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Corbyn Is All Sheep And No Wolf.

jeremy corbyn

Jeremy Corbyn should sack all of those Socialists, who have an idea that Socialism means doing exactly what the Conservatives do, but claiming that they will do it better.

The nonentities, like the three members of the Shadow Cabinet, whose names have not even registered in my brain and I have no intention of rectifying that situation, should slink off to the back benches and cross their fingers in the hope that they will be re-elected by their constituents in any future election.

They and the others like them,  who have already refused to serve under Corbyn, who was elected using a system which was put in place by the very moaners who are now complaining about the unexpected result, on the very first occasion on which their own system was used.

Presumably they will now seek a means of changing the election system, to one in which back stabbers like them will stand a greater chance of avoiding the wishes of the members of the Party,  which they claim to represent.

Most of these treacherous pieces of something nasty, appear to have forgotten, that what they represented was thrown out  in the last election, and those who are whining the loudest  about Corbyn, the people’s choice, will very soon discover that the British people are fed up with being ignored by the likes of those Bilderberg members like Balls and Brown and Blair and all of the other controlled Socialist big boys.

What the British would like, is a Labour Party, which actually delivers what the voter was lead to believe they would deliver and not a game of pat-a-pat with their good friends on the other side of the chamber.

Is the Labour Party so short of talent, that good replacements can not be found in short order to take on jobs , which do not need any particular talent in order to carry them out?

Whether Corbyn is his own man or just another front engaged in the business of offering a ‘pretend’ real change, which will never be delivered, or maybe he is the final nail in the coffin Socialism in the UK, now that the Bolshevik Communists have taken total control of the Conservative Party, is debatable, I believe him to be exactly what he started out to be when young, a Communist Fabianist, who should be watched very carefully.  He gives his full support to Climate Change and Carbon Taxes and full membership of the European Union.

Scotland has already gone. The Labour Party was withdrawn quite deliberately, because very soon Scotland will be declared a Region of the European Union. Nicola  Sturgeon has already declared that should the UK vote to leave the criminal organisation,  The European Union, which has enabled the asset stripping of Europe, she will immediately call for another referendum, which she will win, by whatever means are necessary, to ensure that Scotland is made available for stripping.

Nigel Lawson, a one time Chancellor in the Government of Margaret Thatcher, today on Sky News, in a discussion about staying in or out of Europe, when asked to name a country which was not a member of the European Union, which had access to the single market of Europe, Lawson mentioned Switzerland, which he suggested was doing very nicely from Europe without being a member.  I would like to ask Lawson why he did not mention China for example, which is free to dump whatever it chooses into the EU?

This is the way that the people of Europe are being deliberately mislead by politicians.  Free Trade Agreements have made it quite unnecessary for any country to remain in the EU.  It is now no more than a means of robbing the member states of billion of Euros, which vanish into some pit, never to be seen again, as in stolen.  Like the Federal Reserve in the USA, nobody ever sets eyes on the books of the European Union.

The European Union is a racket be , working hand in glove with the Jew controlled European Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund, which offer toxic loans to create an non repayable debt, which can only be serviced through the Privatisation of National wealth, as içn those States called PIGS.  As if all this was not bad enough, the Climate Change/ Carbon Tax racket, will soon be unleashed, which will be used to rob us of even more of our money.


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