A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

How Much Would You Charge For Your Soul?

It would appear to be beyond dispute, that there is a certain group of rich men, whom have dreams of controlling the future of the World.  They have denied the best of people the opportunity to create a society in balance with and sensible enough, to intelligently consume the planets resources.

In order to sustain, their own personal avarice, which along with their compulsion to deny the access of others to their private hoard,  this small group of pathologically greedy and power-hungry thieves, are obliged to pass their time in rich solitude, afraid that one day they will stand exposed for what they have done to the rest of humanity.

The lofty position and lifestyle enjoyed by these folk, would not have been possible without the considerable assistance of the very people for whom they express disgust and hatred, the ordinary people, whom they have educated or more correctly conditioned,  to look up to their betters.

There is no government in the world which cannot or has not been bought. The more eager the desire for an impression of power, the more likely is the seeker to accept his price.  This is a universal tragedy, which is expressed in the corridors of government by the presence of bribers or lobbyists, in their hundreds, all of them with money to distribute.

There is no visible face of the ultimate manipulator, there are many suggestions as to whom he or they may be,  however it would appear that should you believe that you have discovered their true identity, you would most probably be wrong. Even top politicians, some of whom may have the inkling of an idea in their head,  as to the identity one of the Sinister,  would never dare to voice this thought, out of fear of the possible consequences.

So all we can observe from our lowly position, is the shop floor supervisors, the Foremen, the Sergeant Majors and occasionally, Members of the Board, but never the owners, they, like Dracula, only come out when the sun goes down.

All of my life I have been hearing tales of those whom have sold their souls to the Devil. Doctor Faust,  has down through the years,  fascinated playwrights and scholars alike, all of whom have interpreted the plight of Faust in various intellectually pleasing works,  which sadly,  as does the fable of  the eating of the fruit from the Tree of Knowledge in the Bible, fails to explain exactly how having this assiduously most sought after knowledge, cosily installed in our brains would be of any benefit in our daily life.

I get the uneasy gut feeling that there is no such thing as knowledge, it is a myth, so to make a claim of having sold my soul to a devil, is a means of excusing my behaviour by blaming a source of evil, which like love is impossible to define.

Would this knowledge be of things which have already happened or would it have allowed Eve in the Garden of Eden to have invented the Nokia telephone which was recently unearthed in Sumeria or somewhere?

I mention this in response to Ken O’Keeffe’s remark in the above clip, that certain people have sold their souls to the Devil.   To me, this sort of claim is part of the “Politics of Fear.”  This is the sort of quip which is constantly used to condemn those whom appear to have gained great success despite their perceived lack of talent.

A good example of this is Bob Dylan, who can be seen on youtube admitting to having sold his soul to the devil, in return for success,  so it is claimed. However on investigation, it has been revealed that the devil who was feeding Dylan the lyrics of his best known songs,  “Like a Rolling Stone,” for example, was none other than Leonard Cohen.

Billy Ray Cyrus, who did himself have his fifteen minutes of fame with a banal song about  his “Achy Breaky Heart” excuse the spelling, has claimed that his own daughter,  Mylie,  who has a compulsion to expose her private parts to her audience, during her twerking, has also sold her soul to this devil.

These claims are very much like the tale of the three Muslim girls, who popped off to Syria and immediately made contact with Daech.  This was while we were being fed the rubbish about the number of European men who had left to go and fight in the ranks of Daech against Assad in Syria, so that when the refugees started to flood into Europe, the claim could be made, as it has been, that terrorists were entering Europe disguised as refugees, so we must be very afraid.

There is this other thing going on, which they call Disclosure. We are quietly being fed rubbish about Extra Terrestrial beings living amongst us and when they arrived, back in the days of President Truman, the atom bomb man and Ike Eisenhower, the murderer of one and a half million prisoners of war, they chose to make contact with these scum, why would they not approach decent folk?  Is the Devil himself an Extra Terrestrial?

Wherever you look, you are being presented with folk whom apparently have access to Ancient Knowledge. The Free Masons who operate under the guidance of the Babylonian Talmud, apart from the ones you may know of course, they don’t know their arse from a hole in the ground, no, it is always the hidden ones who have all the real forbidden knowledge.

Should I choose to sell my soul to the devil, it would in fact be nothing more than a psychological exercise, which could affect me for the rest of my life. Whether I would gain anything from it is impossible to say because you could never tell what would have happened anyway, which is the fact which is made use of even by Big Pharma and their cures.

Throughout our lives, we have been subjected to lie after lie about all and everything.  I would go so far as to say that even our use of language has been corrupted, in order to disguise the real meaning of words. I know from experience, that even as I write, that there are some people who will read it and in response will curse my stupidity, while others will find an agreement with parts of it.  There is no way of figuring out why the same tract can be received in such different ways, is it because of the language used, or is it the mindset? After all words are only words.  Or are they?

If you look back on your days in school you just accepted, more or less, whatever you were taught, hold up your hand all those who can remember learning about Isaac Newton and the apple which fell on to his head.  They forgot to explain to us that it was a load of poppycock and in terms of our daily life it means nothing at all.

 Right now there is in space,  the man who is at this moment defying this thing called gravity, along with several other occupants of the International Space Station.  I know this is going to upset some people but here goes. I watched the rocket take off from the Russian Cape Canaveral and fly, more or less horizontally towards the distant curve of the Earth, which apparently makes it easier to get into orbit and then a while later I heard that they had arrived at the ISS.

There were no images of how exactly they had managed to guide and dock the two craft together, however it was achieved somehow or other.  Now having seen images of the Spacemen, in flight towards the ISS, wearing their cumbersome Space Suits, when the docking was done and the air-lock hatch opened, I was surprised to see all three of them come through without their Space Suits and having seen the cramped compartment in the module, I wondered how they had managed to strip them off.

No matter ignore that. But as if that was not enough, the next thing I heard reminded me of 911, when it was announced on Sky News that Tim Peake had dialled a wrong telephone number from Space.  Is someone pulling our leg,  or is it me?  Sadly, if this is all a fake, Russia is in on the deal.

Everything about this space business his weird.  Even the BBC has broadcasted documentaries clearly showing that there was a lot of fakery involved in the claims which were made back in the sixties.moon lander


Take a good look at the above photo, would you go off to the moon in this contraption?  Its held together with elastic bands and what on earth is that sacking doing wrapped around the legs?

The men who claimed to have landed on the moon and taken off again in this ridiculous artefact, have most certainly sold their souls to the devil and they were all Freemasons to boot. Don’t worry I would not dare to suggest that men have not landed on the Moon, that would be tantamount to sacrilege.

Face up to it, however ridiculous the claims, there are people who will put their life on the line in support of them.  Take my word for it whatever you think you know, you know nothing for certain.  We have all been living in an illusion built on lies.  Look at the carnage in the Muslim World, which you have been bamboozled into blaming on the victims. While White people have stood by and allowed it all to happen. Now they are coming after us.








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