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Sky News Delivers A Blatant Deception About Trump In Iowa.

Ben Carson, a Republican candidate, in the election in Iowa on Tuesday night,  has lodged a complaint against Ted Cruz another Republican man, whom claimed victory in that election, through the medium stealing Carson’s votes, by suggesting that they were a wasted vote as Carson was stepping down. The Cruz team also spread lies about another candidate Donald Trump, claiming him to be in favour of something of which he was not, which was also a lie.

These lies which, which have been roundly condemned as blatant election rigging, which assured Cruz of victory in the election, were presented by Sky News as nothing more than Donald Trump making excuses for losing.

Sky dismissed completely the fact that Carson was denied all of his votes, while concentrating solely on what Trump said after Carson’s complaint had been made public as nothing more than sour grapes.



Notice how in the clip, when even after they had heard all of the sentence, the “journalists” spluttered out some nonsense which had nothing whatever to do with large numbers of un screened refugees, which may include hidden terrorists, streaming into the US.

What’s more on that other organ of truth, Russia Today, I was astonished to notice that in a blurb about the election in Iowa, Russia Today, as did Sky News and the BBC, edited Trumps comment about screening Muslims before they are allowed to enter the US, to simply “Muslims should not be allowed the enter the US.”  Nobody can be trusted believe me.  Putin the man who is going to save us from the Bankers, is about to “privatise Aeroflot.” What a disgrace.


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