A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

Her Majesty’s Parliament Chomps At The Bit For More British Butchery! That’s What We Want!

A Happy Bunny after Shck and Awe


I believe it to be fair to say, that there is no history, of the bad treatment of Muslims, by the German people. In fact Muslims have long been accused of a collaboration with the Germans, against the common enemy, during World War Two, so it is somewhat disconcerting,  to hear an immigrant sneeringly, warning a German – who is no doubt helping to pay his Social Security handout – in a totally racist manner, that he intends to destroy the very system which is feeding him.


The very fact, that there is not an Islamic State on the face of the Earth,  despite the enormous number of practicing Muslims, in these States,  which could provide the same quality of life for the carping dodo in the above clip,  who with the whole world to choose from, decided to set-up home in Germany for the very reason that it was in Germany where he would be given the most for doing the least.

To claim that he and his fellow Muslims, intend to destroy Germany through the medium of taking four wives and fathering up to twenty children, is indicative as to why he is in Germany and not Algeria or Tunisia or Egypt or Turkey, or in any other Muslim State, because it is precisely because of this stupidity that his world is unable to be as generous as is Europe.

Who does he think will be paying for him and his twenty children when he succeeds in his aim? His role in Germany, is as a tool of the Jews whom control Germany and when he has served his purpose, he, like many others, will be filled with regrets.

Alongside this immigration stupidity;  yesterday, in the British Parliament, there was an interesting side-show.  Throughout the day on Sky News there had been no News reported, they spent the entire day discussing the Financial statement which would be made by the Chancellor of the Exchequer,  after Prime Ministers Questions in the afternoon.

Not a word about the possibility of a World War Three, after the downing of a Russian plane by Turkey, not a word about the continuing problem of mass immigration, the Paris attacks already forgotten, all of that swept aside, ,for George.

Anyway, when George had finished squealing his balderdash, the Shadow Chancellor rose to his feet, to deliver a response, during which he chose to refer to George Osborne’s recent visit to China.  To emphasise his point he produced a copy of Mao’s Little Book and offered George a selected quotation.



This was all very amusing and of course, Osborne ignored the implication in this suggestion, choosing instead to suggest that McDonnell was a closet Communist. This was all in keeping with the recent newspaper reviewer on Sky News, who became so annoyed, when a fellow reviewer, was prattling on about covering the UK with windmills, to defeat Global Warming.  She interrupted to say that there had been no Global Warming for the last twenty years. She immediately apologised for her remark, saying I know I promised to be good, but I just couldn’t help it.

You have to keep your ears open for these little snippets, which illustrate the total censorship which takes place in the British Media. This takes me back to our friend in the streets of Germany.

What the Shadow Chancellor, John McDonnell had exposed was the hidden agenda, to destroy, not only the United Kingdom  but all of Europe. Do you think that is hyperbole?  Well I’m sorry to disappoint you, but George Osborne is a total liar and he is not alone. He preaches Free Trade, which is received by the voter as Fair Trade, however there is nothing fair about it.

You see China was treated to a coup d’etat, similar to the coup which had taken place in Russia in 1917. Mao, had been selected as the Free Chinese Government’s leader in waiting, by International Jewry, while he was a student in the United States.  Having stabbed the Nationalist Chiang, in the back, the Bolshevik Communists took power.  At which point the ritual slaughter commenced and as in Russia some 70 million Chinese were sacrificed.

Mao snapped with his Jew runners in 1944.

Mao snapped with his Jew runners in 1944.

So back to Osborne who recently returned from China, where he has been busily signing a few more Free Trade Agreements, which have already lead to Chinese steel being dumped in the United Kingdom, while Osborne refused to do anything about it, presumably because he has agreed to it and he is allowing the closure of the remains of the British Steel Industry, to suit the Chinese and those whom control China.

As has most of Europe, successive British Governments, having cynically allowed the monopolistic Corporations to transfer their production to China, where the slave are to be found, Osborne has signed “Free Trade” agreements, to facilitate the importation of slave made products, without hindrance,  back into the United Kingdom. He is even now, under orders of course, preparing to sign the ultimate wet dream of the Bankers and Corporations,  the TTIP Treaty, which will reduce Europe to Third World Status.

I would be extremely interested to know whether this is the point which McDonnell was trying to make in Parliament, while listening to Osborne’s ridiculous claims about the amazing recovery of British Industry.

Part of Osborn’s speech entailed curtailing certain changes which he had hoped to make to payments made to the poorest of the poor, in his attempt to reduce the cost of Social Security.  Pressure from all sides, forced him to change his mind.

After World War Two, governments across Europe, set up systems of Social Care, which included,Family Allowance, unemployment payments, free health care, Social housing etc.

In the United Kingdom, using the need of workers for the new National Health Service as an excuse, Clement Attlee, the newly elected Fabian Society trained Prime Minister, in keeping with the aims of the Fabian Society, opened the floodgates of the UK and shipped in, from the West Indies hundreds of thousands of Blacks, whom of course took advantage of all of the newly installed institutions, one could be excused for believing that to have been the intention.

