A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

Payback Time Is Knocking On The Door.

There can be nobody in Europe or the Western World in general, who has not been made aware of the reality of the illegal and murderous attacks, which have been carried out by the “coalition” of those good people, who are looking after your best interests, keeping you safe from those “bad” folk who are always coming to get you, because they are jealous of your freedoms.

Despite the overwhelming evidence, much of it available on social media and on dozens of educational web pages, which explain in clear detail, the lies, with which you have been fed, by your bought and paid for politicians, to persuade you of the legality of their murderous campaigns, you have displayed a total lack of comprehension, as to what your idle acceptance of these lies has meant for those poor souls, who are suffering daily, from the unimaginable attacks and the barbarous treatment inflicted by your masked mercenaries, acts which include decapitation and crucifixion, images of which are considered too graphic for your taste. Poor you!

Down through the years you have willingly sacrificed your young men, in illegal war after illegal war, ignoring the reality of the criminality which your complicity has made possible.

The Great War was fought not to keep you safe, it was fought to further the agenda of hidden, creepy little characters, who would eat their own mother should they be hungry. You stood by watching your young lads sailing off to the trenches in Europe, where in one battle alone, at Passchendaele, there were half a million casualties. That was the start of the Genocide of the People of Europe.

Even as that ridiculous war was drawing to a close, your good friends, the Bolsheviks, were continuing this Genocide in Russia, where 65 million Christians were slaughtered, with the full knowledge of your elected leaders.

Twenty years later they had already generated an excuse to go after the Christians in Germany, where they mercilessly slaughtered at least 20 million German Christians and raped millions of women and young girls, some of them to death, having been ordered to do so, by your Bolshevik allies from Russia.

You have been constantly fed rubbish about the German people, rubbish which you are obliged to believe in order to avoid facing up to your own culpability and cruelty.

Should you choose to take a peek at the enormous amount of damage, which was a part of that “Good War,” you will quickly find that very little of it was carried out by the Germans.

They carried out a minimal amount of bombing in Europe. France suffered more at the hands of the “coalition” than by the Germans. More damage was done by British bombs in the North of France and more French people killed than had been killed by the Germans, throughout the long years of the occupation.

Germany, on the other hand, was given the Syrian treatment, every city and large town in Germany was laid to waste and untold millions murdered in the process.

As justification for this enormous crime, unsupported tales of German atrocities were generated and all of the selected guilty were lynched out of hand, ensuring that the truth never came to light. The fine folk of Europe are still congratulating themselves for this barbarity, while still condemning the German victims, as monsters.

During the past fifteen years, this “coalition” has been picking off very carefully selected countries, mainly those states which are blessed with natural resources, in which they tell all of you incomprehensibly stupid people, that they are liberating the people, of these lands from evil dictators.

Now, in the face of this unspeakable mass murder, the Peoples of this coalition, are so dumb and self centered, they are incapable of seeing what is taking place in front of their eyes and there would appear to no shortage of the hired killers, whom they refer to as “Our Boys” to inflict this abomination on to the folk of the Middle East, who are guilty of nothing whatsoever, and yet you “Coalition” members are now casually blaming them for what is going on.

There is no such thing as International Muslim Terrorism, how many times do you have to be told?  7-7 and 911 were inside jobs.

None of this matters anymore, you have served your purpose, the Death Sentence has already been delivered onto the White Christian Race and you are so stupid you cannot even see that you have already been slowly wiped out.

You are blind to the fact that you have become minorities in your own lands, while those by whom you are occupied will now treat you with exactly the same level of contempt with which you were trained to treat the German people. The Jews have claimed that they intend to train the Black people to hate White people and they will then turn them loose to kill you.

You have even been convinced that despite statistics which show quite clearly that immigrants into Europe are responsible for 90% of racist attacks and rapes, YOU are being blamed.

