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Flat Earth. The Mystery Deepens.

For the past couple of weeks I have been looking into the Neo-Flat-Earther teachings and I have been amazed as to how intelligent and believable, the various researchers have presented their evidence.

This has been the unlocking of the last mind-block, in my efforts to uncover the truth of life, and not the nonsense  we have been processed into believing it to be.

We have, for at least my life-time, been fed such a barrow-load of crap, by those whom either know no better or are indeed involved in a process of mass deception, which has led to stupefying arguments, about crazy, unprovable notions, which beggar belief, such as the Big Bang Theory.

The Big Bang is a natural continuation of the Theory of Evolution, which is also taught as fact. We have been taught in religious terms since our first day in school, without even noticing.  Todays  children are being educated to believe that there are people called Scientists, who “know” that either the Earth is warming, or that it is quite possibly, the Climate which is Changing and either way, should we refuse to pay a Carbon Tax, while at the same time allowing men to buy and sell an invisible gas, things are going to change for the worst.

The United Nations, who of course know, whatever it is that they want you to believe, tell us that the Science is Settled, that ninety-nine per-cent of scientists are agreed that Carbon Dioxide, one of the most important of all gases, is polluting the Earth and to save us all from God knows what, we must give them more of our money.

Back in the day, when the United Nations was called The Catholic Church,  people whom had spent their lives believing the world to be flat, were told that it was actually round, by no less a character than a man whom spoke for God himself, everybody no doubt gasped with astonishment and then went back to work, while nothing whatsoever changed in their daily lives.

A few years on, to suggest that this theory of roundness may not be true, is the new Heresy.  Those whom, unquestioningly  swallow the edicts of these self selected wise men, humour those of us whom have the temerity to demand any possible explication for a facet of this universally held belief, are humoured by those whom repeat the current bull.

I would be delighted if one of my readers, could explain to me in simple  language, a feature of this acceptance of the roundness of the Earth, which my innate intelligence suggests to me, that should I construct a length of guttering, with the exact curvature of Earth, say twenty miles long,  and lay it flat on the ground in Utah, where I believe there to be a large perfectly flat region, that first and foremost,  slight excavations would be necessary at each end, in order to make the gutter fit snugly on the ground and that should I then pour water in the exact centre of the gutter, why the water would not run down towards each end, leaving nothing at the top of the slope in the gutter, however slight the curve of the slope.

This is a simple question which involves the function of yet another theory, that of Gravity, and indeed that of the idea of “a level surface” which curvature would seem to deny, claiming that “level” depends on where it is measured,  which denies the possibility of long stretches of flat water, such as a canal, between locks,  which these days can be measured using laser technology. So does water find a curved level?

Once you start to look at the subject, you become aware of dozens of enigmas, to which even Flat Earth Deniers have no reasonable explanation. The most puzzling of all is that of an airliner, travelling against the rotation of the Earth is still a captive of that rotation, which would suggest that the airliner is flying backwards and forwards at the same time, that is if the Earth really is spinning at one-thousand miles per hour.

I have no idea what ulterior motives may have been involved in the acceptance of the belief that the Earth is spinning like a top on its axis, at one thousand miles an hour, while at the same time hurting around the sun at sixty-five thousand miles an hour and at the same time as all that is going on it is also speeding around the galaxy at thousands of miles per second but whatever this is all about I hope those whom came up with this Theory, are getting a good laugh out of their joke.

If you can make sense of what I have asked and you can produce a reasonable response, which is not simply a reiteration of what we were all taught at school, I would be relieved, because trying to make the idea of a Flat Earth rest easily in the mind, is not an easy task, but it brings into sharp relief all of the crap which we are being fed on a daily basis.

We have all been educated to ignore the realities of the world, which are staring us in the face.  For example, how many people, grimly hold on to the notion that on 911 Building Seven, simply fell down?

Do they also believe that Osama Bin Laden was thrown into the sea? That he had an air-conditioned, six story cave in Afghanistan?

Did the US and the UK have any real need to use shells packed with armour-piercing Depleted Uranium against groups with no armoured vehicles, contaminating the very lands from where the residents are now fleeing?

Face up to it, we have been taught from a young age to accept the word of a scientist or indeed an expert both of whom tell us nothing which we do not already know and most people do not even go to the trouble of looking into something, before accepting the word of such folk, at face value.

Should you choose to take a look at the idea of a Flat Earth, you will find that there are two types of response to the subject.  One suggests that it is no more than a ploy of the Elite, designed to take our eye off the ball while they pull another stunt, or you are brain-dead but take no notice there are a few clips on youtube that will at least make you think about the planet in a totally different way.  There are very few convincing rebuttals available, which is odd to say the least, one would think that with space flight and men on the Moon that a Flat Earth theory could be debunked in no time, would you not?  Sadly, even photos of the Earth from Space are not at all conclusive and what is more they are very thin on the ground.

Let me give you an idea of how reality can be faked or meddled with in some way to suit an unknown agenda. Along with a friend, I went walking in the Cevennes,  in the South of France, in search of pre-historic remains.  We tracked down several Menhir, on isolated hill-tops and dozens of interesting huge stones lying flat on the ground.

We eventually came across an impressive stone circle on the side of a gently sloping hill.  There were no plaques bearing any sort of information, which added anything to the brief mention in the handbook guide to the region.

An old couple happened to walk by as we were trying to figure out for what the circle had been used.  They stopped to have a chat and we asked them if they had any idea of the purpose of the stones.  The old man told us that he had lived in the area all of his life. He still lived in the house in which he had been born.  He described how he actually saw the stones arriving on lorries and watched as they were being “planted.”

He gave me the name of the group which had organised the venture. It just happened that I knew a woman who was a member of this group. I spoke to her about the circle, she explained that there was talk of there having been a standing stone on the side of the hill, at some point in the past, so it was not simply an imaginary circle.  Sounds scientific I think you will agree.

During the course of the same afternoon we came across another oddity, where amongst other things was a sign-post to a Dolmen, which had not yet been installed.  So you see you can take nothing at face value.




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