A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

Racist/Fascist Cries Are A Means Of Gagging Free Speech.

Racist/Fascist Cries Are A Means Of Gagging Free Speech

We are being fed rubbish, which suggests that to want to protect your people is Racist. Throughout history people have defended themselves against invasion. Sometimes they have lost sometimes they win, however whatever the outcome nobody allows an invasion to roll all over them without protest. Whether the invaders are Black or Blue they should be repulsed.

In Europe, the political control, has been allowed, through skullduggery, to fall into the hands of the Destroyers. Elected scum have educated the masses to feel guilty about rejecting hundreds of thousands of immigrants, into every country in Europe, whom they are expected to house, feed, educate and heal, even as their own people are being starved into submission through the use of Grand Larceny, which the Elected refer to as Austerity Measures.

We have witnessed thousands of arrogant thugs streaming, unchecked, across National borders, demanding money, refusing the food they are offered as not being good enough for them, raping and robbing at will, while Police look the other way. While despite the evidence of our own eyes, the lying media assures us that they are all refugees from Syria. Refugees which it should be noted, were deliberately produced by an illegal funding of Mercenary thugs, initiated by the British Prime Minister David Cameron, to take down Syria, for their own hidden agenda, just as he had previously destroyed Libya.

The British have in fact laid the entire Middle East to waste. These things do not happen by accident. Not one of the excuses, with which we were presented, as justification for these War Crimes was in any way adequate for the destruction which ensued. Should there have been any consideration for the people of the region, the carnage which was inflicted in Afghanistan, right off the beam, after the attack of 911, should have been enough warning not to carry on with the agenda. The very fact that they did carry on and are still going for it, demonstrates for all with eyes to see that there is something else afoot.

The laughable notion that these scum were taken by surprise, when the refugees, having had the cost of their passage paid for and had been provided with all of the necessary instructions as to how to demand their Rights in The European Union, were shipped across the Mediterranean by agents working for the warmongers, and swarmed into Europe is a joke. Turkey supplied the rubber boats and life jackets for one and all. The whole business was a set-up.

We are now living in the middle of an unfolding nightmare. These folk were not brought into Europe for your benefit. When reality strikes home, people may well wish they had been just a little bit more racist.


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