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Turkey Is The Latest Patsy To Carry The Can For The Zionist Demons.

Not one of the carefully selected leaders of the member States of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) would dare to take any unilateral action, which might cause deleterious reactions on the perceptions of the public at large, on the general behaviour and intentions of the group itself.

The recent attack on a Russian aircraft, by Turkey, which is under the control  of a Sabaean, Erdogan, is the perfect example of presenting a crisis to take every bodies eye off the ball. The ball of course being, how do the Western powers extricate themselves from the results of their behaviour in Syria and their lies and deception about Daech.

Vladimir Putin has exposed the lies of NATO and their illegal operation in Syria, which was, quite clearly, not to save the Syrian people from a Dictator, with the evidence and proof,  of other empty claims of the same “good-natured” act, still festering all across the region and while sheltered by NATO paid murderers, of the ghouls in Turkey have been stealing Syrian oil and selling it,  for the profit of the Erdogan family and other NATO criminals.

In a recent statement, John Kerry had the face to claim that US fighter bombers, having failed, during the past twelve months,  to detect three-mile long convoys of tanker trucks, heading for Turkey, from the refineries of Syria, had bombed and destroyed those convoys and refineries which had in fact just been taken out by Russia. Such are the lies and deceptions of the West.

This is all part of an enormous effort to cover up the criminality of the Western Alliance, which even in the midst of the horror which they deliberately initiated and continued against Syria, they simply cannot resist the lure of easy money.

Lurking behind all of this nonsense is the fear that the Big Lie of Daech will be exposed for what it is. We will not be treated to a Beau Geste type battle in the sand, with the glamorous Men in Black of Daech showing us all what valiant fighters they are, the top boys have already left for Israel, leaving the rank and file to their fate.

The problem will be that when Russia and the Syrian forces have run Daech out of Syria, without a helping hand from the “Alliance,” how are they going to convince the World that Daech is still a threat to our freedoms, which will cost a fortune to resolve and obligate the necessity of closing down the internet and forcing the world to accept, Martial Law. At which point,  along will stroll the New World Order to save us from their manufactured chaos.

Sadly, Democracy is not controlled by those whom care enough about the state of the world, to dig out voices in the wilderness, like my own, to try and change things.  We are all Democratically controlled by people who would be shocked by my stuff, some of my readers would, most probably agree with them, however, it is necessary to say something, however in coherent, in defence, not of our freedoms alone but of our very existence.

In Paris there is a Climate Change taking place. There is blanket support for the claims which are being made in support of forcing us to stop driving, to close down power stations and to introduce a Carbon Tax, which will be calculated using a ridiculous idea of measuring the amount of C02 generated during the production of stuff like a loaf of bread and charging us for it. To a simpleton like me that would suggest that the poor will be forced buy only those foods which are tax-free. How will that change the weather?

All of the claims, which are being made will result from Climate Change, which is code for the “weather” are bad. High winds, heavy rainfall, hurricanes, rising sea levels, even erosion of the coast of England, which has been a feature of life in the UK for centuries, is as a result of sea levels which “will” rise as a result of Climate Change.  None of this is ever questioned. The mainstream media is one hundred per-cent in lock step with the foreseers  of doom.

No so-called scientist has ever produced a link proving that higher levels of CO2 are responsible for warming. On the other hand, it is well established by the entire scientific community, that CO2 is essential for plant growth. During the recent period of slightly elevated levels of CO2, which is normal, AFTER a period of warming, which all of the evidence shows, even the Sahara Desert has a fifteen per-cent increase in vegetation.

I have just heard one of the organisers of a demonstration, in London calling for the governments of the World, to take the measures necessary to reduce CO2 emissions to acceptable levels.  She was in favour of getting rid of cars, and insisting folk used only Public transport or walked.   The whole nine yards of propaganda in fact.

The final question which she was asked was, “How Green are you?” Honest to God I am still laughing at what she said. She always carries a string bag, she walks wherever she can? She has a car which she rarely uses,  when she flies, she always goes on budget airlines and when she was recently in San Francisco, she was considered to be a sort of criminal, when she was seen walking somewhere.

