A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

Stand Up If You’re Proud To Be White.

Now that the evidence is crawling out from under the broken bones and bleeding flesh of a million slaughtered corpses, in the Charnel-House of the multi-national butchers, the only question that remains to be answered is,  when War Criminal Tony Blair, was in Texas,  with the blessing of HM The Queen, discussing, with George W. Bush, the tactics, which they would employ, when the coming destruction of Iraq was launched, how much did the man, who screws pigs, David Cameron,  whom voted in favour of the illegal war, know of the origins of the fable, which was being invented as justification for the war, when he cast that vote?


Should there be any fool left in the United Kingdom, who believes that, however consumed with notions of his own importance, Tony Blair, did not have the power to take the United Kingdom to war, without the “nod” from the establishment.

Cameron a Jew, whom replaced Michael Howard a Jew, as leader of the Conservative Party, would have been advised in advance about every aspect of the schemes, which were being foisted on to the British people, despite huge demonstrations across the UK, against the war, to guarantee his compliance.

There are no actions of importance, allowed to pass through Parliament, which have not been proposed or at least vetted, by the men behind the scenes, whichever Party is in power.

One can only assume, that in the election for leadership of the Tory Party, that David Davis, the better man in that election, would not accept the deal or that he, was thought to be less malleable than Cameron.

In his turn, Cameron and his side-kick, Wild Willy Hague, set-up the excuses for the illegal slaughter in Libya, with alacrity, while still claiming to have been “deceived” by Blair, about the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Oik! Oik!

Bullingdon boy Cameron, fully understands that he is little more than a paid killer and he has, as did Jew Michael Howard, the man whom organised the Tory vote in support of the Iraq war, before him, already announced his “retirement” before the next election.  Blair took the same decision, Hague has already gone. yet another Jew, Eton, Bullingdon boy, Boris Johnson is in line for the Tory “top job”should  George Osborne, Eton Bullingdon boy Jew, fail to excite the British public.

Not one of these men has clean hands. They are part of a vicious killing machine, which is even now importing thugs into the UK, to fulfil a warning, which they have manufactured, that men, whom they claim to have been with Daech, are now coming home to create chaos in the UK.

The very idea that up to a thousand young UK citizens had gone to Syria to join Daech, was so ludicrous as to be laughable. Are we expected to believe that British youth are not aware before going to Syria, that Daech is Israel in disguise?  This is simply a way to explain to the British how they suddenly have hundreds of “terrorists” in their midst.  You are being destroyed. Sweden and Norway and Belgium have already gone. Wake up and smell the kosher coffee.

I associate with dozens of Muslims and I can assure you that they, one and all,  are aware of the origins of Daech. So ask yourself the simple question, why are the BBC and Sky News teams cursed with such a mind block, concerning this simple reality? You are being brainwashed, pure and simple.

I recently posted a short youtube video clip, Find the White Man, It was filmed in London. If that clip did not bring home the reality of what is happening in the UK and the lies which you are being told to disguise this reality, reinforced by Political Correctness, which creates an atmosphere in which discussion is discouraged , consider yourself as being no more than a lost soul, doomed to extinction, because you have lost the will to survive.

Start to take a pride in your Race.  White Pride is NOT White  supremacy.  You are not responsible for the past crimes of the Jewish/British Empire. However you are responsible for what they are doing right now.


In case you missed it;


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