A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

Racial Equality? Yes Please!

A while back, some character, who studied form, suggested, indeed stated, that Black men of West African origin, were biologically better adapted than were White men, when it came to running for one hundred metres.

He went on to suggest that Ethiopians and Kenyans, were biologically more suited than were Whites, to run long distances. Other genetic traits have given us seven-foot tall Basket Ball players, most of them Black.

Blacks are apparently more suited than are Whites, when it comes to kicking a ball about, which has lead to a predominance of Black footballers, in National teams across Europe.

That would suggest to me, that Blacks are in fact srteets ahead of us mere  Whites in Racial Superiority, so what is their problem, do they need to be superior in everything, are they never satisfied?

There are no doubt many other areas, which do not spring instantly  to mind, in which Blacks are allegedly more gifted than are Whites, for example, who would deny the superiority of Kool and the Gang over the Rolling Stones?  No contest.

However I was spurred on to write this rubbish in response to a news item concerning a Posh Boy called Oliver Leftwing, yet another of those Eton Jews, by whom the British Parliament is well over-stocked, who dared to make a disparaging remarks about Black people, some thirty years ago, after the head had been cut from the shoulders of a White British Cop, during Black riots in London.

This has lead to cries of astonishment and calls for Public floggings etc., with Leftwing on his knees, and calls for his sacking for daring to make such cruel and unjust comments about Black people.   What next, if a stop is not put to this sort of unjustified attack, he will no doubt call for something to be done about the inordinate number of rapes, to which Black men also appear to be better adapted than are White men.  Or indeed the disproportionate amount of Racist attacks against Whites, at which Blacks show similar extreme prowess and the usefulness of their dexterity at running one hundred metres very fast.

I hope Eton Boy Leftwing, takes care as he walks down the street at night, he may find himself accosted by a Black Knock-outer, that would appear to the latest sport at which Blacks excel.

Leftwing was not the only one to come under attack over the hidden reality of Racism in the UK, this from the Daily Mail.

“Phil Woolas, (Labour) whose Oldham constituency was the scene of race riots in the summer of 2001, has written to the Commission for Racial Equality (CRE) claiming that race relations are being damaged by the refusal of politicians to condemn black racism towards white people.
In a letter addressed to Trevor Phillips, the new chairman of the CRE, which was leaked to the Sunday Times, Mr Woolas said: “Politicians across the party divide have failed to be seen to condemn racist violent attacks against white people as strongly or forcibly as such attacks against Asian and black people.
“My view, and I believe that of my constituents of all ethnic backgrounds, is that this fact has diminished confidence in the communities and damaged race relations.”

Trevor Phillips is of course Black, so above reproach, yet he has steadfastly denied any suggestion of Blacks behaving like Blacks, which they do across the world, which is why there is so little reporting of the Jew funded White Genocide which is ongoing in South Africa and the brutal murder of incoming Black refugees from other African Countries. Like Jews, whom you have no right to criticise, unless of course they find themselves in a “no win” situation like Leftwing, Blacks can literally get away with murder.

So I suggest that there should be handicaps on Black Athletes as were imposed on British Athlete David Hemery, who found himself placed a couple of hundred metres behind other contestants in a sporting game show, because he was considered to be “better” than the other contestants. Weighted belts should do the trick.

Speaking for myself, I would not complain should I find that half-a-dozen of my responses to questions, which were asked during a job interview had been marked as wrong when right, in order to give a fair chance to the Blacks who were seeking the same job, even though I do not agree with the academic who claimed that White people have a bigger brain than do Black people as I am sure the size of the brain is not the only reason for a superior intelligence level, good nourishment when young is also important, so what is their problem and why do they blame me?




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