A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

A Reasonable Response To All That Idle Hate Speech.



We can all take our fair share of criticism in good heart.  Should we accept that we are in some way guilty of what we are accused, we may well feel motivated, to change our behaviour in some way, to avoid a similar criticism in the future.

However, in recent days, in response to criticisms which have been levelled not only at me personally but at the White Race in general, by Jews, women and Blacks, I have experienced a mounting surge of rage in my stomach.

The primary gut wrenching response to these attacks, was provoked by particularly obscene and vehement calls by Jews, the same Jews whom are even now calling for ever more monuments to their own alleged misfortune during World War Two, blithely calling for the extermination of the White Race.

They would be the same Jews who set about the extermination of Russian Orthodox Christians and actually butchered sixty-five million of them. It is particularly annoying  when this cry of hatred spumes out of the side of the mouth of the once President of France, War Criminal Nicolas Sarkozy.

After the Khazar Jews, we have that other bunch of no hopers whom, like the Jews are adept at holding out the begging bowl, Black people.  A Race which wherever they end up, they have never displayed the slightest aptitude to create anything other than ghettos of unemployable minorities with need of Social assistance, which they accept without gratitude as a reparation for some perceived past injury.


Take note in the above clip, Farrakhan is calling for Blacks to rise up and kill those who kill them, forgetting to mention that Blacks are killing themselves in droves. There is virtually no example available of White men killing Blacks, he is trying to infer that Blacks are being targeted for being Black. They are targeted for being rapists, 33,000 white women raped annually by Blacks and hundreds of Black killed by Black gang members. He is in reality calling for Blacks to go and kill the guilty Blacks, which those listening are too stupid to understand.


In their habitual whining manner, they have organised a boycott of the Oscar Bash, because they didn’t win anything, boohoo!  Perhaps they might let us know which of those whom did win, do they think should refuse their Oscar in order for it to be handed to whom, any Black person? as the special Oscar for being Black?

Both of these groups, Jews and Blacks are calling for my destruction. I am accused – because I happen to be White – of being responsible for Blacks lack of motivation to present a decent image of whatever their own particular culture happens to be, while the Jews, who have no particular culture, because just like the Blacks, they never integrate and they have never been able to achieve anything other than the complete destruction of whichever culture they chose to suck dry. Hence they have been forced out of every country in Europe many times. Hitler was the last man to make such an attempt to drive them out.

Since those days the Jews have stolen a land for themselves, Palestine. They are of course unable to support themselves and like the Blacks, are continually calling for more Social Security, from White folk because we are supposed to owe them something. They have become a plague in Palestine, spreading like scum on bath water, destroying the ancestral home of the Palestinians and attempting to eventually wipe them out, which is their normal behaviour.

Then we have the “caring ones,” the women.  Aren’t they sweet and loveable?  Well no! Not exactly. They are nasty, back stabbing, vicious, underhanded, licentious liars and they are the supreme parasite. That is what women are made of. Forget the sugar and spice nonsense




Women scour the planet, for one decent woman, who loves her family and looks after her ageing parents and respects the hard work her husband is prepared to take on, to give her and their children as good a life as he can manage,  women then claim that all women are just like this carefully selected saint.

Men are, of course, never good enough. Women want a rich one, so if a man is not rich he knows that he is not what she wanted. Women always deserve better than what they have. Men should of course feel eternally grateful for having won such a prize as her. Rich men, on the other hand know full well that they only have their blond bimbo because they have money, so they treat their women with the contempt they deserve.


Speaking for myself, I could relate tales of the behaviour of women that would make your toes curl in disgust. They are capable of the most loathsome behaviour, without exhibiting any sign of shame for what they have done. I was interested to read a report about claims of violence in marriage. The claim which is most frequently made is of course against men, while in reality research has shown that women are at least as violent as men and in many cases more violent than men.

