A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

Britain Is Maintaining Its Position As The Worlds Number One Rogue State.

Should there be any sitting Member, in The House of Commons, whom will be taking part in todays debate, which will decide whether British Flying Terrorists, should or should not, take part in an illegal bombing attack in Syria, crouching like jackals behind the flimsy excuse of the possible threat of an attack on the UK by Daech, be unaware of the cynical use of an anti Daech drill in London, in readiness for a Mumbai style attack in London from Daech, to encourage them to support a “Yes” vote, who do not take Cameron and Hammond to task, they do not possess the necessary intelligence to participate in the coming debate.

Shockingly, the debate does not revolve around the legality of such an attack on a Sovereign State but rather on whether Cameron has wheedled certain snivelling Members of an opposing Party, to support his illegal aims, in opposition to the aims  of a Democratically elected leader of their own Party.

Jeremy Corbyn, whom in earlier debates involving Libya, Afghanistan and Iraq, was shown to have been one-hundred per-cent correct, while the Labour “rebels” were supporting  War Criminal Tony Blair,  just as was the War Criminal Cameron, who is now urging more of the same murderous attacks, which will most certainly be at the cost of yet more civilian deaths.

The British people, whom are,  in the words of Orwell,  being “lashed” into submission by Big Brother, make no effort to enlighten themselves as to the necessity of the outrage which their Politburo, is proposing, in order to “save” them, or whether there be a more intelligent response available, to resolve the current crisis other than, kill, kill, kill.

They appear unable or unwilling get their heads around the concept of there being two sides to every story, just as they are, to this day, unaware that they are still being pounded with propaganda, to maintain a wall of silence and secrecy around the truth of World War 2 and Adolf Hitler and the culpability of the UK in that conflict, they are now unable to express a comprehensible response,  when asked by a journalist, their opinion on the proposed attack against this years chosen “monster” Assad, who finds himself inexorably, manoeuvred into the cross-hairs of the UK killers, a spot recently occupied by earlier “monsters” Gadaffi and Saddam Hussein.  Who is learning from History and what exactly are they learning?

The British people can be sure,  that should Cameron get his way in todays debate, having got his excuse to fly over Syria, his main aim will be, just as it was over Libya, to destroy whatever remains of Syrian infrastructure, to render the country uninhabitable and in chaos.   Later he will of course sob and wring his hands, in anguish,  about his lack of comprehension as to what the results of his stupidity would be.

I pointed out months ago, that the purpose of Daech, was as no more than a decoy, which would be forced out of Iraq, where they had picked up their armaments, from an  Iraqi Army, which allegedly ran away, leaving their weapons behind them for Daech to recuperate, which they would take into Syria, to fabricate an excuse for the West to go in after them.

 I have said many times that I am no prophet, this was as obvious as a boil on the end of your nose.  Now we all have to listen to rubbish about the bogey man coming to get us, when all the top puppets know it to be a nonsense. The next step for the Rogues, after Syria, will be to go back into Libya.

Witnessing “Son of Benn” presenting such a show of contempt for the Leader of the Labour Party, in the House of Commons last night, was embarrassing.  Unlike his father, who managed to conceal his duplicity,  Hillary was blatantly disloyal and was roundly applauded by the flock of vultures on the other side  of the House for his treachery. He made his announcement even as thousands of peace activists lay on their backs, outside Parliament, in opposition to this latest  British atrocity.






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