A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

Another No News Day In The United Kingdom.

It has been raining again on the British and my god don’t we know it. The entire team from Sky News have been on hand, in Cumbria,  to ask endless, banal questions of those whom had their furniture soaked and more seriously, many of whom will be unable to watch Coronation Street tonight.

Thankfully while huddling in the damp and cold,  these poor folk will not have to endure the roar of jet aircraft overhead and the howl of falling bombs, desperately hoping that it will not be their turn to suffer a terrifying death, which is what is being bestowed on to the Syrian people to keep the damp British safe in their homes.

The “compassionate” Ripper of Westminster is on his way up North, just as soon as he has been briefed by his War Lords,  as to the extent of the destruction which has been achieved in Syria over the weekend, to give the poor souls in Cumbria a caring shoulder to cry on.  Such is the blindness and hypocrisy and selfishness of the British.

I understand a month of rain has fallen during a few hours and that Britain has never before experienced such a heavy downpour, which is exactly what the British were told was necessary,  to refill the aquifers, which were at a dangerously low-level and that water rationing was imminent, just a couple of years ago.  When the miracle happens, instead of being overjoyed, they have turned this good fortune,  into just another excuse to moan.

As for the illegal British action against Syria, just as expected, The Ripper has set about destroying the superstructure of Syria, with gusto, in an attempt to destroy as much as possible, with the intention of making the country, as he achieved in Libya, totally uninhabitable.  This is being done in the name of the British people, who cannot be bothered to shift off their bums, in support of those whom protested against this crime.




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