Those women who end up with a split lip, it would appear that they normally receive it in return for gouging their partners face or kicking him in the balls. While the women run around screaming ‘look what he’s done to me’ the men keep their mouth shut and claim to have been scratched by a blackberry bush or whatever.

Women have managed to deny their children reasonable contact with their fathers, after the inevitable separation, this after having bad mouthed fathers in front of their children, throughout the children’s lives, force feeding young girls the idea that all men are bastards.

Having chosen the finest model of woman-hood as representing themselves, they have turned the idea of manhood into that of a drunken, violent, foul, mouthed selfish bastard. Both of those descriptions are way off reality. Women are actually jealous, should children display any sort of affection for their fathers, who in the main, show far more love and kindness to children than do women, despite the glowing fairy tale they have invented about their sympathetic caring nature. 

Blatant feminism has even managed to drive men out of teaching, claiming them to be a threat to children, when the statistics show quite clearly that women are just as likely to be paedophiles as are men and every bit as dangerous. In one of the above clips, a placard wielding women screams at a cameraman, “put a woman behind that camera,” well Sky News apparently heard her screech and over the past few days their News out-put has been fronted by a Black man and Black woman.

I can detect no remaining sign of this much vaunted myth of the caring woman.  Modern woman, has never cared for anyone, even her own children come second to a menial job and as for her ageing parents, well they are quickly shipped off to the last resort.

Women have managed to transform themselves into little more than bait for drunks to rape on the streets by the thousand,  while they roll around in a puddle of their own urine and vomit,  after a Saturday night out on the booze. Men are now loath to be gallant and chivalrous and come to save them. Who needs a mother like that for their children?

All of these groups are parasitic, in one way or another, women having chosen, frequently on a whim to separate from their partner, will attempt to screw him for as much as she can, when reality suggests that thirty per cent of men have already been lied to about the actual origin of the children they believe to be their own.

A friend of mine, who taught children in an inner city school, was warned not to teach those children about dominant genes, just in case the youngsters noticed that they could not possibly have brown eyes according to genetic rules.

As a White man I view all of the above, Blacks, Jews and women as a direct threat to the future of my race. Women are directly responsible for the destruction of the family. Feminism was designed to destroy the relationship between men and women. Women were encouraged to destroy their families to suit an agenda which in the main they were too stupid to recognise. The result has been to create insecurity, a strong family unit was always the bastion of a civilised world.

The result has been that the grisly Marxist construction, Planned Parenthood, an organisation which has renamed murder as abortion, in a direct attack on the Black and White races, which at a stroke created a generation of hedonistic, idiotic women who have used abortion as a means of birth control, getting rid of unwanted children, while fooling themselves into believing that a perfectly formed living child in their womb is not a human being until it is born.

Very soon they will probably be easily convinced that should you put a baby in a parcel you can throw it under a bus without fear of conviction.  To round off this article, I suggest that all three of my selected “victims,” share exactly the same ideology, that of accusing others, White men in particular, of the crimes of which all three are seriously guilty. All them are seeking compensation.

That’s better. I needed that!  Hope it gives you an idea of what it feels like to be a White man.



12 responses

  1. Les

    quietdove – here is a link to a lecture by black professor Tony Martin who wrote about Jewish involvement in the slave trade –
    Jews are resented for talking about human rights and democracy yet at the same time being responsible for sending people to jail for simply asking questions about the holocaust –
    http://codoh.com/library/document/688/ This is the anti revisionist law in France.
    Try watching the latest documentary on the holocaust made by Eric Hunt it is called Questioning The Holocaust –


    May 7, 2016 at 05:00

  2. quietdove

    So basically, you insult Jews and Blacks, and then you’re surprised when Jews and Blacks get angry at you and say hateful things in return? Hatred begets hatred. If you don’t want people to be hateful to you, then don’t insult them, or be otherwise hateful to them. It’s literally that easy.


