A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

Why Was It So Important For Butcher Cameron To Destroy Syria.

David Cameron, in the guise of a “humanitarian,” having exaggerated a Syrian response to a multi-agency Western provocation, immediately announced that he intended to arm groups of terrorists, claiming them to be Syrian patriots, to destroy Syria, to save it. Such are the cynical actions of David Cameron, a man whom proudly announces himself to be a Jew.

Even when it became clear, that more of the Syrian people were being killed by this act, than were at risk under the Syrian government, instead of using just a little thought for their plight and withdrawing funds from the rebels, he funded an ever-growing army of them, along with the Famous Coalition of Filth, finally displacing millions of people and destroying their homes.

This is the piece of crap, whom along with his chum Sarkozy yet another Jew, reduced Libya to Third World status, and supplied the arms to the Jew controlled State of Saudi Arabia, to lay waste to Yemen.

Cameron is a sadistic War Criminal and he should dismissed from Government immediately,  before he can carry out any more atrocities.

He has made use of overwhelming propaganda, in the wholly controlled British Press to defame others, when it he and his chums whom are seeking to destroy his own people, by whatever means necessary.

Ask yourselves why, when the actions of Assad in Syria, had been of no greater importance than the crimes carried out by the British Occupiers in Ulster, on Bloody Sunday, was it of such overwhelming importance to destroy Assad, in view of the results of this act.

One can only conclude that what we are now experiencing, the mass immigration, the rise of Western financed Daech, the False Flag in Paris, lock-downs all across Europe, the installation of Martial Law, WAS the desired result.

We are all victims of Cameron’s butchery now! He is not working for you!



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