A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

Cameron Is Fighting For A Piece Of Nonsense As An Excuse To Rig Referendum.

David Cameron with the aid of the controlled British Media, has built up the idea,  that should he gain the right to restrict Social Security Benefits – which are normally paid to anybody working in Britain – for the first few years of immigrants residence in the UK, he will have solved at a stroke, all of the doubts of those whom would prefer to leave the disastrous EU.

He has to have the approval of all other EU members to take such a radical decision. When this piece of Cinema, which is ongoing, pretending that what he is demanding is of such importance that it has caused turmoil in the ranks of other EU members, who are loath to allow such freedom in the UK, has been reluctantly accepted, as it will be,  Cameron will be screaming from the roof-tops, that through his perseverance, he has gained some sort of huge benefit for the UK. Then, as in Ireland and Scotland the Referendum vote will be rigged.

That my friends is the current state of Democracy in the UK. Beware of the Postal Vote!  There is no way out of the European Prison.


PS: Whenever I suggest that the European Union is a wholly controlled Communist Politburo, with a hidden unelected group behind the scenes taking all of the decisions, I am laughed at, however pay attention Cameron is attempting to change a system which currently denies the right of member States to do anything at all, should they object to an EU dictate. For what have we been paying the electedMembers of the EU Parliament if they do not already have this power?


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