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I Am A Proud European Union Denier.

I was amazed this morning, listening to a remark from a member of the shoal which has grabbed control of Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon, who has accused David Cameron of pandering to the ‘Euro-Sceptics.’

She appears to be making it clear to the Scottish voter, that whether they decide to vote yes or no in any referendum on Europe, she will be unwilling to accept the decision of the voter, that is should they choose to vote against membership of the EU and immediately call for another in/out referendum, hoping to leave “the” Union, so that she can take Scotland back into the destructive, asset stripping, mob controlled European Union, while still talking about her “dream of freedom” for Scotland.

What sort of arrant nonsense is this?  Take a good look Ms Sturgeon, the EU is a destructive force, which has already, through the use of devious means, destroyed, Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Greece, Italy and France, while at the same time allowing the rest of the world to dump their ‘slave-made’ products on to the shores of the European Union, while at the same time talking of the internal market of the Union, which is reserved for members. Does Sturgeon not smell the bullshit? Where does she stand on TTIP, or is she not included in the SECRET talks?

Being a “Denier” of just about all and everything, which involves imposing dozens of new restrictions on to how I choose to live my life and the beliefs I choose to hold, I am amazed at the arrogance of any politician, whom having been elected to run the affairs of the community, by which they were elected, immediately assume the right to all us what THEY think we should all be doing, while prepared to call for a referendum which will deliver more power to them, while denying a referendum which could deliver a result which they oppose.

Perhaps Nicola Sturgeon failed to notice that the Scottish people refused to leave the Union with England.  She has already announced that she will call for another Referendum, when she decides that the Scottish people are prepared to change their mind, by voting to leave the Union. Perhaps she might take the time to explain to cynics like me, who the hell she thinks she is?

Does she intend to allow a second referendum,  should the British choose to ‘stay’ in the European Union or only if they vote to leave it?  Does she have any interest in the opinion of the Scottish people or is she too self obsessed to realise that they actually have their own ideas?

There are those people, like me, whom are convinced that the victory of the Scottish Nationalists at the last Election, was a totally rigged affair.  It had nothing to do with the wishes of the people of Scotland and everything to do with the closure of the Westminster Parliament, which has already ceased to exist, after Sturgeon’s Scottish chum, the ‘alleged’ paedophile, Gordon Brown, slunk off to Lisbon to sign the Lisbon Treaty, in denial  of  a promised referendum.

Sturgeon, has already posted her colours to the mast, when the UK finally falls to pieces, Scotland will remain in the clutches of the unelected “Mob” which controls Europe, whether they like it or not.  You don’t really need the SNP in Scotland, you will soon fall under the control of a regional Mayor, if  Europe has its way. Just like all of the other “Power Houses,” announced by the “Friends of Israel.”

Finally Ms Sturgeon, Referenda are designed to allow the people to express their choice.  It is the only trace of Direct Democracy left available to the British. Should you disagree with the result of a Referendum, or indeed of an Election, you are obliged to accept the decision of the people, whether you like it or not.  A referendum is not a tool, with which to get your own way.

Nicola Sturgeon




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