A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

We Must Resist Our Governments Prepared Responses, After Paris Atrocity.

Paris Attack 2

Sam Kiley, on Sky News, today told me that there is a secret off-shoot of Al Qaeda, somewhere in the wasteland of Iraq, plotting to create terror attacks in Western countries. Is that so Sam and from where exactly did you get this Top Secret information I wonder?

The “News” presenter on Sky suggested to Sam that there were unfounded suggestions being made that the Paris attacks were carried out by Daech. Within just a few seconds “unfounded” reports had become hard facts.

François Hollande, has already declared that he will be carrying out a “merciless” response to these attacks.  Merciless against whom Mr Hollande?

Syria has already been mentioned dozens of times, during the course of the reporting on these terrible events.  Daech is clearly not carrying out any attacks on Europe from Syria. They are on their way out of Syria having been destroyed by the Russians and the Syrian Army.  There is no excuse here to attack Assad.  That is the aim of Saudi Arabia, from where the attackers on 911 were flown to the USA.

Now is the time to listen very carefully to any statements which are made by those whom are responsible for forcing us all into this mess in the first place.

Rest assured, this is not the best time to take any notice of “News” reports from the controlled Press and Television News sources.



Before being encouraged to take any sort of retaliatory action, bear in mind that Daech was a deliberately constructed group of mercenaries, as was Al Qaeda before it, on which to hang the blame for any action which furthers the sort programme of which the recent mass immigration into Europe, is a part.

Past attacks are already being regurgitated, in support of the claims that this terrifying attack in Paris,  was indeed another terrorist attack in the same vein. We are already being presented with re-runs of Charlie Hebdo, which has itself been exposed as “suspicious” to say the least. The Kouachi brothers, whom carelessly left their identity cards in the stolen car, which was used in the Charlie “attack” have been exposed as agents of French Intelligence.

Just as was the patsy in the recent Toulouse attack, who was tracked down having tried to “buy a spare part for a motor scooter by Email?” not too long after having been de-briefed, having just completed a mission which he had carried out for French Intelligence.

The strange attack in New York on 911, 2001, which involved so many imponderables, that 67% of the American people, no longer believe the Governments explanation. This attack was used as the excuse to create the International Turmoil which has seen to the slaughter of 7 million Muslims.

We must not allow the controlled media, to talk up more slaughter in retaliation. It is best to bear in mind  that almost total control of the mass media, is in the hands of one group of people, and their propaganda will not be to your advantage.

Nicolas Sarkozy helped to provide the gateway to Europe, for these millions of immigrants, whom have been pouring into Europe, by his ruthless attack against Libya, which destroyed the most agreeable country in North Africa.

While “unknown” people, in Libya and Turkey,  have been paying the fare to Europe for millions of so-called refugees and have provided the hundreds of thousands of life-jackets and rubber boats, to bring these folk to the shores of Europe.

Not one of our “elected” politicians could possibly claim that they were taken by surprise, when this incredibly foreseeable eventuality came to pass.

What do you imagine that they expected those whom lost everything they had worked for in Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, Yemen or Syria to do, just sit in the desert and wait to die?

I have just listened to an interview, with a passerby, whom explained what had been happening all over Paris.  Just as a ‘man in the street’ gave us the full story of 911, shortly after the towers collapsed.

Another called for a strong Government response. This, before any evidence had surfaced as to whom was responsible.

Just as Iraq was not a good response to 911 an attack on Syria, would  not be a good response to this atrocity.

François Hollande has already decided that Daech was responsible for the Paris attacks. He is about to declare war against them. Laurence Fabius, the French Foreign  Minister, is also calling for a strong response.

This sort of language can mean only one thing, they have their selected target in the cross-hairs. Daech injured are being treated, for their wounds, which they suffered during their exploits in Syria,  in Israeli hospitals, so perhaps that might just give the French an idea as for whom Daech are working.

Latest: There are already reports that Syrian Passports have been found on dead terrorists.  I kid you not.   Along with cries of “This is for Syria.”

Wake up! We have allowed our Politicians to lead us all into this mess. Don’t be fooled again!


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