Many did work in hospitals and other Social departments, however there is evidence that many of the incomers never found work, probably because they chose to remain together for moral support, however finding work without being prepared to move can be difficult.

The result of this has been that some of the initial immigrants never found work and their children never worked and they now have grand-children who have never worked, yet Cameron is still offering the same excuse to invite more and more immigrants into the UK.

Now back to our immigrant in the street. While Osborne whimpers about deficits and continues austerity measures in the UK, most of Europe is in the same position. Across the European Union, there is hardly a State which is not in trouble?  Some are deeper in the dooh-dooh than are others, Spain, Portugal, Greece and Ireland for example.

So who ordered the long prepared clearances of all of the lands, which had been so cynically destroyed by the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation, at the very moment that Europe was at its lowest ebb and incapable of coping with any such an invasion? Take a look at the Zephyrs arriving from Turkey, all of the passengers had been provided with the money to pay for the voyage and they had all been supplied with life jackets; This was a government-funded operation. It did not kick off by accident.

There are certain startling statistics, which show that far from being a benefit to the economy of their preferred state, which may be true for certain of them, however as in the UK, the immigrant reality in Denmark for example, show that 75% of all of those  whom have arrived there during the past ten years have never worked.  In France, the same thing. Arabs want to work. They are not shirkers, shirking is not manly, they, like the Irish, are prepared to work for peanuts, however in France there is no work available, not even for peanuts.

Since the 19th Century, there has been an ongoing attempt to destroy White Europeans here are a couple of examples of Jews and  their openly made attacks against Whites

It is vile and disgusting that Jews can threaten me and my family in this manner with impunity.

It is vile and disgusting that Jews can threaten me and my family in this manner with impunity. Is this man Black?

More Jew hate speech. there's a lot of it abou.t

More Jew hate speech. there’s a lot of it about.(thanks to Renegade Tribune for pics) Is this woman Blue?


At the moment there is a case going through the Courts in Canada, because a White Man, Roy Arthur Topham, chose to republish “Germany Must Perish” written by a JEW Theodor Kaufman, before World War Two, in which he offered the FINAL SOLUTION for Germans, that should they survive the coming war, the survivors should be sterilised. There has never been a criticism from any Jew organisation against the murderous, racist, hate proposed by this vermin.




Arthur Topham simply changed the Word Germany for Israel and German for Jew, other than that it was a faithful copy of Kaufman’s work. That should give White People an idea of with what they are faced. Topham risks a long gaol sentence for his courage.

Israel Must Perish

McDonnell did  today on Sky News,  explain that his behaviour in the Commons on Wednesday, was to make it clear to the British People, that Osborne was in the process of not only doing Free Trade deals with China he was also in the process of selling off control British Airports and allowing the Chinese to build and control British Electricity production in proposed Nuclear Power Stations, even as Cameron is blathering about threats to British security.

Even as I write this post, Cameron is laying out his case to justify bombing attacks against Syria. This man is so frightened of something that he is quite prepared to expose himself as a maniac.  Has he forgotten they he along with Wild Willy Hague organised and paid the so-called Free Syrian Army, which has now morphed into Daech? He insists on arguing for a Government in Syria, without any reference to the Syrians with which WE can work.  He is claiming success in Iraq. He is a mentally retarded homicidal maniac. He must have some serious criminality in his past which he is hoping to conceal.


The above clip made by the Jew Wesley Clark, exposes Cameron as a total liar. He cannot claim to have been unaware of the intentions to destroy Syria, along with the Libya which he has already destroyed and Iraq which he was all in favour of destroying. There is hardly anybody on the planet who has not watched this clip.

It was today announced that over 300,000 immigrants have arrived in the UK in the past twelve months, how does Cameron think that bombing Syria and Daech, will assist in saving the United Kingdom from possible terrorist attacks. Could it be because there is no such thing as British Muslims coming home from Syria?  Could it be that he is fully aware that Daech can be switched off at any moment?  Could it be that he fully understands that the British were involved in the fabrication of the Daech threat?  Is he now using them as an excuse to continue the total destruction and dismemberment of the Middle East?

He makes use of the attacks in Paris, which are so full of holes as to be unbelievable, which produced such a frantic attack on Syria, by François Hollande, it begs the question was he taken by surprise by an “in-house” attack, which obliged an attack against Syria, which clearly played no part in the attack in Paris, to take the heat off the “real” culprits?

The vote, which could follow the debate which is taking place in Parliament, could signal the end of the Labour Party in the UK, should they choose to vote in favour of yet another War Crime in the Middle East, knowing full well that the  vast majority of the British are opposed to such actions, as they demonstrated, when New Labour manipulated the wording of a United Nations document, to take the UK into a disgraceful, illegal, murderous attack against Iraq.

Just as Sarkozy and Cameron, used permission to set up a no fly zone, as an excuse to completely destroy a fine country, with the best record of the social care of its people in Africa.

Have you fine British people never noticed that every time a weaker country needs destroying, you folk are always on hand to carry out the slaughter. Are you unable to elect less criminally minded politicians?  Should that be the case, what do suppose they will impose on to the people of Syria. Get out in the streets for God’s sake.  Wake up! Recall any MP who votes for War.


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