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The Comedy Of The Litvinenko Affair.

I recently remarked about the cynical use of editing, to suggest that Donald Trump, had stated that Muslims should not be allowed to enter the United States, without mentioning that he had also said, ‘until they had been vetted.’

This edited version of Trump’s statement is still being presented as truth.  Today on the same Sky News they repeated the accusation that Russia had invaded Ukraine and annexed Crimea.

This was mentioned during a report into the death of a Russian ex KGB man in London, the responsibility for which is of course being laid at the door of Vladimir Putin.

What is known for sure about the death of the Russian Litvinenko, is hardly conclusive, the report is peppered with words such as, ‘probable,’ ‘maybe,’ and ‘which suggests,’ not a scrap of conclusive evidence was presented in support of these conjectures.

Sky News has been covering this nonsense all morning, while in the recent past, they carried out no discussion whatsoever about the culpability of David Cameron, whom ordered the murder of an unknown person, in the Middle East, without any proof that it was actually the masked man, whom the British named Jihad John, having ‘claimed’ to have identified him by his eye retina,  this marked man was  then held under minute and  continuous observation, in the middle of a desert, up to the very moment that a ‘drone’ flew overhead, at the exact time that the ‘spy’ on the ground confirmed that it was indeed Jihad John, climbing into the vehicle and then this man, whoever he may have been, was vaporised.

This would be the same British Free Media, who carried out no investigation into the 7-7 attacks in London, simply reporting the information which was supplied by those whom expected the public to be content with the same type of lame excuses, in the absence of genuine information about what exactly had occurred on that fateful day.

Sky News are still babbling on as I write, this has been more than half an hour solid, making accusations against Russia such as, the illegality of annexing Crimea. This from a country, which has carved the world in slices in compliance with their doctrine of  divide and rule.

These are the scum who created the divisions in the Middle East, an act which has now delivered exactly what the intention was, that of an excuse to divide the region once more into bits and pieces, which will destroy any form of social strength and opposition to the  desires of the Dark Side.  Ruled of course by Puppets.

The truth about Litvinenko appears to have been that he had ‘probably,’  transported the radio-active element into the UK for his own purposes. The men accused of having administered the deadly dose, apparently in a cup of tea, were of course Russians, who just happened to have been old colleagues of Litvinenko, they appear to have left no trace of their movements, despite having Polonium in their pocket.

War Criminal Tony Blair, refused an inquiry into the fifty-seven dead British people, whom were killed on 7-7, describing the idea as a ‘Ludicrous diversion,’ and yet this Litvinenko business, which is no different from the assassination of the patsy called Jihad John, in Syria, or the 7-7 affair,  has been inquired into for ten f*****g years.


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