    February 3, 2016 at 00:27

    • Perhaps you may not have noticed that I wrote this post in response to daily insults coming directly from those whom you accuse me of insulting. Jews and Blacks consider me to be unfit to live and women never stop insulting men. Perhaps your time would be better spent objecting to the daily hate speech levelled against White Men. Not in return for any insult from me.I suppose you are joining the legion of liars whom choose to ignore the truth. I don’t owe Jews, Blacks or Women anything, and I have never proposed the same solution them which they propose for me. Do you understand that? In which category would a quiet dove find themselves


      February 3, 2016 at 08:23

    • I have updated my post with a little evidence of that which I complained, Perhaps you would like to divulge from which side of this enormous chasm, you accuse of being.


      February 3, 2016 at 13:20

      • quietdove

        You know, Enochered, I’m part Jewish. (My dad and his entire side of the family, going back generations, are all Jewish, so I consider myself to be ethnically Jewish, though I don’t actively practice the religion.) So are you sure you want to be insulting Jewish people in front of me?

        Also, why do you think I should place White Men on some sort of pedestal, and allow people to show respect to them while insulting everyone else? White Men aren’t some sort of demigods, you know. White Men can (and do) do a ton of harm in the world, just like many other groups of people do a ton of harm in the world. So I’d rather love all human beings equally, while accepting their faults, then place any one group on a pedestal.


        February 3, 2016 at 13:59

        • So in fact you fit neatly into two of my categories. You say you are part Jew, how do you become part Jew, what is it that passes from one to another that could be detected as a sign that you are part Jew?

          I am Catholic, my parents Baptised me when I was born, which gave me the right to call myself a Catholic.My son par contra, has never been Baptised and yet I have never heard him refer to himself as either Catholic or part Catholic, his mother is Quaker, so in your terms he could call himself half Quaker and Half Catholic, however we both know that that would be a stupidity only Jews make such a weird claim.

          They have now taken unto themselves the authority to call for the elimination of White people and yet, to all intents and purposes they give a distinct impression of being White. As 90% of those whom refer to themselves as Jews, the vast majority of them are of Eastern European origin. The Prime Minister of Israel is Polish and the president Belarusian, which would suggest that they are indeed as white as I am, so what does this mean to you? Do they intend to wipe you out along with me?

          I don’t like admitting to this because it might infer that I am trying to excuse myself, but should I know you personally, you would be unable to detect any difference in the way I would associate with you and anybody else, I have no personal iron in this fire.

          So when you talk of whites as demigods, suggesting that they are responsible for tons of harm in the world, I would suggest that you learn your history, my own people were devastated by the Jews, as were the Armenians the Russians, millions of White boys fighting Jew inspired World wars, so to which form of white demigod do you refer? Check out Disraeli in his book Coningsby he laid out in great detail how all of Europe was controlled by Jews.

          You say you would prefer to love all humans equally and yet even in the above comment, you suggest that white men either are or think they are some sort of demigod that we benefit from white privilege etc. Well in my country, through the use of money, Jews demanded and were given their own special legal system which gave Jews greater rights than the rest of us.What do you make of that?

          It would appear to suggest that rather a lot of the problems in the world, including slavery which according to Jew sources was virtually wholly controlled by Jews, are being laid at the door of whites, this is criminal, my own people were in fact slaves, and yet in the clips which I posted you can hear Jews using ex slaves, who have been encouraged to blame Whitey for their current situation when hundreds of thousands of Whitesare no better off.

          So why did you respond to me and not to the crimes of your own chosen people? I try to criticise everybody in equal measure, at another time perhaps you would like to debate some of my other quirks.

          Thank you for replying, in all honesty I did not expect to hear from you again. I hope you do not find me to be too aggressive.


