A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

Wake-up Europe. You Are All Ireland Now!

Ireland, that jewel of the Ocean of the West, and the home of honourable,  courageous,  fighters for freedom and liberty,  from where men of letters, still enthrall and awake the imagination of the World, with glorious tales of their spiritual war against the demonic evil of the Dark-side, these men of old, deep down, understand full well that there are still skirmishes to be won and in future mists, The Last Battle Beckons.”



In the Europe of the twenty-first Century, the darkness is once again descending. Having extinguished the light of freedom and having slaughtered masses of the innocent, they have now quietly planted their seeds of deception, through their poisoned literature and controlled class-rooms, into the very souls of European children.



All of these horrors, the slaughters, the destruction of Celtic Ireland, through the medium of a mass immigration of an opposing religion, the theft of the pastures of Sovereign Ireland and finally the clearances through starvation, all of this has been aimed at the indomitable warriors of Ireland, all of it has failed.  Ireland lives on and can still be a beacon to the World.

Throughout the slaughters in Ireland, the British people, as they do still, blamed the victims for the troubles, while doing nothing to hold the own leaders to account.

When the Irish were driven from their homes and forced into England, they were treated as the scum of the earth, with notices everywhere warning the poor immigrants that they were not welcome and that they would be given no shelter.

The Irish were mere slaves of the Dutch Jew Bankers in the City of London, who were in dire need of slave labour to dig their canals and later to lay the Iron Roads for the Railroad Barons.


The whole of Europe is now paralysed with indecision, as its culture is being deliberately diluted, where even its long held, though never practiced, Christianity is being subverted to make room for an imported mode of behaviour, where Christmas is becoming an alien festival, which will very soon be unmentionable for fear of offending the incoming victims of British brutality.

Tiny Ireland,  can  still cock a snoot at those whom would proclaim it to be of no importance and despite a recent upsurge in British Jew Banking fraud, which brought about yet another mini-clearance of the brightest and best from Ireland, in search of enough to eat and shelter from the storm, indestructible Ireland fights on.

The English, with the aid of Jew financiers, have used their own people as cannon-fodder to feed the insatiable greed, which accompanies an avaricious lust for more and more, whatever the horrors or atrocities this entails  and with no care for those whom are killed or maimed in the process.

To establish this Jew/British Empire, huge swathes of the world were laid to waste and millions of people on all Continents put to the sword.

This is called “Greatness” and the British people to this day, refer to themselves as “A Once Great Nation.”  Well, now the dream is ended, you were in fact nothing more than an invading horde of demonic monsters, with no conscience or regard for the well-being of others. Castration was a long established routine in the Jew/British Empire.

Without even noticing what was being done in their name,  the British have succumbed to the very fate which in past times, they with relish, forced on to others.

There are those whom talk of a New World Order, well for most of the World, including Ireland, this will create no apparent change. For the Irish and others, there was, already a One World Government, it was called The State of Greed and it was ruled by Jew Bankers, well established in the City of London.

These vultures will snatch the last crust from the fingers of a dying child, to nourish their own greed, without compunction. They allowed millions in Ireland to die of starvation, when the potato crops failed and the Bankers stole Irish food at gunpoint, to sell for profit in England.

Having subdued the Peoples of Europe into a stupor and having devastated and taken control of Germany, who fought a glorious battle against the swarms of evil coming into Europe from the East, it has become necessary to “invent” imaginary enemies, whom they fund and control,  to terrorise us into submission.

While the “Free Irish” fought on against the injustices of England into the 1990’s, they were spoken of as “Terrorists.” No mention of an honourable justification in the Jew controlled press for those heroes.

No mention of a Free Irish Army, not at all,  that unsavoury and unjust form of encouragement is reserved exclusively, for those whom murder to order and not for those whom fight for freedom.

Even as I write, there are talks of destroying Syria, The Bankers Demon , David Cameron, the man whom deliberately provokes Muslims by expressing his love of pigs, is desperate to bomb Syria, not to assist the people of Syria, he has amply demonstrated his capacity to slaughter the Syrian people down to the last child standing,   in order to achieve the desired result of his Friends in Israel and the City of London, all of this,  while the British people ignore what is staring them in the face and are calling out for ever more draconian measures,  to save them from Daech, the very enemy, their taxes are funding.

In general, the Peoples of Europe, are incapable of understanding the reality of the War Crimes which the coalition of their Armed Forces have inflicted in the Middle East and the Maghreb.

Despite the actuality on the ground, which demonstrates quite clearly, that the West has, for its own agenda, destroyed every Muslim country,  in the Middle East, apart from those States which are already under the control of the Jews, such as Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Turkey.

This they have inflicted, without achieving anything at all, other than the clearances, towards Europe, of the suffering folk of the entire region, which was their aim.

Europeans are blind to this, so instead of demonstrating against the continuing  War Crimes, they are now calling for more.  They are justifying the acts of those whom would destroy them.

It is impossible to listen to the Murnaghan Show on Sky News, without gritting your teeth. He is bellicose in his obvious desire to see to the destruction of the Assad Regime in Syria.  His support is absolute, he has no concept of neutrality in his position as chairman of a debate..

