A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

The Sixties Were The Foundations Of The Filth In Which We Now Exist.

When Don McLean wrote “American Pie – The Day The Music Died,” – he was really singing about the end of innocence. There was no gossip back then about Buddy Holly or Ritchie Valens, using make-up and shagging each other in the company of Brenda Lee or any such nonsense, these were mostly wholesome people, in many cases straight from the farm. They were singing in the twilight of earlier, simpler times.

Within three or four years after the death of Buddy Holly, the man who claimed that without Elvis Presley, none of them would have made it,  was himself proving to have had a far greater  influence on the new generation than had Presley. Every band of the day included a Buddy Holly composition in their repertoire, including the Beatles and the Stones.

There was a strange difference in the manner in which we were introduced to the early rockers and the imitators, who relaunched “Rock” music in the early 60’s.

After a period in which music in Europe was totally back in the hands of the likes of the BBC and entertainers like Ken Dodd and the Bachelors and other banal middle of the road entertainers,  had bored the young into a stupor, instead of the likes of  Buddy Holly or Gene Vincent and others whom had written their own material – they were the true originators of the concept of singer songwriters and the four piece Rock and Roll band – British youth was presented with the Beatles and the Stones who turned up, out of the blue and actually sang pale imitations of Buddy Holly or Little Richard numbers, from the start, in the absence of their own compositions.

And that, as they say, is where it all kicked off, and the Tavistock Institute and the Frankfurt School took control of “Youth Culture,” using the guidelines laid down by the Fabian Society, with input from the Huxley boys and Bertrand Russell.

Most of the music of the day was pure rubbish. There were dozens of bands from Liverpool and Manchester who these days are only remembered by their families, while others, like Pink Floyd, The Beatles and The Rolling Stones, who out of the blue, apparently found that touch of genius,  transformed themselves into Super Groups.

David Bowie was amongst them, going on from complaining about how the media took the piss out of those whom had hair as long as his own and singing silly little ditties like The Laughing Gnome,  to Changes and bi-sexuality.

The Stones went on the same trip, all the way from I Wanna Be Your Man, to The Tumbling Dice, at the drop of a hat. Along the way they lost Brian Jones, Jagger’s “Chum” but he soon found another in Mick Taylor.

As it did for  David Bowie,  sex in all its facets reigned supreme for the Stones. There are tales of the female offering in a bed for three, filing her nails while Bowie and Jagger thrashed around with each other beside her. This would be the period when Keith Richard had his plastic surgery to completely change his appearance

AA Keith Richard

AAA Keith Richard


Wasn’t really worth the effort was it and look where he ended up.

AAAA Keith Richard






I think it would be fair to say that if you were asked to pick out the photo of the old man when he was  young, you would not be picking the one on the left.

This transformation was happening around the time when it was rumoured that Paul McCartney had been killed in a car crash, to be replaced by a man called Billy Shears, who was the man whom actually broke up the Beatles.  With Keith the transformation was all put down to drugs and drink.  However, the memorable tunes carried on regardless.

John Lennon went on to become a full-blown propagandist for the New World Order, allegedly still under the control of the Tavistock Institute.

There are those whom suggest that it would be impossible to replace the likes of McCartney or Richard, without people being aware of it, but take a look at this character, he looks and sounds more like Lennon than Lennon did in his latter years.

I’m convinced that this is the John Lennon who was actually crossing the Abbey Road Zebra Crossing.

The above images of Keith Richard were simply accepted by the Stones fans despite the fact that it was reported as an incredible change in his appearance in such a short space of time, he went from boy to grizzled adult overnight.

The rumour mill suggested that Brian Jones was unwilling to sell his soul to the Tavistock Institute for fame, preferring the Stones to write and play their own music,  so he was dealt with and replaced by Mick Taylor, who in fact is considered by many to have been the finest of the Stones guitarists. Taylor was, in turn,  replaced by Ronnie Wood from the Faces.

Both The Beatles and The Stones, along with various other British musicians ended up in Laurel Canyon in California, in the midst of a whole catalogue of top line groups, most of whom could not play an instrument but had to rely on Phil Spector and a group of musicians called The Wrecking Crew, to provide the backing music for their much hyped recordings, for which they took all of the credit.

