time.  This was because of the way that the Parliamentary seats were distributed. This prepared the way for Cameron to win with a minuscule number of votes.

Nigel Farage, leader of the UKip Party, complained that having won many more votes than did the other small Parties combined, they won only one seat.  The reason for this was because of the lay-out of the constituencies, which apparently guaranteed a Labour or Conservative government as it has done for the last one hundred years.

My acute cynicism does not allow me to accept this form of excuse,  as to how they have arrived at exactly the preferred result.  When an election is called, there are in effect no sitting Members.  The voter can give his preference to whomsoever he chooses.  As did the Scottish voter by voting en masse for the Scottish Nationalist Party.

Should Nigel Farage and the United Kingdom Independence Party have won, which many claim they did, would they have gone to New York and signed the United Kingdom into an even deeper crap hole than the European Union by signing up for the World Government, as did the selected Jews, whom have been carefully placed in positions of power across the planet, lurking behind the excuse of the monetary problem, to make sure that a Jew controlled New World Order would be signed into place.

Not even Jeremy Corbyn has questioned this treacherous act, taken without discussion in Parliament and without the people being given the chance to vote on such a momentous step, which will lead, ultimately, to the impoverishment of Europe, in the name of Communism.

 The warning was given by the spokes-person for the Ministry of Work, speaking in Manchester,  warning the British workers that they must learn to work like the Chinese, presumably with safety nets around the factory blocks, to catch the falling bodies of those driven to commit suicide a result of their inhuman working conditions.

Teresa May, even as I write this post, is speaking at the Tory Party Conference and while accusing Russia of interfering in Syria is, at the same time urging the use of British resources to help defeat Daech in Iraq and Syria because, just as was  claimed by Russia, they present a real and present danger to the UK. She is being applauded for this arrant, contradictory nonsense, by those whom can not be listening to what is coming out of her mouth , while choosing to ignore the fact that Russia was invited into Syria by the legal government.

She has now decided that in general, immigrants are not that good for the economy and should be restricted to only those of use to the UK allowed entry. This decision is no doubt to set the stage for the next election, giving the “fixers” the excuse of claiming that this was responsible for the coming collapse in the UKip share of the vote, in the next election.

In the UK, elections are rigged by stuffing ballot boxes, by deceit during the count and through the use of  postal votes. In the US they have found a far simpler method, which will be coming to the UK very soon. All the young cool cats dig the idea of voting on-line with Smart Phones.  This is the reality of Democracy in the USA:


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