Along with todays guests, he was searching, desperately for any means possible to circumvent the usual ambiguity in the wording of a United Nations Treaty, to further the illegal aim  of placing a puppet government into power in Syria, by claiming that this could be made  to appear to mean that.  Which is the exact excuse which was used to justify the massacre of two million Iraqi’s.

After The Glorious Revolution in England, which was actually in celebration of the Jews return to the shores, from which they had long been banned, and  as part of debt reparations, Oliver Cromwell was obliged to send his New Model Army into Ireland to slaughter and steal the birth-right of the Irish. This was actually the first step down the road of World Domination, by the Jew/British Empire.

We are now passing down a well-worn road. Right at the heart of the slaughter, the British are still drooling for blood. Cameron had no justification for promoting Civil unrest in Syria, Assad, who was responding to paid terrorist, was accused by Cameron and he is still, of deliberately killing his own people.  Cameron is in the process of continuing the British tactic, “If you tell a lie, the bigger the better, and repeat it often enough, the people will accept it as truth.” Hitler did say this, but he was speaking of the British and their use of lies to justify WW2.

That agenda, which can be traced all the way back to Cromwell’s atrocities in Ireland, is still being employed to this day. The Jews hanged William Joyce, “Lord Haw Haw,” an American Irishman, for having done for Germany what Murnaghan, another Irishman is, without shame, doing for the English.



This quietly spoken man was hanged by the English Jews, in Wandsworth prison.  Hopefully, they did not castrate him, as they had all of the German men and young women, whom received short shrift from the Jews whom controlled Nuremberg. However listen closely to his words, he was not speaking hatred or violence, he spoke with mystification as to why the British were attacking Germany and not the Bolshevik Jews, whom have since taken control of all of Europe.

He failed to remark, that Jews had been placed in power across Europe, in order to make sure of declaring WW2 against Germany,  just as they have once more been placed in power all across Europe, and once more it is the British and French Jew leaders whom are leading the charge against Syria.

World War Two guaranteed Jew seizure of Palestine, this war is a subversive means of ridding vast areas of the surrounding countries, of the Muslim population and of course Christians, using Wahhabism as a terrorist tool.

All of the sympathetic puppet governments which will end up in power, will,  like Jordan and Turkey and the rest of the controlled Arab League, support Israel.

This is a system of control which is referred to as the Hegelian Dialectic, which produces a problem, fake terrorism, a reaction, fear of flying and large gatherings etc. The solution? Set up an International Bolshevik Government and to tell the boys of Daech to go home to Israel.  Job done.

The strategy of the British is to Divide and Rule, this is being achieved all across Europe, through the means of mass immigration a system which has always failed. All people prefer the company of their own kind, so to allow mass immigration to the point of swamping a Nation,  cannot possibly be happening without the collusion of the Jews in Power.

Ireland was divided by the City of London and Ireland has never enjoyed real peace ever since.  The British claimed  the separation of Ulster,  to be a means of avoiding a Civil War, with no regrets for their responsibility, when the Civil War erupted in Eire.

The British sent their “shell-shocked” veterans from the trenches of Flanders, into Ireland to deliberately terrorise the Irish people, whom were showing signs of rebellion. These deluded criminals took advantage of the immunity to prosecution, which the British guaranteed, to carry out a regime of “shoot to kill” and indiscriminate torture and the execution of members of the “Free Irish Army.”

The browbeaten British would be well advised to take notice of the treatment of the Irish, should they harbour any sort of idealistic notion that the British Bobby, will not turn on them.  The Jew controlled British Government is sending Police Officers to Israel to learn the terror tactics of the Jews and their brutal methods used to maintain control of the Arab opposition.

In the Britain,  thousands of British Bobbys’ have been made redundant, all the “good guys” in fact have been laid off,  which just happens to coincide with a huge increase in tension and strident calls for even more attacks against Muslims.  So the Government will very soon announce that they will be hiring more policemen.

 They will be looking for psychopaths,  to reinforce the psychopaths whom they have retained.  These will be types who will cut off their Grannies finger,  to steal her wedding ring.

They will most probably be drawn from immigrant communities, using the pretext of providing a Politically Correct spread of the Forces of Law and Order, amongst all Communities. This will facilitate inter racial strife, when Muslims are sent to control White areas, should such areas continue to exist.

This will be even more evident when the Europe-wide International Police Force is launched. We already have NATO making it a simple matter to employ Polish Troops in the UK and British in Poland.  This is where we are heading, that is as plain as day, yet it is incomprehensible to most of the population.

White people are now the target.  We always have been. The Genocide in Ireland against Christians, two World Wars, which culled unknown millions of White Christians, countless other minor wars which butchered a few more of us. In South Africa, without any sort of outcry from Western Politicians, the Black, Jew controlled African National Congress has already murdered 85,000 White Christians.

Forget the slur of White Privilege, take note of what happened in South Africa, where the Blacks were the immigrants, the Whites came into an empty country, they took nothing away from others, the White did nothing apart from taking steps to avoid being ousted from their own ancestral homes, through massive immigration.

The Blacks and their Jew masters have now simply stolen the White mans achievements, through the medium of immigration, just as did the Jews in 1948, through a system of genocide against the indigenous people, bolstered by a massive immigration of Jews.  Paradoxically despite the lies about Hitler, there were still massive numbers of Jews still hanging around.






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