A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.


Black Hypocrisy And Race Crimes.

Perhaps it has simply passed under the radar or perhaps it is something more sinister, who knows? However, this morning Sky News sent a team to Moscow, to highlight the plight of the homeless, who are living in sewers.

They had no need to travel as far as Moscow, to bring to the attention of the British, the hardships of the homeless Russians, they need only go into the sewers of Manchester in the United Kingdom, to find exactly the same situation?

We all know that presenting the truth is not on the agenda of Sky News, they are now an international propaganda machine and nothing more. The News, throughout the week, has focused on Donald Trump, who unlike the recent British Leaders, is not a War Criminal nor has he laid several countries to waste, the best they could come up with, against him, was the fact that he had in past times declared himself bankrupt.

Apart from that the British were served a nauseating diatribe against White People, who are of course too successful and they must be prepared to share some of their success with Black people, the only group in the UK which has shown a total lack of ability to improve their economic situation.  They are of course blaming Whites for their problems.

Todays gripe was about Prisons numbers, Oxford and Cambridge Universities, the Legal Profession and the Military. This lack of Black is called Racism.

Surely before you can claim that there are more Black people in prison, than their percentage of the population would suggest that there should be, those whom carry out the survey should be informed of the seriousness of the crimes involved before they can draw any conclusions. It is not just the colour of your sin, which decides whether you go to prison or not.

Telling the truth is no longer considered to be Politically Correct, it is now necessary to deny reality, in order to maintain the continuous hate speech against White people.

For example the vast majority of racial crime in the United Kingdom is Black on White.  Is that clear, a minuscule portion of the population of the UK is responsible for the majority of Racial hate crime, why do we never get this side of the story?

The Daily Mail reported that it has become endemic to have Black thugs forcing White people to undress in public, to humiliate them, should this disgusting behaviour be ignored to suit statistics?

In the United Kingdom Blacks would appear to be responsible for an enormous amount of crime way in excess of Whites, per head of the population, so if Blacks deserve to be in prison, that is their problem. A prison sentence is based on previous behaviour and cannot be simply blamed on colour, to do so will force Courts to practice a form of Positive Discrimination.

What needs to be addressed is the ethnic proclivity of Blacks to violence. Establishment lies are leaving White people in the firing line of savages. Should White people be responsible for the same levels of crime against Blacks there would be uproar.

Across Africa the Black crime figures correspond with those of South Africa, where the Genocide against Whites is taking place in a cone of silence. There is a rape every few seconds, it is the murder capital of the world, so should it come as any surprise to find that Blacks are racially more aggressive than are Whites?

For centuries in the UK, there has been a vast majority of the rich in Universities like Oxford and Cambridge and that remains the case to this day.  To suggest that more places should now be made available for Blacks is offensive.

On top of that, I don’t particularly want to be forced to vote for Blacks in any form of selection, simply because they are Black, any more than I would accept being forced to vote for a female. Blacks appear to believe that they can vote for the likes of Obama, a mass murderer, simply because of his colour,

Blacks in British Universities are calling for the statue of Cecil Rhodes to be taken down, because of his mistreatment of Black people, well how would these same Blacks feel should they be forced to face up to the fact, that their venerated  Saint,  Nelson Mandela, was a murdering thug, responsible for the deaths of more than five hundred innocent people, while working for the Jew Joe Slovo, during the Bolshevik Communist coup d’etat in South Africa, by those for whom Cecil Rhodes played a major role?

As usual, the currently enforced Social Marxism, demands that only those crimes, which correspond with their agenda, crimes which they inevitably,  hang around the necks of Whites, may be criticised, thus making sure that just as with the crimes of the same Bolshevik Jews in Europe, which included the murder of at least 100 million Whites, they concentrate all blame on the real victims in Europe, the Germans.

Zionism has unleashed a war against White people across Europe, the reporting of which has been censored out of the News. The News, unsurprisingly, has been monopolised by the same Zionist Jews.

There was little reportage of the young girl in Blackpool, in the UK, who was murdered and then allegedly fed to the public in kebabs, it is hard to imagine the outrage which would have been generated by this disgusting barbarism,  should the perpetrator have been White.

In fact using OUR money, which we all pay as taxes, which is all passed to the Zionist bankers as interest on criminal loans, by complicit politicians, they have stolen everything. They own the world, very soon there will be a tax on the air we breath.

Even as death stalks the streets of Europe, streets which have  been turned into a ‘no mans land’ where killers and rapists are out in force, there are strident calls to allow yet more of these so-called unaccompanied children into Europe, one of whom has already stabbed a young social worker to death, demonstrating, quite clearly, that at fifteen years of age these folk are likely to be murderous.

So rather than shout and bawl about racism, when an inordinate number of young Blacks end up in prison, perhaps a little bit of time should spent examining just how these Blacks are being raised.

There is sadly no longer any such thing as a Black family unit, that was got rid of a long time ago.  The push is now on to meld the Black and Whites into a breed of docile half-casts. That has been announced, if you are not aware of this you should ask yourself why the Jews, whom control the UK government has not explained this Jew programme to you.



Now do you get the picture?  These people Sarkozy and Spectre are Jews. I could dig out many more examples of this threat to White people, but why not demand of your politicians, all of those Friends of Israel, who are most certainly aware of these racist calls from Jews, why they have not responded to these vehement attacks and do the Jews amongst them, should be asked the question whether they consider themselves White or indeed some other colour.



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