A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

The Record Holders Of Annexation And Cold-Blooded Murder.




The British lead the world in the destruction of Sovereign States. They claim for themselves the authority to take and break whatever they like, while whining foul, should others do the same.

They decided that Ireland should be cut in two.  That was OK, according to the British, it was of course done with the best of intentions.


While doing that,  they were giving Palestine to Lord Rothschild. They then set up various Middle Eastern Kingdoms, with dictatorial Rulers, most of whom are still in place and serve the British well, by spending all of the money which the British give them for oil, in the UK, buying Military Hardware from the UK weapons shops, which they use to slaughter, with impunity, whomsoever the British point them towards.

For example when there was a slight insurrection in Bahrain, which was and is, being completely ignored by the controlled British Media, demonstrations  which could well have posed a threat to the continued use by the USA of Naval Base, Saudi Arabia was ordered into Bahrain to quell the demonstrations for Democracy, which was of course the wrong kind of Democracy.

Crimea, has just voted to rejoin Russia, having been annexed and given to Ukraine by the same Russians, back in the days of Nikita Khrushchev, for no apparent reason at the time, as it had long been a part of Russia. Ukraine is now threatening war, to regain what had only been part of Ukraine for a short period.

The British do not approve of this sort of carry on by Russia, while keeping mum about having handed Eastern Europe to Stalin in 1945, just a short time before Crimea was given to Ukraine.  Eastern Europe has since voted to unknowingly rejoin a Communist bloc, while Crimea has voted join a pretend Capitalist Bloc.  Where’s the problem?

When I was a child at school, we used to pray for the salvation of Russia. The Catholic Church was fully aware of the atrocities which were taking place behind the Iron Curtain against Orthodox Christians and Catholics, carried out by the Bolshevik Communists, who were Atheist and they were prepared to kill any Christian, simply for being a Christian.


They rounded up an estimated 65 million of them and tortured and mutilated them before murdering them and banned religion, it was, they claimed, the Opium of the People.

This chilling episode in world history,  has never been presented in the manner of the claims made about the Germans. Perhaps I am to stupid to understand why that should be. Could it be because the Bolsheviks were Jews?

There was a wall of silence installed around the Iron Curtain, to prevent the world from finding out about these brutal atrocities being carried out in Russia,  by a Jew Government, while in the West politicians were  in the process of instilling, into the minds of an unsuspecting and gullible public, that the Germans were the  villains of the recent past and the Jews the victims.

Should you try to redress the balance, you are immediately accused of being anti Jew, for simply explaining that the Jews are in no way innocent, they are as barbaric as was their predecessor Attila the Hun and they have been smart enough to deceive the same White Christians, whom they so eagerly slaughtered in Russia, into helping them to establish the Jew/British Empire.

The Jew/British re-drawing of the map of the world, was continued in the Sub Continent, where they decided to dismember the Jewel in the Crown, India, carving off Pakistan, East and West, and Kashmir, Muslim and Hindu, creating chaos in the process.

What is more they were in a hurry, they financed Chairman Mao in China, while pretending to support the Nationalists, whom were eventually driven off the mainland into Quemoy. Then, having installed Communism in Russia and China, they set about destroying the Extreme Orient, to put a stop to the “Domino Effect,” remember that old piece of garbage.

Korea was next, where the full extent of the slaughter and War Crimes has yet to be revealed, to an unconcerned public. Korea was of course cut in two and the victims in the North are still presented as the aggressors. After that one, “Good Morning Vietnam,” a country which had already been prepared for an annexation war by the French.


Be fair, the list is endless, we have been in a state of total war throughout the last one hundred and fifty years at least. We are now being set up for another World War and where are the intelligent, well-educated, fat and friendly public at large? I would suggest them to be in their normal state of ignorance with no desire to educate themselves as to what the future might hold.

The Governments, which the well-educated electorate in Europe and the United States, believe to represent the wishes of the  majority of their compatriots, fail to grasp the concept that their young men have been used as a sacrifice on the altar of insatiable greed and a sick lust for power. These same “Elected” will calmly provoke yet another war, which should things get out of hand, will annihilate all of you, without a qualm.

