A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

Did You Get Your Daily Dose Of Tosh Today? I Said Did You Get Your D…..?

There is little public understanding of exactly how we are being managed by the Media. Many years ago, Richard Crossman, a Labour Party politician, warned that colour television was the most dangerous tool to ever to fall into the hands of a renegade government.

Sadly, they all have it now. The proof of the power of this medium, is the fact that since 911, a period when Muslims were more or less living in peace. When the only form of resistance, was that stirred up by the USA in Afghanistan, where the Russians were supporting the government in Kabul, which was not to the liking of the USA, which set up Al Qaeda, trained and armed them, and sent them out to fight the Russians.

We have come a long way since then. The attack on 911, was laughably, blamed on a band of Muslims, who were quite deliberately allowed into the USA, against the advice of the American Ambassador, which introduced us to the lie of International Muslim terrorism and that phantom menace, Osama Bin Laden.

We have now passed through fifteen years of a drip, drip, drip of lies, preparing us for the brutal and illegal attacks against Muslim States, based on total rubbish, killing at least seven million Muslims in the process, all of them innocent and yet WE are apparently the ones in danger.

Despite the evidence before the eyes of the World, people can detect no connection whatsoever, between the bombing of country after country to oblivion and the sudden appearance of millions of refugees on their way to Europe.

These same deluded people are now unable to discern the danger to their own culture and well-being by allowing hundreds of thousands of young men of fighting age into their countries, they are in fact greeting them with sandwiches and coffee, even as a dozen containers have just been intercepted in Greece loaded with arms.


My low-level efforts to inform people of what is going on,  can in no way either compete with, or overcome the power of television News. So it will come as no surprise that there has been no mention made  of this cargo on the news, not that I have seen anyway, which is another form of control.

However there have been reports of attacks against women and girls in Germany during New Year celebrations,  by groups of men of immigrant origins.  The mayor of Cologne, a woman, has suggested that these women “asked for it” and should learn how to keep these men at arms length.

Cynics, on the other hand, are suggesting that what we are witnessing is a build-up to some sort of atrocity, similar to the event in Benghazi, which was set up by the British and Mossad, to generate an excuse to destroy the offending leader of Libya,  along with hundreds of thousands of Libyans, steal their gold, destroy their infrastructure and leave the country in a shambles, allowing them to go back in and force the Libyan people to accept a puppet regime, which is what is now taking place.

One thousand crack British troops have gone back into Libya to attack the Free Libyan Army because it is not the right sort of Free Libyan Army, unlike the murderers in  Syria, where the British are also carrying out bombing attacks, in support of what can only be described as the right sort of Free Syrian Army. The British can decide this sort of thing, because the British are the right sort of scum.

We would all do well to remember that Sky News was on hand, to film the so-called atrocity in Syria, which was used as justification to destroy the country, using a proxy mercenary army.

The “News” has never even suggested that this bunch of murdering thugs, are in any way responsible for the carnage and destruction which has laid a once prosperous country to waste.

To do so might suggest that it would have been a lot better for everyone, had the British stopped paying and training the thugs.

This would of course interfere with the wickedness which is this way coming.  To suggest that our “leaders” have contrived to swamp Europe with immigrants by accident is as crass as it sounds. Nothing like this would have been allowed to happen had it not been to order.

Every country in Europe has now been dosed with young, fighting fit, immigrants and the weapons for these fighters have been intercepted, and make no mistake about it, the first shipment of this kind, is never detected, you can rest assured that thousands of tons of weapons are already here. We will of course be sitting ducks, forbidden to arm and defend ourselves.

We have been presented with false atrocities, which we have been told were carried out by Muslims and yet we have never seen one single Muslim. They have all either blown themselves to smithereens, apart that is from their identity cards, or they have been apprehended in out-of-the-way places, where they can be shot dead and taken away and probably tossed into the English Channel and that is that.

Today as the Jews regroup in Paris to remember last years “attack”  against the Jew Magazine, Charlie Hebdo,  which retains the right to mock Islam, while sacking one of its own cartoonists for mocking Jews, is hoping for the same response to the publishing of the memorial edition of the ragazine, as for last years edition, from which they earned several millions of Euros.

Even as this memorial was taking place, there was yet another attack in Paris, when a man with a wire hanging from his pocket, and screaming Allahu Akbar, was shot dead by Police.

All of this savagery and destruction has now been calmly laid at the door of the Muslims. We, the Europeans were only trying to save them. This is what has been insinuated into the minds of the deluded people of Europe and the West, through the use of repetitive phrases, from the mouths Jew politicians like Cameron and Hollande and the Jew owned media.

Cameron is incapable of opening his mouth without making reference to Assad as a brute or a butcher, as he did with Gadaffi and as was done to Saddam Hussein. He talks of Islam as a diabolical death cult, but of course he only means Daech, not other Muslims, like those blood-thirsty bastards in Saudi Arabia who have been so kindly destroying Yemen for us.

While in the United Kingdom, a state of fear has been generated, as he warns the people that the Daech boys are coming home from the war, armed and ready to kill.

The interior borders in Europe, were left unguarded, under the orders of the Jew controlled European Union, ensuring the easy distribution of the necessary arms across the entirety of the Continent, and now the people are in a state of panic, waiting for the contrived atrocities to kick off.

The people of Europe should be quivering in their boots.  There is a surfeit of evidence out there that WE are the target.

Jews all over the world are calling for the destruction of White people. Even Blacks are calling for us to be wiped out. In point of fact anybody can call for us to be eliminated without response from the intended victim.

Watch the Polish Jew Angela Merkel’s response to the German Flag in this clip. Do you think that your pet Jew cares any more for you and your people than she does for hers?



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