A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

Lies! Lies! Lies! Here, There And Everywhere, Nothing But Lies.

climate change

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, is one of the outstanding examples,  of the approach of those whom make use of deceit and manipulation as a means of terrorising a gullible public, into the acceptance of a totally false set of claims, which they are assured, will allow the weather, to be brought under control,  just so long as they do what they are ordered to do.

This wholly dishonest process has necessitated a farrago of lies, which has already produced the “Hide the Decline” scandal, which lead to the closure of the Climate Research Unit, in the United Kingdom and the re-naming of the whole charade from Global Warming to Climate Change, which allows them  to ignore the ever downward trend in global temperatures, while at the same time claiming that whatever we happen to be doing,  is the cause of the changeable weather.

Whatever the subject, this is the de facto approach of The Global Puppets, who from long experience,  of the stupidity of the herd, understand full well, that there are so few people capable of seeing through their garbage, that it is quite unnecessary to come up with a better cover story for their criminal activities.

At this moment, these Puppets have managed, through the manipulation of the News and the use of outright lies, achieved, out of nothing, a world-wide fear of a  threat, of a well organised group of non-existent Muslim Terrorists.

David Cameron, having assured the British people, that it could take as long as thirty years to sort out the threat of Daech, positively wet his knickers, when Russia quite quickly sent them packing out of Syria and back into Israel, without too much fuss and the Syrian Army advanced well into the previous occupied zones, mopping up the remnants.

The “Coalition,” unable to accept their defeat, have quickly called for a United Nations backed cease fire, which they will use to continue their aim of  getting rid of Assad, without allowing him to take part in any election, which they know he will win hands down.

The people of Syria know what is good for them, having just been destroyed at the hands of Cameron, the man from the foetid depths of Jew aristocracy in the United Kingdom, along with those other Jew controlled States, Israel, France, USA and Turkey.

The over-riding problem for these international liars at the moment is how  they are going to deal with the reality that, Erdogan the President of Turkey, along with  his son, mounted an Oil Company and  with the complicity of the Jew leader of the Kurds, have been pumping millions  of gallons of crude oil from Syrian and Iraqi oil fields, which, under the protection of the USA and with tanker lorries from the USA, has been transported into Turkey, from where it was sold on,  to Israel and the profits shared equally amongst the Erdogans’ Kurds and Daech, until Putin, having had one of his planes shot down, turned his air-power onto the massive convoys, which the French and Americans, who have been bombing Syria and Iraq for twelve months or more, failed to spot.  The herd can of course relax, there will be no criminal investigation into any of these events.

The Frenchman Hollande, used the mere implication of  the suggested presence of Daech, in a bizarre shooting incident in Paris, as an excuse to dump a few more tons of bombs on to Syria, without any suggestion of truth in the tale told,  which was good enough to get all of the idiot politicians together in Paris in their mourning suit with lies on their lips, with the usual ban on any form of investigation into the attack itself.

Cameron the British liar, with a lust for blood in mind, demanded the same right as had Hollande, to bomb Syria, as a symbolic gesture of complicity in a War Crime. He too made use of the threat of the Phantom Menace of Daech as his excuse.

Meanwhile, back in Paris, the Dark Forces of the French, grabbed hold of a few passports, which were fluttering gently in the evening breeze,  and figured out where the newly arrived refugee, who having blown himself to smithereens, in front of security Police, was hiding out, just a few hundred yards from the scene of his death.

In the early hours of the morning a full battalion of French Police and Military converged on a flat and pumped thousands of rounds of ammunition and dozens of stun bombs,  into the building, which was apparently just for show, as it was unoccupied.

While all of this was happening, The Daily Mirror was reporting that it was not a group of Muslim refugees who were responsible for the attacks, it was in fact, muscular White men, with Kalashnikov rifles, who arrived in an expensive black Mercedes and opened fire in front of many witnesses, into a restaurant, allegedly killing many people. This was of course not the kind of evidence which could be used to advance the tale of Daech men hidden amongst incoming refugees, so it was totally ignored.