The United States has never been bombed, well those days are over, the necessary weapons have been eagerly distributed all across the planet, when the time comes these missiles will be used by all of those Peoples – who have been victimised or damaged in past times – against the White World.

France, Britain, America and various other countries, will be the first targets,  for all of those people whom have been primed to blame the White people for all and everything, which is what the “controllers” desire.

There is overwhelming evidence that this is what is going on. There are those in power, whom along with previously elected governments, have over the decades, murdered more than two hundred million souls. Add to that the millions of murders by abortion and it becomes clear that they have no sense of human values or the value of life. Look at Cameron and Sarkozy, do you detect any sort of self-hatred, for what they have done to Libya or Syria?

This is what your taxes are being used for. Be sure we should be ashamed of ourselves.

Here we are one hundred years after the initial re-drawing of the Middle East and the Jew/British Empire is back on the ground. Having already given Palestine to Rothschild, they are now intent on dismantling Iraq, Syria and Libya, in keeping with their divide and rule agenda.

This time they have the controlled United Nations on hand to deliver the un-supported loaded garbage in favour of the aggressors and their long announced agenda. The United Nations has finally exposed its real face, it is a promoter of War. They had hardly been set up when they sent troops into an illegal war in Korea.

It had already been decided in 2005,  that Syria must be forced to give up its Sovereignty and  to initiate the process elements in Germany organised terrorist attacks, which were blamed on the regime.  Just as many reliable reporters suggest the Charlie Hebdo, Friday the 13th and 7-7 were also carried out by the exact sam elements in Europe, which is of course ridiculous and should you suggest such a thing you will be dealt with.

So should anybody doubt that White People are in the line of  fire, take note the heat is already being turned up. After the threat of boycotting the ‘Too White’ Oscars, we are now being presented with a super rich woman, Mariah Carey, who to be honest, I am not sure whether she is Black or White, telling me that the music industry is too White and too Male.

This racist remark, for which she was applauded on Sky News, begs the question, are White women over-represented?  Does the not enough Blacks claim, demand the places of White women, which will be given to who or whom, Black men or Black Women? What is going to be left for White men. Black people make a point of not liking White Music. For years we have been told that Black is Best, is that racially good enough for you? I do not want to have to put up with yet more of the current Black garbage.

This from a woman who would vote for Hillary Clinton, for president, because she is a women, whom she admires.  Clinton is a criminal, she is even now in danger of arrest for her past acts.  There is a man waiting to deliver the evidence that she was involved in murders. She was responsible for the death of the arms dealer US Ambassador in Libya.

What are men supposed to do? Women, as do Black people, appear to find it very difficult to set up industries which employ large numbers of people.  Should they one day, find the ability to do so, they will be applauded for employing a disproportionate number of Blacks or Women, this is crazy.

For Carey to suggest that there is a shortage of women in show business is a far and away beyond an averagely stupid remark. Write the screenplay stupid and pay for the production of the movie why don’t you? Why wait for men to attempt to write in the style of a woman, to suit whiners like you?

As for the music industry, she and many other women are way up towards the top of the ladder of profit, gained by warbling the  sort of crap she warbles.  Way down below her rung on the ladder, there are no end of women singing their hearts out, as there are many talented singing men, none of whom make a fortune, that is reserved for a small elite who are well publicised by the controlled media, they decide who wins or loses in the Entertainment World.

Her utterances about Clinton and Trump are pretty much in line with the leanings of the controlled media or she would not have been given air-time to push her agenda.

Anybody who is a regular reader of my stuff, may have noticed that I post dozens of music clips by women many of them Black,  but never one of Mariah Carey.  The idea that she holds the sales record for a female artist, well that is truly a miscarriage of justice and she should be forced to hand over some of her loot to more deserving women.

Why don’t these Black people set up their own organisations into which they can pay money to be distributed amongst themselves, without having to rely on me and others like me to pay them to sit on their bums doing nothing, while calling me names for my trouble?

I might add, when in 1945, it was the German people whom were fleeing, as the result of an illegal war, which was quite deliberately provoked by the British and the United States, the suffering Germans were mercilessly strafed from the air, by Russian, American and British aircraft.

That is an example of the methods employed by the British and their famous Coalition. This behaviour has been written out of history, by those civilised folk who decided that only the Germans could be accused of War Crimes.










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