A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

Corbyn Would Do Well To Dump His Yesterday Men.

Labour Party Members, while standing for election alongside Jeremy Corbyn, in the recent leadership election, explained in great detail – and they continue to do so – how it was only those Parties, which controlled the “Centre” which had any chance of winning in a General Election.

Roughly translated, those whom presented such ideas, would have been in the same camp as was Ed Balls and his wife Yvette Cooper, whom sat happily alongside George Osborne and other members of the Conservative Party, at Bilderberg Group annual meetings, because quite simply,  behind the scenes, there is only one political Party in the United Kingdom, split in two with a seamless join.

Corbyn has supposedly, threatened this cosy relationship, which is why I resorted, in a recent post, through gritted teeth,  to the use of the term Cuck-Socialist, while referring to those whom opposed him, while the shadow of Corbyn’s loving relationship with Stalinist Ralph Miliband, drifted darkly through my thoughts, while images of him, at Fabian Society get togethers, did nothing to ease my misgivings.

Speaking as someone who has regarded, with disdain, any group of self-selected, would be leaders, who have a plan, which would compel me to accept, whatever they decided, was the best thing for me,  Corbyn and that other “rebel” Putin, have never fully convinced me of their honesty and trust-worthiness, they too are men with a plan.

However, having bared my soul, I would now feel just a touch more confident in Corbyn as leader, of a true Party of the People, should he go the whole hog and sack without compunction, those within the ranks, of a Party which has disingenuously, claimed to be on the side of the people, while every single leader of the Labour Party, was a member of a Society which was set up by the Bankers, with a motto suggesting that they were Bolshevik Communist, Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing, and Corbyn is apparently still a member of that society.

Pacifist Corbyn, now finds himself leader of a Party, which in the main supported War Criminal Tony Blair, when he lied through his teeth about Saddam Hussein and his weapons of mass destruction.   Not content with that, most of  those members whom had stood alongside Blair, apparently supported the liar David Cameron, when he accused Muammar Gadaffi of preparing a genocide against his own people, as an excuse to simply destroy Libya, to suit a hidden agenda.

It was simply mass murder. Cameron, like Blair is a War Criminal. Senior members of this same Labour Party, are now crying out for the RIGHT to support Cameron in his latest series of lies about Syria.  Why are they still in their Seats in Parliament?

Having watched Cameron as he calmly used the pretext of a “No Fly Zone” to completely destroy the infrastructure of Libya, these scum in the British Parliament are now supporting, the demands of this Psycho-Maniac Jew, to be allowed to illegally bomb Syria, along with the Jew Hollande, both of whom have declared their undivided support for Israel, what the f**k is going on?

Perhaps those of you whom are more enlightened than am I, could explain to me why Corbyn has not expressed these facts in Parliament?  Where does he stand? Has he questioned the motives of his rebellious Shadow Cabinet?  Are they so stupid that they cannot see what is going on?  Have they not noticed what has been the result of the illegal attacks, of which they approved,  against innocent people?  Have they explained to him what they hope to achieve by bombing Syria?  Is it their aim to destroy the phantom Daech, or to generate an excuse to continue their bloody onslaught against Assad?

Come on Corbyn, bite the bullet, do not allow yourself to be deceived by those whom would have you believe, that the British people would not vote for peace. Get rid of the War-Mongers, there are enough of them in the other Parties, there is no need of them in a Party of the People.

Do not be distracted by those whom claim to be voting with their conscience, against your desire to stop the killing.  If their conscience is demanding bombs and death, there should be no place for them in the ranks of the People’s Party, let them shift over to where they rightly belong, in the ranks of the Zionists on the other side of the House.

Syria is no threat to the United Kingdom.   To use Daech as an excuse to destroy Syria is a criminal act,  for which any Member, who lends their support to this criminal act,  should be considered as a Criminal, not as a “supporter of conscience” of this criminal act.






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