Meanwhile, many miles away, across the ocean in the USA, there was a similar attack in a town called San Bernardino. This attack,  as did the attack in Paris, took place in the middle of a Drill.  Not only was it in the middle of a drill, it was a favourite spot for drills.  There had been so many drills in recent months, that even as the “attack” was taking place, there was a woman, inside the building which was attacked, on the telephone, saying that the drill was about to start.

She along with many other witnesses, saw three muscular White men, yet another set of clues,which did not fit needs of the event.  The selected pair of “terrorists” quickly went home, to dress up in their gear for the drill, flak jackets and that sort of thing and then returned to play their part in the event.

When it was all over they went home, where they apparently, changed their clothing and went for a drive, only to find themselves being tailed by the police, or so we were told, their car was then, in the manner of the flat in Paris, riddled with bullets, reminiscent of the Bonnie and Clyde shootout, which of course did not correspond with what was observed by the eyewitnesses, who suggested that the car was empty.


As usual, scratch the surface paint and you will always find an Israeli undercoat.

These events always follow the same pattern, which is why so many people call them False Flag events.  It is only the hard of thinking whom appear unable to spot a distinct similarity in the train of events. Take the 7-7 attack in London. A man called Peter Power organised a massive drill, which was centred on three tube stations and Tavistock Square.

Peter Power was interviewed on the BBC 5 O’clock News programme.  He was interviewed by a man who had not yet received his orders from above, so in his usual abrasive manner he grilled the man. He asked outright, “Are you telling me that just by chance you happened to be holding  drills in all four places where these attacks took place?”  Power shamefacedly  said he had.

That would be an incredible coincidence but it did not end there.  There was a guy going to work on a bus. In a television interview he was asked to describe what had happened on the day of 7-7.

He explained how the bus had been stopped by a couple of men, whom he took to be some sort of plain clothed policemen, who ordered the driver to take another route. The driver turned off the normal route and presumably followed the route described by the two men, finally turning into Tavistock Square, here he stopped and shouted out to passers-by for directions.

Shortly after that he stopped the bus and the man, who was on his way to work,  sitting downstairs on the bus, saw a whole load of people rush down the stairs from the top deck and jump off the bus, almost immediately there was an explosion which ripped the bus apart. The man himself jumped off the bus   and ran down the road, worrying in case there might be a second bomb.

He came across those whom had run down the stairs and off the bus, just before the explosion and they had already been dressed up as supposed victims of an attack in the drill, which just happened to be taking place at the exact point where the bus had been ordered to go.  The police showed no interest in his tale and he was never interviewed.  Well why would you, nothing out of the ordinary there.

One can but marvel at the frequency with which suicide bombers find themselves in the middle of these drills with 364 other days in the year from which to choose for their attacks, they always choose the worst possible moment for them and the most advantageous moment for the Police.

The Boston bombing was another, even as the Cops were using bullhorns letting the people know that there was a drill going on, who should stroll along but a couple of guys from a private security agency, with the very back-pack which was found to be the container of the explosives. They were seen fleeing the scene soon afterwards without their back-pack, all of which was ignored by the police who hunted down two lads, who they could not possibly have even known to be at the event and promptly killed one of them and locked the other one up, where he remains to this day.

This is all so boring, on 911, nineteen suicide bombers, at least seven of whom are alive to this day, according to the BBC, while their own News reports ignores these claims.   What more can you say? What is noticeable about all of these events, is the lack of questions, by the mainstream media about any of these anomalies, which is proof positive that they are indeed, all False Flags.

During the Charlie Hebdo business, when the clip of the policeman lying on the pavement being shot turned up,  all of the News Channels played it,  with the actual headshot fuzzed out, too graphic for you and me.  However when to “out-take” showed up, in which we saw a different car involved and no shoe under the car and the fact that the cop had not really had his head splattered, the clip was completely ignored.

When the over the top march took place with all of the Jews lined up together, the press presented the event as if the Global Puppets had be been leading the march, when in fact they had not even been there, they were in another street, where using trick-photography, it was made to look as if they had started walking at the head of the million people who had turned up for the event, when in fact they walked no more than twenty metres and then went off for a snack. A quick glance at the clip and it is quite obvious that they are not where Sky News allowed us to believe them to be.

AA Photo Paris





“I’m not upset that you lied to me, I’m upset that from now on I can’t believe you.”
― Friedrich Nietzsche







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