The Monkees, a contrived group, said to be the first Boy Band were in the Canyon, even as some of The Beatles, of whom they were a clone, were enjoying the riches of the Canyon scene, amongst all the paedophiles and perverts.

So a whole generation of people were exposed to a form of amplified Rock music which on occasions was so loud it hurt the stomach, along with a certain rhythm, designed to interfere with  “normal” perceptions, in a manner which can only be described as a form of mind control.

We must not forget that other principal character in the evolution of the Hippie Generation, Bob Dylan.He it was who made a rather dramatic change from folk-singer to electric Rock’n’roll hero. There is now ample evidence emerging, that Dylan did not write his most famous anthems, including such gems as Like a Rolling Stone. Dylan, a Jew, had access to another Jew of talent, Leonard Cohen, who is now being given credit for the work he did for Dylan.

Dylan,  famously had a motor-bike accident, which took him out of circulation for some time and had the effect of completely changing his singing voice along with his appearance.  He was closely associated with Alan Ginsberg and the remains of the Beat Poet Paedophiles.

Ginsberg and the boys spent years on the road propagating their homosexuality in poetry and song to an ever more receptive public. I watched their intimate show in a small upstairs room in a private house, most of the invited were older people and were slightly discomfited and disgusted by the constant reference to the incredible number of young boys who spent the night with Ginsberg, on his mattress in the corner of his room, enjoying homosexual sex with the greatest poet of his generation. Most of the Beat Boys were of course, like the Stones, Jews.

The unsung hero in this monumental escapade was a certain Theodor Adorno, famous for his role in the Frankfurt School and its aim of conditioning all of the people into an easily controlled state of mind,  in which they would be eager to search out exactly what they had been conditioned to believe was exactly what someone like them would desire.

“The ruthless unity in the culture industry is evidence of what will happen in politics. Marked differentiations such as those of A and B films, or of stories in magazines in different price ranges, depend not so much on subject matter as on classifying, organising, and labelling consumers. Something is provided for all so that none may escape; the distinctions are emphasised and extended. The public is catered for with a hierarchical range of mass-produced products of varying quality, thus advancing the rule of complete quantification. Everybody must behave (as if spontaneously) in accordance with his previously determined and indexed level, and choose the category of mass product turned out for his type. Consumers appear as statistics on research organisation charts, and are divided by income groups into red, green, and blue areas; the technique is that used for any type of propaganda.”  Theodor Adorno

The aptitude with which a generation of the young, under the influence of  Hard Rock and the Electric Blues, drifted into a life of dependence on drugs and alcohol is indicative of the power of persuasion of the methods made use of by the Tavistock Institute and  the Frankfurt School.

Adorno was influenced musically, by the works of Richard Wagner, in which he detected a subtle use of the power of rhythm and the repetition of certain chords shapes into thrilling crescendos, which created visible effects on the listener. He considered Wagner’s music to be a form of total art, which appealed to the most sensitive regions of the listeners emotions.

He set about weaving these chords and repetitive rhythms into the music of The Beatles and The Rolling  Stones and others, producing some of the best known riffs in Rock Music.

It would be at this point that a good friend of mine – who played in groups which concentrated on the music of the Rolling Stones and The Beatles – noticed a distinct difference in the later composition of both groups music, when the Beatles went into their surrealistic mode, and a sort of connection between the compositions and structure of both groups became evident.  He was an accomplished guitarist but he told me that other members of the band struggled to play the new licks.

I think we can fairly state that the aims of those who established and funded the Tavistock Institute  have been met and through the mixing of hormones and other drugs in our foodstuffs, they have created a generation of youngsters who are so confused that we are daily hearing tales of “Transgenders” seeking the “operation” to finalise their transformation into whatever they should have or would have been without the intervention of the Tavistock Institute and The Frankfurt School.

the city housing projects designed to perpetuate the individual as a supposedly independent unit in a small hygienic dwelling make him all the more subservient to his adversary – the absolute power of capitalism. Because the inhabitants, as producers and as consumers, are drawn into the center in search of work and pleasure, all the living units crystallise into well-organised complexes. The striking unity of microcosm and macrocosm presents men with a model of their culture: the false identity of the general and the particular. Under monopoly all mass culture is identical, and the lines of its artificial framework begin to show through. The people at the top are no longer so interested in concealing monopoly: as its violence becomes more open, so its power grows. Movies and radio need no longer pretend to be art. (Theodor Adorno)

It is slightly unnerving to find that the music, which you loved,  was deliberately composed to help in the process of preparing your people for extermination,  at the hands of mindless military goons,  who have been conditioned into a frame of mind designed to justify the carrying out any order, however barbaric, which was  given them by a superior officer, to the point where a British Royal Air Force pilot admitted, on Sky News,  that he would be prepared to shoot down a passenger jet airliner, full of passengers, if ordered to do so.

