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Flat Earth: After This You Can All Say I Told You So!

A while back I watched the above clip on youtube.  Having watched it I was not quite sure what the cinéaste was actually suggesting.  Was he saying that the map, as presented, was no more than an idea of the “real” layout of the Earth, or simply that it was distorted because it was an attempt to copy a flat map onto a round surface.

I had read, somewhere else, that the well-known illustration of the Earth, was  no more than another of those White Supremacist tricks, to put the evil den of the White European on top, as if they were the superior Race.

OK. I thought, Let’s check this out with the real thing. This is the 21st Century after all and we have had space-ships and Shuttles and dozens of satellites, beaming all sorts of nonsense back to Earth, for fifty years or more.

We have had several groups of men, whom have voyaged to the Moon, where they have skipped around, demonstrating the weaker gravity on the surface of the Moon,  they have played golf and driven around on a Moon Buggy, all of it filmed and filed for posterity.

Now I am quite sure, that should I ask any of you,  what would be the first thing you would do as you made that small step onto the Moon’s surface,  that just like me you would reply, “Take a look at our home, the far distant Earth of course!   Glowing in the sky, several time bigger than the Moon as seen from the Earth.  Ohhh! The wonder of it.”

Well, apparently, not one of those men, lucky enough to make the trip had enough curiosity to take one single snap of the Earth from the Moon.  Can you believe that?

I left comments, scattered around youtube, asking for links to images of the Earth from space or better still from the Moon. All of the replies, directed me towards this images, which was taken by the crew of Apollo 11, on its way to the Moon.  Take a look at the first five minutes and I don’t know what you might see, all I can see is a photograph of a dog’s head.  (Title: Apollo 11, Earth Views and Crew.)


The best known image of the Earth is this one and it turns up everywhere.

A Moonshot 2


It looks pretty much like the one taken on the moon, by accident.a moon shotThis one on the moon, is suspect, but noting changes on the Earth.

A Moonshot 3


 And again this time with the Moon. Most people think that this photo is a painting.

Finally I ended up on a site which explained, quite clearly, that there were no actual photos of the Earth from space, simply because there were no satellites at a great enough distance from the earth, to take a full view photograph of the planet, meaning that all of the existing photographs were composites.

I am not quite sure if that includes the one which we were led to believe was taken on the Moon, (see above) when it has been admitted by NASA, that they were obliged to fake some of the photos which we were told were taken on the Moon, because of the difficulty of manipulating a camera while wearing a space suit.

Eventually, having wasted several giga of my limited band width, all I could find were odd photos, mostly of Africa and South America, which appeared to correspond, exactly with the classroom globe of the Earth, which would mean that the well-known, toy of the Earth was the correct one. Hmmm!

During the course of my search, I ran into several folk who were kind enough to lend me a hand in my quest, by explaining to me that there were no satellites at a high enough elevation to take any photo of the entire Earth in one frame, which explained why all of the existing images of a whole planet, were taken from satellites which were in a fixed orbit. They could not explain the difference in the elevation of a fixed satellite and a “normal” type.

I have been given lessons in Gravity and how it controls everything on the planet, making it impossible to break free from the grip of the rotation of the Earth, which explained the laws of motion and the reason why an aircraft flying against the rotation of the Earth at five hundred miles an hour, would find its destination five hundred miles and an hour later, still waiting where it had logically been an hour earlier.

I asked in all innocence, if that meant that the aircraft was flying backwards and forwards at the same time and if so, how could that be? It was at this point that I was denigrated as being no more than a Flat Earther.

This inspired me to take another look at some of the responses to my questions. All of them were presenting solutions which relied almost completely on the acceptance of ideas which beggared belief and yet I had accepted them forever.

For example.  How the laws of motion could deny us the ability to overcome the rotation of the Earth, is hard to get a grip on. It relies on the notion that the interior of an enclosed space, such as the carriage of a moving train, obliges the occupants to share the motion of the train and they must remain a prisoner of this motion. Which to me sounds ridiculous, as should a machine gun be fired at a fort, after the train had passed by, the bullets would still hit the fort, despite the movement of the train.

Logically, this would mean, that should the train be heading West, it would be travelling backwards, with the spin of the Earth, which is 1000 mph, while travelling forwards at 100 mph, while presumably the bullets from the machine gun, coming from the rear-end of the train, being unable to overcome the spin of the Earth, would behave as if none of this mattered, despite being outside of the enclosed interior of the train, though presumably still a factor in the motion of the train, killing the sentry in the fort, regardless.

While talking about trains and train tracks, just to be awkward, I asked how it would be possible to lay a rail-road track around the Earth, with lengths of straight track welded together in strips of 400 metres, which would actually deliver a hoop. The excuses I received to make this possible  were laughable and did in fact appear to suggest that there is no such thing a genuinly flat and level surface.

Dealing with the belief in a globe Earth,  is very much like a discussion on Global Warming or Evolution,  both of which are themselves merely theories.  But I promise you this, it will spark off a delightful discussion, while you drink a coffee with friends. It’s better than a chat about the “good” Hitler.






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