A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

Wearing Black For The Thin White Duke.

david bowie

Last night by accident, instead of a Natalie Merchant tune, I happened to open Ashes to Ashes. As these things do, they immediately reminded me of the day a  bunch of my friends, dressed in tinfoil, with red lightening flashes on their faces, piled into a truck and went off to see Bowie and The Spiders From Mars in Concert. I still have an old black and white photo of the gang somewhere. So imagine my horror when I heard the sad news this morning.

It was years later before I got to see him ‘Live’ on the “Serious Moonlight Tour,” the “Let’s Dance” and “Little China Girl” period. I have a colleague who is still referred to as Little China Girl, to this day, despite her current size.

Bowie actually filched his musical ideas from all and everyone, never failing to add his own touch of magic and style to his own productions. Even “The Laughing Gnome” was a copy.

His atmospheric music was heavily influenced by Joe Meek, who invented Space Music, with the Tornado’s and ‘Telstar,’ but in the end nobody did it better than Bowie.

When Bowie released “Starman,” for those who are too young to remember the mind-blowing originality and other-worldly quality of the production, will never be able to fully understand the uniqueness of David Bowie.

To call him “Glam Rock” is missing the point, Bowies music was never simply an accompaniment to bizarre clothes and thick soled shoes, he was what he played as were the Spiders From Mars.




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