          February 3, 2016 at 15:41

          • quietdove

            So you want to pretend that the majority of the world’s problems are due to Jewish people, even though that’s just a crackpot conspiracy theory? What’s the point of believing in conspiracy theories and ignoring reality and actual proven facts, such as the proven fact that Jewish people have been persecuted many, many times throughout history, and the proven fact that most Jews throughout history haven’t wanted to harm anyone? Just because there are some books that claim that certain conspiracy theories are true doesn’t mean a damn thing. I mean, there are plenty of books that claim that God exists, but that doesn’t mean that he actually does exist. Unless you can provide me with some objective, undeniable proof that Jews are behind many of the world’s problems (including proof that they continue to do harm in the world today), there’s no reason for me to believe that. Plus, what real reason is there to think that Jewish people want to harm you? How many Jewish people have you actually met (other than me, that is)?

            As for why I consider myself to be part Jewish, it’s because I’m proud of my ethnicity. Why shouldn’t I be?


            February 3, 2016 at 16:00

            • The problem with being proud of what ever you think you are is an underlying conceit that you as an individual are superior? Is the Jewish State of Israel an example of your nationalistic pride, that gives you comfort, knowing that you are all part of the Race chosen by no less a figure than God? Being born in Britain and not a recipient of much of the so-called privilege of comfort of that British heritage, I almost feel envious that you should be proud of who and what you think you are? Get real do not hide behind your false facade, for those who have a different view to what your identity is? many who are intelligent just do not believe your rhetoric in spite of your persistence of claims you are just what you are a egoistical fraud.


              February 3, 2016 at 23:26

          • quietdove

            Oh, and by the way, Jewish people are, and always have been, a minority group, at least here in the US. Christians have always been in the majority here, and it was Christians who made up the majority of slave owners here in the US as well. So why lie and claim otherwise, then?


            February 3, 2016 at 16:04

            • First of all I try never to tell lies. I always find sources for what I write. I can promise you that everything which I write about slaves I learned from the writings of Jews. They make no secret of it. To call me a liar is not useful.

              The figures show that first of all most Christians were dirt poor. Slavery was no part of their lives, Very few Christians either WASPS Catholics or any other kept slaves. The first slaves in the US were Irish people, just as they were slaves in the west Indies which is why you have people like Bob Marley who is part Irish.

              I don’t get involved in theories, I search reality. Reality means that should you have enough money, you can buy your way into anything. Do you believe it to be by sheer chance, that in the UK the Prime Minister, the Finance Minister the deputy Prime Minister the Industry Minister, the Leader of the Opposition and the Shadow Finance Minister could all be Jews?

              In France the last Presidential election was between two Jews one of them was a second choice for another Jew who dropped out having been arrested for rape, The Foreign Minister is a Jew,with various other Jews peppered all over the Government, that is not my imagination? Add to that, The Governor of the Bank of England, The Bank of France, the Deutsche Bundesbank The Bank of Canada, The European Central Bank, The Federal Reserve,all of them Jews. you get the picture? I could go on. don’t simply call me a theorist this is the reality on the ground, show me where I am wrong, everything I write can be checked.

              Hitler wanted to drive the Jews out of Germany, he discussed it with top Jews,they wanted him to send the Jews to Palestine Hitler refused, because it was the Palestinians homeland. He,along with a Rabbi asked for funds to transport the Jews to wherever they wanted go, the offer was refused because you have seen and heard a Jew in the clip explain how Jews wanted to take Jerusalem as their Capital of their New World Order. To do so they had to over run Palestine with Jews.This would not have been possible if they had all been dispersed.

              We have all been persecuted for centuries. You might be surprised to find that I keep the company of many Jews Some of them I consider to be valued friends. I speak out with them as I do on my Blog, they know I do not include them as part of the problem.
              A Jew friend just a few days ago was talking about his fear of the population reduction which is ongoing. I asked if he believed that he would somehow escape the catastrophe because he was a Jew, he laughed at the very idea.

