A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

Europe Has Become A Rapists Paradise And The Worst Is Yet To Come.

“The Dutch Central Jewish Board is concerned that there will be unpleasant, if not dangerous incidents because of the close proximity of a new shelter for refugees too close to Jewish homes. (They understand the need, but not in their back-yard)
Let there be no doubt that the Jewish community is overwhelmingly for the reception of war refugees, but we have major concerns”, chairman Ron van der Wieken said on Monday. “These people come from countries such as Syria and Iraq, who traditionally take an extremely harsh tone against Jews. These people are largely brainwashed to hate Jews. You should not underestimate it.”

This astonishingly hypocritical quote, comes from the mouths of people, whose leaders have for years been calling for the destruction of the White Race, while at the same time, have single-handedly been carrying out a genocide against the people of Palestine and are even now, stridently calling for war against Iran, appear to adopt the attitude that they can do that sort of thing, without fear of provoking revulsion or any other reaction against blood-thirsty Jews.


Nicolas Sarkozy and Barbara Spectre are both Jews and it goes without saying that should those of other religions make the same kind of “Final Solution” remarks about Jews, the uproar would be deafening.

International “Money Men” have not only planned this mass migration from the Middle East, they have been paying the boat fare for those, small number of “real” refugees, while behind this cover, they are concealing thousands of young men from across the Middle East and Africa, whom are being deliberately despatched to Europe, where carefully selected “Stooges” like Cameron, Hollande and Merkel are welcoming them in, with open arms and a bunch of flowers, giving them the ability to declare an Open Season on the rape of European women and to pillage to their heart’s content, with no risk of mention on the daily News.

The Prime Minster of Sweden, from where the weird Barbara Spectre was “allowed” to make her racist statement, without sanction, was himself in favour of bringing the Jew controlled, Muslim State of Turkey into the European Union and was fully on-board with all of the unproven tenets of Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030 including Multiculturalism and Globalisation etc.

During his period as Prime Minister, Reinfeldt, oversaw the total destruction of Swedish Society, through massive, destructive, immigration. Sweden can now boast of being the World leader in terms of its number of rapes. Most of which are carried out by Immigrants against Swedish Women.

In France – which was already well populated by immigrants, from the Maghreb – Nicolas Sarkozy, a Jew, boosted the numbers by assisting the Jew Cameron, in the illegal destruction of Libya. Having used the excuses, built up by the lies of the Jew controlled media, which claimed that Muammar Gadaffi, was about to carry out a massacre, so they preempted Gadaffi and carried out the massacre and total destruction of Libya themselves, creating the very refugees whom are now being invited into France by the Jew François Hollande, in the process.

News of the Muslim immigration crisis has died down in recent days, giving the impression that it had gone away. But not at all, Stuart Ramsey, the mealy-mouthed, purveyor of disinformation from the Jew owned Sky News – whom helped build-up the case against Assad in Syria, right from the start – is back on the beat and in his best, hushed tones, he is now blaming Russia’s efforts to rid the world of the Israeli supported, Daech, to be the cause of turning an immigration problem into a disaster. This crisis actor could do worse than to open his crap reports with, “To be or not to be? That is the question,” before starting his dissertation of lies.



Bashar al Assad, is the latest victim in the long line of innocent men whom have been condemned out of hand – not in a Court of Law of course – but by the Jew controlled mainstream media, without a shed of evidence offered in support of the claims.

The last man to be put on trial in Israel, for alleged crimes against Jews, during World War Two, was the first man to be given access to a Solicitor and the possibility of calling witnesses, to question the accuracy of the claims which were being made against him.

There was no evidence. The claims which had been used to lynch hundreds of men and women, accused of the same thing, were shown to be a myth and the Jews were presented as being nothing more than a lynch mob, crouching behind the lies of those like Stuart Ramsey.

The investigator from the Federal Bureau of Investigation, who was in charge of the crash scene, after the Lockerbie atrocity, has admitted on Sky News today, that there was no evidence connecting Muammar Gadaffi to the Lockerbie disaster.

He forgot to mention that part of his own brief was to scour the site of the plane crash, to remove any evidence which could implicate an Establishment controlled Drug Cartel, operating within the ranks of the US Intelligence Agencies.

Gadaffi was never given the opportunity to defend himself in a civilised Court of Law, simply because he was in a position to dish out the dirt, which might have opened the eyes of the Democratic West, as to just how little control they actually had over the selection of their own Governments. He had to die, to shut him up.

The War Criminals in London and Washington and Paris, would have been hard-pressed to obtain a guilty verdict, based on the blatant claims which had been made against Gadaffi, to build up a case against him in the minds of the gullible public, to justify the criminal attack on Libya.

