A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

Pay Attention Class, I Will Be Asking Questions.

It is difficult and confusing, when you come to fully understand, that virtually everything you thought you knew, is nothing more than rubbish.  You struggle to find the resulting damage to your perceptions of “reality” which were formed as a result of being infected with a sort of virus, which has played havoc with your operating system.

For example, why do most people take it as said, that Bashar al Assad is a thug as was Saddam Hussein and Muammar Gadaffi and Adolf Hitler and others?  From where did the evidence in support of these claims originate?

At the moment, the general public believes that the current chaos was caused by International Muslim Terrorists.  They have accepted, without question, that in order to solve this perceived problem, it was necessary to annihilate millions of Muslims across the Middle East and North Africa. So there!

They lend support to those whom assume the role of the Sheriff and whom without the necessary evidence, point a  finger at their chosen victim, scream, kill, kill, kill, and then set about their ritual slaughter of millions.  Having done so, they cynically stand in front of the well-educated people, whom they serve, claiming to have “saved” those whom are now sadly dead. They generally receive an ovation for their good deeds.

This is no different from having a visit from the local thug, while sat around the dinner table eating Sunday dinner with your family, who calmly informs you that he has come to save you, but before he can do so, he must first kill the Mother and children, before dealing with the grumpy Father. This is so ridiculous as to beggar the belief, that educated people cannot see through it.

However many times they are fed the same tale, they swallow it wholesale. The current cry from the British and French warmongers, is to bomb Syria, why, well because a group of Belgians, we are told, carried out an attack in Paris, so what has that got to do with Syria, where the Syrian’s are being attacked by the same “group” which it is well-known is being funded by the UK and France. Laurent Fabius, the French Foreign Minister,  recently praised the murders carried by these groups in Syria.

The chatter, which is circulating at the moment, suggests that certain members of Daech, are blackmailing the French and  British governments, where all of the “puppets are to be found. Daech is code for Israel, from where a Colonel of the Israeli Defence Force, was recently captured fighting with a brigade of Jews alongside Daech in Iraq. What on earth can this all mean?


Herein lies the problem.  What is the reality of events in the Middle East and the Maghreb? It is at this point I can explain my reason for writing this diatribe.  During the past few days, I have become embroiled in aggressive arguments on three disparate subjects. The lynching of a young girl at Nuremberg, the question as to whether the Earth actually spins on its axis and of course, Evolution. All of these things are presented as fact when they are merely the thoughts of those with vested interests.

During my days at school I was obliged to accept the official version of all of these things, without question, apart from fate of the young German girl who was lynched by Pierrepoint, the British Hangman, having been accused and found guilty of every conceivable piece of stupidity imaginable, without any supporting evidence, because when she was seventeen years old, she spent time at Auschwitz, before being sent off to other camps.  Like everybody else who had been at Auschwitz, she was murdered in cold-blood, to make sure that there was nobody left alive to dispute the claims made about what happened at Auschwitz during the war.

When this child was confronted with Pierrepoint, she looked him in the eye and said “So you’re doing the Jews work for them”



A while back, when Daech was not yet Daech, when it still wavered between ISIL, IS, ISIS, their presence in Iraq was announced, and the British and their Allies, took action of some sort or other, which we were told was to get rid of this gang of killers.

There was then a big-time effort to convince us all that this group were a bunch of savages and we were fed tales of crucifixion, beheadings and simple outright slaughter of prisoners and whatever crime you can think of to convince us all that we were dealing with creatures from hell.

I did at the time, not because I am at all smart, but simply because it was so obvious, suggest that the game was to drive Daech over the border into Syria, to generate an excuse to get the OK to install their beloved “No Fly Zone” over Syria, in order to bomb the shit out of it,  to save whomsoever was left alive, they are now in the process of getting their way.

It soon became clear that the Allies or the Coalition, call them whatever you will, were aiding and abetting Daech to take control of all of the land, which Israel is intent on grabbing and I said so.  It was around the time that Russia intervened, putting a spanner in the works of Israel, that Europe received its first wave of refugees, whom were paid to invade Europe and given guide books explaining which country paid the most Social Security.

Many commentators are suggesting, that it was at this moment that, Merkel, Cameron and Hollande, received their warning, to get on with business or they would pay the price.  They all have skeletons in their cupboards, Merkel is not a German, she is a Polish Jew. Cameron has dubious sexual acts with animals hanging over his head and Hollande is capable of anything you can think of and he is a Jew to boot.  Most French people are totally unaware of the encroachment of Jews into positions of authority in their Government.

 Where are the British and French people while this crime is being committed in their name, well apparently still in total support of those whom provoked all of the current bloodshed, in response to an attack in New York called 911,  which was allegedly carried out by nineteen citizens of Saudi Arabia.  Yes, that’s right,  Saudi Arabia. This time around it’s a few youngsters from Belgium, through whom they are attempting to develop a link to Syria and the possibility of carrying out yet another blood-bath.

I sometimes think that Cameron’s speech writers trawl through the works of Enid Blyton in search of inspiration, they now have Cameron calling Assad a Brutal Dictator, interchangeable with Butcher, while his friends in Daech are “An evil Death Cult.” Right on Dave give it to em!

No matter, they will frighten you all into accepting whatever they want you to accept. You have no choice. I had the experience the other day of asking a colleague why he thought that Israel was not coming under attack from Daech, while the rest of Europe and the Middle East was under threat. His reply was simple, “I’m a Jew,” he said and that was the end of the conversation. Nothing can be discussed which might just implicate the homeland of the Mass Murderers.


While we talking of conditioning, I have a personal plea “Who will rid me of this troublesome prick?” Prince Charles, in his best sepulchral, Popish voice, has today been doing the rounds of the television studios, telling us all that all of our current problems, including terrorism and the attacks against Syria,  are because of Climate Change.

Has it sunk in we are being conditioned,  does anybody give a damn? Has this “Prince” ever spoken to Piers Corbyn?  Does Jeremy Corbyn, who is in lock step with the Prince, ever speak to his brother?  Trust nobody in Parliament or any member of the “Royal Family.”







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