A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

Can You Really Go To Gaol For Being A Bad House-wife?…Why Not?

einstein he say

An Italian woman is facing a prison sentence for neglecting her duties in the home. Once again instead of supporting the poor husband, who is after all the victim of a slovenly wife, as usual, the man is attacked by idiotic Feminists.

This nonsense gets on my nerves. are women now permitted to sit on their arse watching television all day, without criticism?

A man goes out to work to support the family, if he does nothing all day, he gets the sack.

Biased reporting of the case fails to mention that her husband carries out his side of the bargain and by suggesting that he,  like the “cliché” version of a husband, wants to sit around watching her do everything,  when in fact the opposite is true, she does sweet FA.  Are we expected to believe that the husband reported he her on a whim?

Let’s be fair, despite all the bullshit, running the average home is a doddle, when compared with a job in an Iron Foundry, which many men are obliged to do, in order to keep these Idle Annies’ in lipstick and nail varnish.



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