To announce that there was new evidence against the Gadaffi regime, concerning the Lockerbie attack, is being trotted out, based on nothing more than an idea of a family member of one of the victims of Lockerbie, whom it would appear has found a couple of living members of the Gadaffi regime, on whom to hang the blame.

Gadaffi must, at all cost,  be made to look guilty of something or other, to justify what was done to him and Libya, and to manufacture a sort of impression, that if Gadaffi and Saddam, were guilty, then it follows that Assad must also be guilty.

Assad is in pretty much the same position. The document, quoted by General Wesley Clark, laid out quite clearly the intention of destroying Syria, was declared long before Bashar al Assad had risen to power.

Apart from a contrived protest against Assad, during which shots were fired and demonstrators, according to the Western Media, were killed by Assad’s police, who returned fire, the British had no good excuse to send their attack dogs into Syria.

So as with Libya, where exactly the same excuse was made use of, after a gang of agents, ran through the streets of Benghazi, randomly killing members of the public, the British and French, using the so-called “Arab Spring,” as their cover, sent a group of killers, which would be, initially called, The Free Libyan Army and later ISIS/ISIL/IS/DAECH and finally The Army of Conquest, into Libya and then into Syria to take down two of the countries which remained standing and were listed on the document quoted by Wesley Clark.

Should he fall under this aggression Assad will never be allowed to stand in open Court to defend himself. Syria, like Libya, MUST fall into the hands of the mercenaries. The people of Syria will never be given the opportunity to express their feelings about Assad or of the behaviour of those by whom they have been “SAVED.” Remember, throughout the campaign against Gadaffi and Libya, only the opinions of a selected few, who stood against Gadaffi were invited to speak to the “News Channels.”

Gadaffi like Assad, was extremely popular with the vast majority of the Libyan people. They have now lost everything and in their life-time, it will never be regained. They are now frightened to death to speak out against the terrorists, who are still being funded by the West, to ensure that the truth never comes out.

They join Iraq in this position and who knows what the poor devils in Afghanistan think about their treatment, in the name of freedom and democracy.

The Western War Criminals, the so-called “coalition,” are obliged to keep trotting out the names of their past victims as justification for their current crimes. Their victims get little justice, they are normally lynched out of hand and the lynchings are cheered on by the likes of three times elected British piece of crap, War Criminal Tony Blair.

Should the most maligned of all past victims, the last man, whom with the support of the German people, made a glorious stand against the evil by which we are all currently threatened, the most reviled man in history, Adolf Hitler, a man whose name is daily associated with whatever crime comes to hand, be stood in Court, there were be no evidence produced against him. His only crime, was to go to the rescue of displaced German people, who were being savagely attacked and killed by Jew gangs in the Sudetenland, to generate an excuse to kick off a war, which International Jewry had declared against Germany in 1933.

I hope that it has not passed your notice, that the excuse which was used against Hitler, was EXACTLY the same as was used against Gadaffi and Assad, and who, I wonder, was calling for all this? Why do you suppose we have never seen one solid piece of evidence in support of the claims which are continually made against the Germans. There must be cart-loads of it, why not produce it?

There is no evidence which could have been produced, in Court, in support of the crimes of which Hitler was accused. War was declared against Germany by France and the United Kingdom. They had already made a deal with Russia and Stalin and the USA and Roosevelt.

This deal was the actual origin of the European Union, which was already being planned in the 19th Century. The Soviet Union was already with us and in reality it still is, having been slightly reorganised. Let us not forget the current bunch of liars The United Nations, which was the second stab at a New World Order, after the League of Nations had failed.

One by one the thorns in the side of these globalists have been destroyed. There is no need to pose stupid questions, such as “have they learned nothing from past mistakes?” and all that shit. Everything is storming on, we are almost there. They have won and sadly the last step in the destruction of Europe is being cheered on by those whom have no idea of what the results of their “Liberalism” will be.

So very little changes, the names of all the bad guys of the 20th and now the 21st Century, are paraded before us. All of them destroyed, their countries destroyed and millions of innocent people along with them.

The only name missing from the coalition’s Hate list is that of the jovial chap who actually won the war for them Uncle Joe Stalin, sounds like Santa Clause, does he not? He was no Father Christmas, He murdered sixty-five million of his own people, all of the Christians.  When he came into Germany in 1944, he saw to the rape of over two million German women, some of them raped to death. Why do you think that he is never on the list of the Bad Boys??

There are 75,000 women raped in France every year. I have no idea how many of these rapes were carried out by Immigrants. In Norway, in recent years, there has been a massive increase in the rape statistics. On one occasion, all of the rapes were carried out by immigrants on another only one indigenous Norwegian was charged. I spoke to one woman whom had been raped and it was by a Maghrebian. There are similar tales from all across Europe.




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