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Cameron Has No Case And No Need To Bomb Syria


Syria a once prosperous and thriving State has been reduced to this with British help.

Jeremy Corbyn has managed to surround himself with hawks, straight out of the bloody past of New Labour. His Shadow Cabinet is unnervingly gung-ho for an aerial bombing of Syria, despite their recent experience of the shabby disregard for the approval of Parliament, by Cameron, before engaging the UK in the War Crime, which resulted from the apparently  simple task of carrying out a No Fly Zone, over Libya, which Cameron interpreted as, destroy, destroy, destroy.

There should be absolutely no support whatsoever for Cameron’s frenetic desire to now destroy Syria. Sadly however, despite pretending to have learned nothing from the wilful destruction of Libya, Afghanistan and Iraq, the British Parliament are displaying, for those with eyes to see, that they did indeed, inflict on to those countries, exactly what they set out to do.

Syria is on the hit list of the Bankers and the Global Corporations, which means that the Syrian people are facing disaster.

However much Cameron stridently blames Assad for the slaughter in Syria, he helped to initiate and fund it. It should be pointed out that most of those now calling for ever more murder are on the list of The Friends of Israel. A State which is oddly untouched by Daech, despite holding the supposed position of the number one enemy of Islam

Next in  line will be Lebanon and after that Iran. The British have shown themselves, in past times to be without pity and nothing is about to change. There is little to say of the British People who stand idly by while their elected leaders continue this endless carnage.

Disclose.tv – Islamic New World Order?



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