Since the death of Adorno in 1969, the quality of the music has definitely taken a nose dive, whether by design or through a lack of talent in their ranks, is not clear but it may be because the incoming hordes of immigrant thugs, have yet to be made compatible to a soon to be introduced, form of World Music.

The other aims of Tavistock and the Frankfurt School are all plainly explained in their Manifesto, which is called Agenda 21.

I am frequently called a lunatic, when I try to explain to folk that the declared intention of the Mob,  is to force the vast majority of the population into Super Cities, with buffer zones to make sure that there will be no means of escape into the outside world.

Even as I write this tale I am aware that France is already in a state of lock-down, which we are told is to save us from an enemy, which is in part, being financed by the French Government.

As if by surprise, Germany is also in a state of turmoil, as the invading army of young belligerent thugs, having been carefully instructed by organisers on the streets – a fact which is still being ignored by the media – have set about attacking female youngsters in numerous German cities.

Denmark, Sweden and Norway, where the incidence of rape by immigrants is at epidemic levels, have belatedly decided to restrict the inflow of yet more thugs.

In France there are 75,000 rapes of White French females every year.  Evidence on the street discloses that they are in the main carried out by those of immigrant origin. Reporting on the subject is restricted.

In the United Kingdom, there is an ongoing case of the mass abuse of hundreds of vulnerable young British children by predatory Muslim men. Yet another example of the disregard of the Police, who had been made aware of what was going on and chose to ignore it.

What I have just described is going on all over Europe. It is inadmissible to make mention of this reality.  To do so marks you out as a Racist.

Another means of gaining the title of  Racist, is to alert the public to the fact that all of the above groups, which have been involved in the manipulation of European culture are controlled by Jews.  They openly talk of the coming domination of the World by Jews. However for me to remind folk of this claim of theirs, marks me out as a Racist. That is to where we have been corralled through the use of their techniques.

Just take a look around you. What has been done to the White Christian Peoples of the World is plainly evident to those with eyes to see and a brain with which to think.

Have you perhaps noticed that there are thousands of youngsters going to school, having eaten no breakfast because their “single” mother does not have enough money available to adequately feed them?

Some teachers are bringing food to school to feed these poor wretches.  This is modern Europe. This is a mark of the success of the European Union. Which is of course, controlled by Jews.

Alongside this reality, the pavements in towns are barely wide enough to allow morbidly obese hyper-hungry adults to pass one another without one or the other standing aside to create a passage.

I was recently interviewed by a woman, who was very pleasant, but when she needed to go to another office, she had difficulty in getting through the doorway into the corridor. You are obliged to watch this carry on without comment.

We are living in some sort of nether world where a vision of hell is being enacted in front of our eyes and we have been trained to accept it, without question.

In this weird reality, folk would prefer to recharge their electronic devices rather than feed their children, while others are apparently unaware that they are now so fat that the Fire Brigade is necessary to lift them out of their sick-bed.

It must be evident that these obese people are being poisoned.  I defy anybody to eat enough good quality nourishing food to gain that much weight. They are eating a poison of some sort, which is addictive and always has need of a top-up.

We have been cursed for generations by governments who work for the “Dark Side.” There is no longer any control over the quality of our food stuffs, most of which, along with the water supply, have been privatised and thus monopolised, into the hands of the same group of murdering thugs.

There is a species of evil in control. They have been plotting our extermination  for generations. Your government is working for them, not for you.

We have, for so long, been under the yoke of these mad-men that we have come to accept the life we lead as normal. We have accepted our  servitude with gratitude and we have become impervious to the warnings of others, they now have us where they want us, at their mercy.






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