A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

France On The Brink.

                                            France On The Brink

the last battle



While the United States already tumbles into the abyss, France will soon be joining them, as will the rest of Europe.

As a result of recent incidents in Paris, France has been handed over to the Militarised Police,  the Secret Security Services and other military units, to carry out a form of revolution which will be used to gag dissent.

When the disaster arrives, be sure, White people will be forced to carry the can. Millions of refugees are pouring daily into a veritable disaster zone, while the controllers of the European Union are making it sure and certain, that should they choose to head off back to where they came from, there will be nothing left for them there but dust and shell holes.

The Bolshevik government in Russia, after the coup d’etat, in 1917, set about constructing a regime, which was based on Marxist principles. It involved the annihilation of 65 million Russian Christians. Many people find it inconceivable that a Government could have such a deep-seated hatred of its own people, as to be capable of such barbarity against them.

This is absolutely conceivable, however people still choose to ignore the evidence of such behaviour even as it is happening right in front of them.

There is a clip on youtube, which I have posted several times, showing Angela Merkel’s reaction to the experience of having a German flag, which had been passed by a colleague, touching her naked hand. It was extraordinary. What this creature has imposed on her own people is nothing short of a genocide. There are already moves afoot to arm the incoming thugs whom she quite openly invited into Germany to destroy Germany.

 There is no country in Europe which is not vulnerable to the treatment dished out in Russia or Germany and many Eastern European counties after World War Two, by the Bolshevik Communists and make no mistake about it, they are coming after you. 

In the coming months and years, the new refugees will be us, White Europeans, who will very quickly find that there is no safe haven left open for them. We have been conditioned for more than one hundred years, to accept without question the word of a politician as truth and this is to where   have been lead.  

In these strange times we have access to images of Jews like Barbara Spectre who lives in Sweden. She has been encouraging the huge invasion of Sweden by Muslim refugees. The fact that she is a Jew and Israel, which is a Jew State,  would like to rid the Middle East of as many Muslims as it possibly can, making more territory available to them,  is of course, neither here nor there.

Spectre is calling for the bastardisation of White people, which qualifies as hate speech and should it come to fruition, is genocide. Barbara Spectre, should you take a glance at her, gives the impression of being a blond-haired, blue-eyed white person.

However should you ask her if this bastardisation applies to her and other Jews, she would say no, claiming that her origins are not like those of other people who may present a similar, visual aspect, inferring that she and others like her are in some way different from other “Whites.”

Should you insist by asking her how she can decide that her historical origins are any different from yours, without resorting to some form of genetic testing, the response would be because she is a Jew.  When in reality it is perfectly possible that your ancestry is Jew. In fact it is perfectly possible that you are more Semitic than is she.

None of this matters, we are dealing with an agenda. An agenda which demands the destruction of all competition.  These people want a monopoly of the planet for their own tribe,  just as they have already seized control of all of the Earth’s resources.  

They cannot tolerate the presence of industrious White Christian people who are far superior to them. White people actually pay for everything, which is why refugees are flocking into Europe, no other people on the planet are going to treat them as do White Europeans, who have already allowed them, even in these days of austerity,  to occupy most of the major towns and cities across Europe. However they need to tread just a little bit more carefully, they are in danger of awakening those who are feeding and housing them.

When push comes to shove, it will be perfectly possible to send them all back home.  They have a whole continent which can be, unlike Europe for Whites, referred to as their ancestral homeland.  Jews are demanding that all vestiges of White history and culture be abolished.

I would like a simple answer to a simple question; what gives any Jew the right to call for the destruction of my people? These are the criminals who called for the complete destruction of the German people in past times and they managed to slaughter at least 20 million of them, they now want to finish the job. Why are elected politicians, across Europe not aghast at what these Jews are proposing? Why is there no united opposition to this shit?







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