A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

The Westminster Ripper Gets His Way.

War Criminal and cold-blooded Brutal Butcher, David Cameron, with the assistance of many members  of that renowned Party of the left, which kicked off the savagery which has consumed North Africa and the Middle East for the last twelve years, gleefully despatched his flying pigs over Syria, with the clear intention of destroying any hope of a reconciliation for the long-suffering people of Syria.

As did Blair before him,  along with the sneaky, detestable excuse for a politician, Hillary Benn, Cameron chose to ignore the calls of thousands of people demonstrating against his grotesque urge to constantly murder innocent people, swarming around the Houses of Parliament, during the debate.

It is daily becoming more difficult to find excuses for the British, whom continue to vote for this type of vermin. His violent nature was evident long before last years election and yet he was voted into power, as a verifiable War Criminal, what else does the British voter need to know? Cameron’s own personal crimes exceed anything of which he could accuse Bashar al Assad.

All over the Western World,  the clanking  of the descending Iron Curtain can be heard, ringing out loud and clear but sadly, not loud enough to alert the people of Europe as to what is being done to them, in the name of keeping them safe and secure.

In a grotesque parody of truth, their Governments are inviting hundreds of thousands of aggressive young men, who are referred to as refugees, into Europe, while at the same time they are warning of the threat of terrorist attacks being imminent, Who could claim to understand this illogical behaviour.

I will admit that I am at a total loss as to what to say about the Parliamentary vote justifying Cameron’s  terror bombing in Syria, which was launched within minutes of the announcement of the result of the vote, as if there was some sort of urgency to the murderous attacks.

The pilots involved should be warned that what they are doing is cold-blooded murder, pure and simple. You can dress it up any way you like and it will still be murder. Without the complicity of “Our Boys” none of this carnage would be possible. There is something gut wrenchingly savage about dropping bombs on the homes of innocent people.

Every Member who voted in favour of this outrage, should be de-selected. Those like “Son of Benn” should be horse-whipped. I do not know how he can look his colleagues in the eye.

The media is already proposing Benn to be a  good prospect as the next leader of the Labour Party, which should it occur, will surely drive the last nail into the Labour Party coffin.  The Labour Party is already deep enough in the dirt, thanks to the 66 who voted for an illegal war, without the added insult of presenting Son of Benn as Party leader in the next election.

Benn, a wimp, who has not once in his political life criticised the Genocide against Muslims in Palestine and who has been in the forefront of those serving the best interests of  his Friends in Israel is now completely ignoring what is best for the British, his preference appears to be with Israel, perhaps he might take his place amongst them and the sooner the better.

At a recent meeting of the Friends of Israel, Benn was pushing for the “Balkanisation” of Syria, to suit the aims of Israel. He is a piece of filth.






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