A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

The Knives Are Out For Trump.

Sky News, this morning, presented a clip of Donald Trump, calling for the suspension of access to the USA, against all Muslims – failing to mention the following sentence – ‘Until the Government sorts out a cohesive policy.’  This is an unacceptable level of  disinformation which could not be classed as accidental. That was just one little detail, which I happened to spot, how many more passed under my radar?  I had just listened to Trump’s remark online, so the discrepancy was obvious.

Sky News journalists have in recent times referred to Trump as being detestable, deplorable, unsympathetic towards a cripple, whatever suits, what can only be called an agenda, being carried out by Sky News, will be levelled against Trump.  They however never make even a veiled reference to the fact that Hilary Clinton, is up to her neck in allegations of murders and other offences.  There is at this moment a man who claims to have, in his possession,  irrefutable evidence that she was involved in the murder of a certain Vince Foster.


We were then presented with a bunch of critics, making claims which, as did Sky News, ignored Trump’s second sentence.  One might ask, are the people of the USA obliged to allow entry to those whom have been “radicalised” by Daech, and armed by supporters of Daech, already installed in the USA, without taking any steps to deal with the problem?

It was a sad lapse of attention by the False Flag Brigade, when it slipped through the Censorship net, that the Crisis Actors, involved in the San Bernardino, “massacre” were Muslims, who had been radicalised in Saudi Arabia.

Everybody, including Obama, was paralysed with embarrassment, when this was put into the public arena, so soon after Obama had announced his intention of bringing thousands of Muslims into the USA, without carrying out security checks. Do the not too hard of thinking amongst you think that this could just possibly have been the reason for Trump’s statement?

Post Script:  Sky News has kept up the rhetoric throughout the day about Trump. When I first heard this morning, the edit in the clip of Trump, I simply waited for an hour and recorded the following News introduction, they did exactly the same thing.

Since then they have had several spokes-people on Sky, all of whom responded, not to Trump’s actual statement, but to the Sky edited version.  This is scandalous.  There was nothing out of order in Trump’s statement.  Apart from the fact that personally I know full well that he is wasting his time, because all the terrorism is homegrown Zionist terrorism, so Trump is chasing his own tail.

The Westminster Ripper, Cameron has now waded into the fracas, claiming that what Trump is demanding is unhelpful and divisive, which suggests to me, that it would impede the aims of those whom would have us believe that their friends in Black New Romantic gear, are managing to inveigle  their killers into Western Countries so that they can claim them to be responsible for their “False Flag” attacks.

People across the  Western World might well take a cue  from Trump’s act, by suggesting to their own governments, that it might be a good move should they do the same thing.

The whole business in San Bernardino, is in danger of bursting out of its cocoon, into the full light of exposure,  as the most inept attempt ever to deceive the public.  That is without even mentioning the cock-up caused by the inclusion of Muslims, which gave Trump the opportunity to speak out.  He has laid bare the schemes of the Governments anti-gun propaganda and the complicity of the Jew controlled media in that deceitful operation.

The Jew controlled New York Times had already prepared their Headline in advance calling for Gun Control.

The story as continued throughout today, Tuesday 08-12-2015 and on into Wednesday.

It does not take too much brain-power to figure out that Trump was calling for controls being put in place, before allowing 100,000 thousand Muslims refugees, whom have been demonised by successive US and UK governments since 911, to enter into the USA, in view of the fact that the government, has itself warned us that Daech may have their agents hidden amongst them.

The British, in the recent past, demonised the entire Irish  Race, without similar criticism, during the 1970’s and 1980’s, while they warned of the threat of Irish Freedom Fighters carrying out attacks in  the UK. Is there now a problem with that?


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