Honestly I write a lot, but I would be hard pressed to come up with such a load of tosh off the top of my head.

This CO2 business annoys me, because there is so little of in the atmosphere and so little of it is caused by man, that even should the earths population cease to excrete or fabricate CO2 completely, it would make not a jot of difference to the weather.  That is a fact.  There is NO evidence that it causes Global anything, apart from growth in the soil.

If all the lying fiends in Paris, went home and forgot all about Global Climate Change, we would all just get on with our lives and nothing would happen to the weather.  On the other hand,  serious steps should be taken to reduce pollution, which people perceive, through propaganda, to be implicated in the alleged Climate Change, which is quite wrong.


Do you get the picture?  Both of these subjects are treated as being fact by TV News Channels. They have been telling us for years that the UK Security Forces have uncovered and stopped, 3 or 5 or 7 terrorist threats, depending who is speaking, without any evidence in support of the claims, which are aimed at maintaining the level of public fear.

Cameron who is calling for the right to bomb Syria, to help NATO and the US cover up their complicity in the deliberate act of avoiding bombing a non-existent Daech, which would have entailed bombing their own people, including Israelis, which they were reluctant to do.  The Alliance is now scurrying around trying to conceal their disgusting behaviour.

Turkey, through which Alliance members,  have all been arming the Terrorists, using different group names, to confuse the feeble-minded, has been selected to carry the can.  Cameron throughout his claims to want to destroy Daech, has continued to fund them, pretending to be arming the good guys,  until Putin let the cat out of the bag and exposed to the world, the fact  that there are no good guys in Syria, at the same time de-bunking the myth of Daech, while Uncle Sam, whimpered about him only bombing the good guys.

There is now chaos in the UK Parliament, centred around the phantom group, in Syria, which Cameron knows full well does not exist,  which having been accused of carrying out,  what has been received by all but the Mainstream Media as a False Flag attack in Paris, which Hollande instantly used as an excuse to start to pretend to bomb Daech in Syria, as he, along with the US has been pretending to do, to no avail, for twelve months.

There is at this moment a huge “damage limitation” operation going on in Syria, to obscure the devious and murderous campaign, which has been carried out against Assad by the Alliance.

The Paris attack in particular – which was supposedly carried out by a group, under the control of an adorable looking little  chap, who was a well-known clown, who laughed a lot, was not at all religious, who smoked dope and drank wine – has so many holes in the explanation, which we were obliged to believe,  appears to have been set up to generate an excuse to bomb Syria and  that as with the 7-7 attack in London, which was quite obviously, without any doubt whatsoever, a military operation, will lead to years of argument in France and attacks against those whom organised it.




There are Socialist Members of Parliament in the United Kingdom, whom are claiming to be voting with their “conscience” in favour of bombing Syria, while François Hollande is using the fact that a couple of people, are said to have shouted “this is for Syria” which suggests that doing what the French did in Syria, invites a retaliation from the “terrorists” and which generates another outrage by the French, which will inspire yet another Paris attack. Or on the other hand,  is Cameron in the loop as they say, knowing full well that the Paris attack was a fraud, so he has no worry about reprisals.

Labour Party supporters should be taking note of the Old New Labour brigade, still in the Shadow Cabinet, whom despite having supported the War Criminal Blair, when he was ordered to kick off the whole grisley business in the Middle East and who is still worried about his future, while waiting for the results of the Chilcot Inquiry, are prepared to send the Air Force of the United Kingdom, to illegally bomb Syria. Syria has done nothing to the UK, which has been carrying out a subversive terrorist war, against Syria, illegally, for four years. Get the f**k out of there!

There is also, the now almost forgotten taking down of the Russian Airliner over Sinai.  There are those who, as do I,  believe that the coincidence of combined aerial manoeuvres,  by all the guilty parties, NATO and Israel, taking place no more than twenty miles from where the Russian plane was shot down, has now been buried by the taking down of yet another Russian aircraft and the alleged terrorist attack in Paris and who knows what on earth has become of the Immigration crisis?





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