A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

Dazed And Confused All Over Again.


This morning I received a link, to a French tale, which suggested that Daech could possibly, maybe, perhaps, thinking about, carrying out a concerted attack on electricity sub-stations, which form a ring around Paris and which are extremely vulnerable to a terrorist attack.

This was presented on a well-known and well visited site. The long and complicated tale which accompanied the alarming head-line, laid out in great detail, all of the most vulnerable spots on these transformers, with a range of possibilities as to how they could, quite easily, be attacked and put out of action for months.

This was a veritable play-book for terrorists. They even detailed the most vulnerable targets on Nuclear Power Plants.

transformer vulnerable to attack


This was presented as a means of destroying France. Life without electricity in Paris or in any other major city, would be a nightmare. It is in fact the most potent reason for putting a stop to the idea of compressing the population into Super Cities, which is already in the planning.

Having in some way made us all more vulnerable to such an attack, because there is always the possibility that it had not occurred  to the CIA or Mossad to order Daech to carry out such a stunt, the article then redeemed itself with a tirade against government Ministers whom had been warned of just such a possibility, long before they brought the potential terrorists into Europe. I offer you a snippet:

They (the government) are responsible for failing to protect the electrical system (eversince the time of the Greenpeace actions to prevent, further Nuclear power, there is no possible excuse). Finally, they are responsible for having built our country on  electric sand, it would have been possible not to make our survival dependent on electricity.

Manual water pumps, wood stoves for heating could have been encouraged and a decent garden, mandatory in some areas. We can also talk of journalists / press /and TV media, who have not warned people. The latter might be able to force through policies,  to prevent this kind of attack, or at least reduce the dire consequences.

Who is in control? The devil ?  In any case, should it be him, he could not do worse. The enemy always makes use of the flaws, that is its role, the role of politicians is to minimise the risk to ensure safety. Now it only remains to light the fuse.

It reminds me too much of World War II where strategists had imagined blitzkrieg, but no one listened. It’s amazing to think that a hundred terrorists can destroy forever a country like France in one night. It has never happened before. France, is one of the most nuclear powered countries in the world with the highest density of nuclear power plants on Earth, it would be so simple and fast to destroy. If France falls victim all of Europe will fall, because of nuclear radiation.

Even if the world manages to become aware of the threat, (which will be difficult given the corrupt-unconscious egocentric-incompetents-who are in the different governments of the world) it will take at least a year to complete all work … The power of the people is definitely the only way to force politicians to protect us from this danger, which will remain as long as they do not take into account this type of attack. Yet we have been warned with Chernobyl and Fukushima to no avail.”

Being a devout believer in the old saying that nothing happens by chance, I am of the opinion that any of the above could well be the deliberate intention of those – corrupt-unconscious – egocentric – incompetents – whom refer to themselves as Our Global Leaders.



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