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How Can You Trust Anybody Who Speaks With Forked Tongue?



              How Can You Trust Anybody Who Speaks With A Forked Tongue?

I lost respect for Russia Today, when they continued to lie about events in Russia, during World War Two. All of their deception was used to conceal the behaviour of the Bolshevik government, which denied the truth of why Germany had attacked Russia in the first place.

They have also continually denied the Holodomor in Ukraine and the reality of why so many Ukrainians fought alongside the Germans.

That said, when I saw a short clip, which advertised an annoying program, which is presented by a couple of dubious characters, the sons of Jesse Ventura and Oliver Stone – both of whom are of debatable honesty themselves – which was filmed in a cemetery, with the two boys and their female accomplice, gravely regarding a tomb-stone, in front of which the young lady placed a rose, at which point we were presented with the legend engraved on the stone, “Rest in Peace, Mainstream Media.”

That would give the impression that they consider themselves to be in the vanguard of truth, would it not? Which would mean that they are claiming that they are employed by a news outlet in which we can have faith.

This simply is not true. We can have no more faith in Russia Today than we can have in Sky News or the BBC. I could, without too much difficulty, point out dozens of reports which I have found to be misleading. In fact one of their programs, The Truth Seeker, almost had my youtube channel shut down, simply because I criticized what they had claimed on one of their shows. They complained twice, which puts me in a corner. Should I transgress one more time, google will shut me down.

To put that in perspective, you can actually say what you like about Sky News or other News outlets, without fear of such a reaction. I had a similar problem with Press TV. I regularly commented on their programs. They have a disclaimer notice, suggesting that the views presented are not necessarily the views of Press TV.

When I noticed that they had altered my comments, in a manner which changed the emphasis of what I had written, I contacted them and asked them to explain, why they had left my name attached to a comment which they had rewritten? I asked them whose views my comment now represented? They actually responded by saying that they did not agree with what I had written. I no longer comment on Press TV.

These strange differences crop up all across the web. The idea that the Mainstream Media is dead, is a nonsense, it has simply transferred operations to the Internet. The Alternative Media is being slowly but surely, strangled into the hands of a few huge Sites on-line. In past posts I have suggested that an enormous number of Blogs, have a list of links, in the side-bar on their front page, directing visitors towards these “dominant” web pages.

This is exactly what we do not need, this will lead to a limited number of huge ‘Websters,’ setting the agenda for us all. They all regurgitate more or less the same ‘alternative’ line, which is rapidly becoming the mainstream, without any sort of widely read criticism of what they are proposing. Little people like me, will never be able to redress claims made by the big boys, I have a miniscule number of visits compared to them.

I keep an eye on various Blogs, which are regularly mentioned by the major sites and they have millions of visits, thanks to these links, that is robbing the rest of us of possible visits and it goes without saying that I vehemently disagree with most of what is written on these blogs.

Rense.com, one of the largest of the Alternative News Farms has been up for sale. The banner, advertising the sale, is no longer visible on the front page, so it is either still for sale or has already been sold. This is the scenario which has allowed the rich, who have managed to corner the market of available information, through careful acquisitions, such as Rense, all of which have been taken under monopolistic control and there is no way to prevent Rense.com from going the same way.

Most of the main players on-line are in the style of News Farms, which provide links to ‘interesting’ News, whether it be actually alternative or not, which means, in effect they are controlling what we read. I check Sky News every day, to find something which annoys me enough to provoke me to write a response. It should come as no surprise to anyone, that ever since Cameron won the right to destroy just a little bit more of the Syrian infrastructure, making sure that there will be nothing left for returning refugees, Sky News has been silent on the subject.

They have also failed to take Cameron to task for supplying weapons to Saudi Arabia, which are being used to slaughter civilians and to lay Yemen, the poorest country in the world to waste, in an effort to force the people to head off for Europe.

They have also failed to question the logic of attempting to reduce the number of refugees coming ashore in Greece, while leaving them

free to sail from Turkey. Would it not be better to stop the flow by turning off the Turkey tap, rather than to try to mop up the water while the tap still flows?

Sky New did however, find a whole day to feed the useless eaters with useless and endless coverage of Major Tim and his space walk.

I thought the coverage of the floods and the rain in the UK would ever end and the endless babble about Her Majesty and her asking Charities to pay a lot of cash for a ticket to her 9Oth Birthday Bash, was mind numbing, all of that while you were waiting for News of the violence and rapes which have swept Europe and other things of importance, but no they stuck rigidly to nonsense and they get away with it. There was not a mention of the latest Israeli attack on Gaza

With the passing of time, I am finding that I am more and more opposed to those whom tell me that should I choose to set up a business and I am prepared to employ people whom have need of a job, that I am obliged to employ a cross-section of a contrived society, which will involve refusing one more White person for every immigrant whom I am forced to hire. With the current call for more and more immigrants into Europe, this will inevitably lead to the impoverishment of White people, who are already under constant attack on all sides. No discussion of stuff like that on Sky.

Instead we were offered a quick brainwash, with jaded tales of Hitler and the Nasties and a poor old survivor, one of the six million whom demanded reparations from the Germans, living proof of resurrection or zombies, as there were only three and a half million Jews in Western Europe in 1939, according to the Jew Argus.

There is currently underway in the United States, where else, a seminar discussing Whiteness and the racism which is generated simply by being White. It is no longer necessary to exhibit racist tendencies, being White is more than enough. We have to stand up to this crap. Who are Jews to be constantly calling for the extermination of White people, without fear of prosecution for hate speech. Why is Hate Speech against Whites permissible? Why is it only White countries which are obliged to house, educate and heal, those whom refer to themselves as refugees but who are raping our women by the thousand?


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