The Peoples of Europe and the rest of the Western World, have been living in a grand illusion, which was carefully fed into the minds of children at school, where lies have been taught as truth and evil as good. Cameron has just announced that he intends to teach little children in British schools, the tale of the holocaust, as an obligatory part of the school curriculum, even as the reality of what took place in the German Camps is daily revealing a misrepresentation of the facts.

Despite this uncertainty, Cameron is about to waste ten million British Pounds on a memorial to this event, without any reference whatsoever to the desires of the British people. This, in order to bolster the tale of the holocaust, without which it would be rather difficult to maintain the notion of German guilt and War Crimes, in the Second World War.

This, while Cameron is still providing the bombs and bullets for Saudi Arabia to destroy Yemen, for no particular reason, arms which are also being used to supply Daech in Syria and Iraq, even as the British pretend to be fighting them.

I believe that everything which I have just scribbled, is true. Should I have misrepresented anything I would be more than pleased should you choose to correct me. Yet not one word of what I have written will you ever find discussed amongst politicians or indeed by the mainstream media.

I would suggest that in whichever European country you live, you will have been mislead about the actual number of immigrants whom have been brought in and indeed about the “real” number of White people who remain.

One only need glance at those by whom you are surrounded in the streets to see quite clearly, that there are more old white people than young. Your elected controllers deceive you into believing that this is as a result of there being more old people because people are living longer.

There are no more older people than there have ever been, there are fewer youngsters of British origin, as a result of abortions and the Feminist inspired destruction of the family, which interferes with the average age of the population, that should be as clear as day.

The United States has never been in any danger of invasion and yet it has been in a constant state of war since the 19th Century. The United Kingdom has been in no danger since 1066, when it was invaded by the French, whom incidentally brought the Jew money lenders to the United Kingdom with them.

Despite this, the British have been throwing their weight about, mostly against weaker States, which they robbed and raped and murdered at will. The British have wet dreams about those glorious days of Empire.

Every British soldier, coming home from the merciless attacks against Muslim countries are murderers. They are most certainly not heroes they are no different from Daech, a group which most probably includes many British fighters, whom are spoken of as a brutal Death Cult by the British. They are of course funded by the same British whom fund the Regular Army.

Nothing will change in Europe by voting in a two-party system of democracy. In France the excuse for rigging the result of the most recent election, which was between two Parties, both of them controlled by Jews, which are claimed to be of the Left, Socialist and the Right, Republican, decided to call for those whom would vote for either of them, in a seat which they could not win, to cast their vote for the other, to stop the Front Nationale from gaining those seats.

There is not a shred of evidence that anyone did in fact change their voting intentions, but then pollsters, who up to that point, had always got it right, just as had happened in the UK, got it wrong. In the UK stolen postal votes were used to rig the election.

Somebody once said that to make Democracy work, your electorate have need of a functioning brain, I have come to the conclusion that they are right. We are doomed to remain in the Democratic hands of the monumentally stupid masses, whom demand of each other, “Which of the two of them are you going to vote for this time.?”

In France the majority voted for the Front, in the UK they voted for Ukip, which incidentally, just like the other UK Parties, brag of the number of their members who are Friends of Israel, both of these alternatives gained nothing, because of the “system,” while under the very same system in Scotland, the controlled Scottish National Party swept the board. Strange that, it could lead to a conspiracy theory being developed.

So generally speaking, what goes around comes around as they say, now it is the turn of the Europeans to be wiped out. There is no country left on Earth to which you can flee. China, India, Africa can all claim to be a homeland of sorts, while White man no longer has a homeland, he has given his homeland away without a care he will very soon find himself adopting the role of a “boat person,” with no one inclined to give him shelter.

Despite years of unheeded warnings, this could well be the last generation of the finest people the world has ever seen. We have achieved more than all of the other races put together, which is why they all want to be like us. Sadly, many Jew voices are calling for your elimination, having decided that you are not fit to live. We can say nothing about this threat, because to do so would be anti-Semitic.


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