              The Jews are not entirely on their own. I don’t believe them to be Jews, they are simply using Judaism for their own ends. You mentioned the harm that white men had done, you did not make an exception for me, I am lumped in with the White Man Conspiracy, while I have to constantly explain that I am not part of whatever this White Man may have done to Jews Blacks or anybody whereas you feel perfectly comfortable talking about White Man in a manner you find offensive if Jews are spoken of in the same way.

              You summed the whole thing up when you said “As for why I consider myself to be part Jewish, it’s because I’m proud of my ethnicity. Why shouldn’t I be?” You watched the Jew clip I suppose, so do you not think that I am proud of my ethnicity? I believe that Jews are hurting me now, this minute simply because they tell me so.


              February 3, 2016 at 17:48

  3. True the Jews by not only their acquisition of land in the Middle East as a criminal act but also indicts Britain and also later America in backing a evil culture, the atrocities are a reflection of these three countries which are maned by a criminal culture of finance by and for this elite whom are responsible for the destruction of countries such as Libya, Syria, and many other crimes not just limited to small time crime but vast and monumental in scale of destruction murder and wholesale criminal instigation, it is on such a vast scale and so misunderstood either by design or the mass population so indoctrinated are now incapable to be a moral agent in being passive to agents such as Cameron.
    With regard to Eno’s commentary on men and women it is a significant article as being a rare letter of the criminal actions of women who are now claiming they are innocent but experience shows otherwise, that they are instrumental in many or most cases as being agents whom are prepared to be enticed by riches of often criminal men which they are culpable as knowing fully they are involved with criminals and also as eno rightly I think is impugning that a responsible man in terms of morality will not only subject to being marginalized will persecute a man who is committed to the pursuit of truth will hate him for having character, as one may know in Australia a women who has now a most significant role in her political views on mans violence requiring all men now to own up to their innate propensity of violence has overlooked a important aspect? that is we know nothing of the ex and his experience with her as he is now dead and also her complicit involvement in choosing some one who if truth be known possible drove this man to insanity? I dare not write this in Australia as any one questioning this aspect will be crucified, what we have here is a total destruction of man and women are now angelic? so what is going on for Australia to become so bigoted? for a start bigotry is now considered as a virtue by the Liberal government more so is this political stance is for the government to avoid attention to the ideology we have a government that has to be compliant to exterior forces such as American and British interests and a Jewish power structure operating here, since and before, Whitlam is the only politician who had the sovereignty of Australia at heart, he was killed existentially by the CIA and MI6 and also Israeli agents, I would say Australia is the most depraved and corrupt country in the world of imperialist countries where by the population has a mind set of cultural imbedded arrogance the hypocrisy is so pronounced that the average Australian now so brain dead would have difficulty in comprehending what is meant such is their indoctrination is now doubt is never acknowledged and stupidity will be rewarded here.


    February 2, 2016 at 23:02

    • Hello Don. The Yanks, out of Political Correctness elected Obama because he was Black and he continued the slaughter which he promised to stop. He’s a Liar. He promised to shut Gitmo. Liar. He organised the destruction of Libya. War Criminal. In the States this time around they want to elect Clinton, a suspected killer, who has been involved in serious criminal activity all of her life and is only free because of her connections,simply because she is a Woman. The last a Jew to held the job, Eisenhower, he deliberately starved one and a half million prisoners to death. So they don’t have a very good record, do they?

      You may notice in the above comment, the first response is to ignore and deny the points I make, not because there is no element of truth in them, but because we Men are expected to adopt the notion that we are guilty by birth, when in reality we are guilty of nothing. Women in particular have managed, mostly through lies, to gain some sort of credibility of their own innocence. It’s time men spoke up and presented the reality of life with women. There are enough lies being spread without women being allowed to get away with theirs.
      I have a bunch of cats that I feed twice a day. They are wild cats and even as you’re feeding them, they’ll sink their claws into you hand as you shake the food out of the bag. Women, Blacks and Jews do the same thing. It’s about time they were forced to face up to their own nature.


      February 3, 2016 at 08:48

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