A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

Pitié Pour Les Pauvres Réfugiés Et Des Victimes Oubliées.



Yesterday, I had a rendezvous to keep, with a man in a small village around about fifty kilometres from Montpellier.  I have not driven down that section of the motorway for some months. I was staggered with what had happened since my last trip.

There is a small mound with two yew tree, clearly visible,  silhouetted against the horizon, in full countryside. For thirty years, I have made a point of looking out for this little land mark, ever since it appeared in a film which was shot in the area.

Out of view, behind the hump, in the film, there had been greenhouses,  which were part of a small market garden, in reality I have never seen what was actually on the other side of the hill, anyway the storyline of the film was based on the experiences of a young vagabond, of unknown origin, who had found herself, with her back-pack, on the road, in difficulties and she had crept into this greenhouse, out of the cold, one winter night. She had been discovered, frozen to death the following day.


To my horror, the motorway had been broadened and now reached almost to the foot of the little hill, which should be a protected monument, with a panel on the motor-way pointing towards it as a reminder to those whom adored the film. Instead of that, it is now surrounded by prefabricated warehouses and parking lots for heavy goods vehicles.

Further along the motorway, Montpellier itself, which in past times was still invisible on this section of the road, has now been extended to within a couple of hundred metres of the motorway.

On the return trip, I attempted to take a snap of this vision of hell which has been constructed, in readiness for what can only be in anticipation of an enormous increase in the local population. Sadly, the day was misty and dank and the photo was dark, it may be possible to enhance it in some way.  OK I managed to get something out of it. Could not figure out how to reduce the height, but no matter. 

Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 11.27.14


What has to be borne in mind, when looking at such an enormous project – what is visible on the photo does not give any idea of the actual enormity of the entire location – is that it was started in good time, to have reached such a stage of completion, just at the very moment that the massive immigration problem kicked off.

There has not been such a large-scale development in France, since the 1960’s, when just after the end of the war of independence from France, in Algeria, millions of Harkies – the shame name attached to those Arabs whom had worked for the French – were forced to flee to France in fear of their lives. In France they were housed and awarded a Pension of compensation for their troubles.

The Harkies were accompanied by the Pied Noir, people of French origin whom had been born in Algeria and spent all of their life in Algeria and whom were forced to leave or they would have their throats cut. That was how the Muslims dealt with unwanted folk, whether they had been born in the Maghreb or not.

That should serve as a lesson for what is now possible in Europe, to deal the angry young thugs, describing themselves as refugees in desperate need of food and shelter and someone to rape.  Despite all of the problems, of the million or so Pied Noir in Algeria 200,000 chose to remain, while the other 800,000 headed for France. Many of those whom chose to stay are now living in a sort of squalor, with no assistance from the Algerian Authorities, receiving only a token pension from France. Is it any wonder that refugees don’t waste their time going to Arab States







2 responses

  1. It is so to say progress? what is man to do on Earth? surely making roads longer? bigger gives us something to look forward to other wise we are left in a trap of “Waiting for Godo”? many know not why? surely this is where Tavistock comes to our aid? to oppress the population of the world so the masses no longer have the problem of what to do? and now have a more comforting problem? to be destroyed through economic violation, to find themselves in depression, and to have physical bad health and mental instability and to be thankful when they are able to die or until then, pop another pill?


    January 27, 2016 at 00:53

    • Hello Don, I don’t know about ‘WaitingFor Godot’ I think this time he’s actually turned up.and he’s a piece of shit. We are not waiting for anything in particular, hope is a farce and a waste of time, we have to DO SOMETHING. Tavistock has been quietly getting on with business for decades and you can’t make people open their eyes to see it.

      How can you explain to people that the enemy is in control. They tell you what to think, on the News, every morning, they might just as well have Big Brother himself reading it. People don’t give a shit Don. I no longer believe that there is any need to oppress the People, their own lack of concern is more than enough to have them strolling contently into the Gulags, just so long as the Smart Phones will carry on working.

      We’re now going through another round of the Debt Myth and the bailing out of the bankers. Despite all of the talk, we have not even been told who is waiting to be paid these trillions of Dollars. It’s all crap and grand theft and the politicians and the Media are feeding us rubbish while they rob us. There is nobody waiting to be paid, it’s all, just like terrorism a fabrication, both have been working hand in glove, from the start.


      January 27, 2016 at 09:51

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