A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

The Never-Ending Celestial Battle To Hunt Down The Messiah.


“Human beings appear to be a slave race languishing on an isolated planet in a small galaxy. As such, the human race was once a source of labor for an extraterrestrial civilization and still remains a possession today. To keep control over its possession and to maintain Earth as something of a prison, that other civilization has bred never-ending conflict between human beings, has promoted spiritual decay, and has erected on Earth conditions of unremitting physical hardship. This situation has existed for thousands of years and it continues today.”…..William Bramley



As a follow-up to my recent post about the use of repetition as a means of conditioning the unwary, into an acceptance of what are in fact quite blatant lies and deceptions, such as the necessary reasons or excuses to carry out illegal wars, in the name of peace, it is worth mentioning how the same technique is used to convince us that what is bad for us is in  fact good for us.

A case in point is multiculturalism, which should it apply to a holiday location, visited by all races, would be quite nice, would it not?  However the dark side of multiculturalism is never presented, just as those whom propose Capitalism, never thought to explain to where it would ultimately lead, which was of course, to a place where anything of value would end up in the hands of the richest man in the world.

We have for a Century or more been bamboozled into believing Socialism or Communism to be a philosophy designed to return power over their life, into the hands of working people and out of the hands of the rich Toffs with funny names  starting with Prince or Princess.

Sadly, all of those ‘ism’s’ are crap and they have done nothing to alleviate the struggles of the working man, who to this day is being exploited.

The most worrying ‘ism’ at this moment is multiculturalism, which like ‘free trade’ is being preached as being of benefit to any sitting population or culture on to which it is being imposed.

The reality lies in the name.  Multi means many, which will inevitably lead to a situation, whether you choose to accept or not, where there will be no majority of any of the races, should everybody abide by some unwritten rule, prohibiting any one those races, from producing a majority. It is perfectly clear that this is just not possible.

Sadly however, should you take the United States, France or the United Kingdom as examples, and cast an eye over just who has been invited to come and live within their borders,  you will quickly come to the realisation, that when account is taken of all of the various types of Blacks, Hindus, Muslims who are arriving, it will become clear that the White indigenous Peoples will very soon be in an overall minority, along with everybody else.

Which means, in simple English, you will have been unseated from the country which you have established over the Centuries and which will be stolen from you by immigrants, just as was South Africa stolen by immigrants, who just happen to be Black, which in terms of Africa, means that they have some sort of priority, so where is yours?

Unreported by the controlled media in Europe, there is a White Genocide taking place in South Africa. Your controlled politicians and your Jew controlled media,  do not want you understand what this will mean for you in the coming years. The people of Germany are only now waking up to their grim reality, after the totally barbaric attacks which were carried out against German women on New Year’s Eve, by a multi-cultured group of thugs, newly arrived in Germany.

Ever since the recent attacks in Paris, there has been a subdued atmosphere in France. I made a point of discussing recent events with my friends and colleagues, whom I have not recently been in contact.

The Muslims explained outright how the West was now going to pay for its past transgressions. The Maghreb is still under the control of the French whom like the British, have never let go of the control of historical colonies.

I had contact with only one Jew and he too expressed a fear that what was coming was not good and for the first time out of the mouth of a Jew, I heard mention of his fear that there was a population reduction on its way.

The Jews should be under no misapprehension that they will somehow be sheltered from the coming storm. They will find that they are being set up as one of the principle targets. They are being gathered together in Israel, where they will be surrounded by four or five hundred million angry Arabs and they will be easy meat for Iran and other regional States. It is written that they must be sacrificed, they would be foolish to ignore this warning, while they allow madmen to remain in Government.

There is an overwhelming fear in the hearts of the Money Lenders. Down through the ages they have conducted massive slaughters.  Herod culled all of the first born boys out of fear of a coming Messiah. These culls continued against the early Christians and have gone on ever since.

The Spanish Inquisition, the destruction of the Cathars and Albigensian’s,  the starving to death of the Irish, the obscene attacks against the Germans and Russian Christians and now, still in fear of that ‘Being’ who can destroy them with a simple wave of his hand, these madmen have decided that to protect themselves they must destroy the entire White Race and they will be ready, when the right moment presents itself, to sacrifice six million Jews in Israel, to placate the forces which they fear. Sounds like Science Fiction, does it not?

History is full of tales about the forces of evil, which give the impression of being greater than are the forces of good.  My stance is one of a disbelief in all talk of ‘Forces’ whatever they may be.  Like Gravity and Love and other such nonsense they are all a part of our conditioning. They are not based on knowledge they are simply useful instruments of control.

So for the ‘elite’ to be fearful of some ‘force’ by which they can be overcome, we can either accept the possibility of such a force, or we could be better off doing some research into the reason for this fear.  Who conditioned the Money-Lenders and why?  That would be a far more satisfactory pass-time, would it not?



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