A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

The Millennials And Other Clichés.

The youngsters in Europe whom refer to themselves as the ‘Millennials,’ are in one way totally different from previous generations. Not that long ago, every village had a Primary School, the local town, a Secondary Modern School and in adjacent towns there were Technical and Grammar Schools, all available for the masses of children, in need of a good education. The smarter children were bussed off to the Grammar and Technical Schools on busses jam-packed with teenagers, all of them White. Those days are gone.

These days, all across Europe schools are dominated by immigrant children, many of whom do not even speak a European language as their first language. The days of White European teenagers, hanging around chatting in the centre of the village or town, are now rare. This was graphically demonstrated across Europe on New Years Eve, when all of the groups of rapists and robbers were immigrants, violent immigrants. In all of my teenage years, I witnessed and became involved in several violent ‘rumbles’ yet I never, ever, came across any gang, which quite deliberately attacked, robbed and raped girls, in the street. Even the tough boys in my day would not have stood for that. I know full well that they would refer to such thugs as savage vermin. Those vermin would have been spread all over the pavement.

If this situation had built up by accident, it would be possible to find excuses for its actuality on the ground, however it was not at all an accidental situation, it was quite deliberately imposed by vicious, nasty, traitorous politicians who are working against the benefit of their own people and in favour of an agenda which has been quietly installed all across Europe, to quite deliberately destroy the White Race.

I am not a deluded Conspiracy Theorist, I am more a messenger with grave news of the Darkness which is coming. What we have recently experienced is no more than the firing pin of a mine, hidden in the ground, very soon someone will step on that firing pin and it will be too late to claim that there was never any risk from mass immigration, you can be sure of that.

The people of every country in Europe have allowed themselves to be over-run, including the United Kingdom which saw some 300 thousand immigrants arrive in the UK in 2015, even as Prime Minister Cameron was claiming to have stopped the flow and Jeremy Corbyn was calling for him to open the flood-gates and allow all the casualties of British aggression to enter the UK. In other words bring in loads more of those whom hate us?.

To discuss immigration problems is taboo. There are no problems, get over it. Even as folk are being searched by vigilante style immigrants, as they try to enter immigrant areas here in France, the government claims there to be no such thing as a ‘No Go Area.’ The Police tell a different tale, they are fully aware of this growing problem as are the Police in other countries. Off the record.

I decided I had better check out the way these Millennials are perceived by those whom claim to be some sort of Social Psychologists. The claims they made about the “youth of today” was such a fairy tale that it made me laugh. I have a Millennial and I could not in all honesty claim him to have any one of the attributes claimed by the writer of the post, which I fell on by hazard. It was, not to put too fine a point on it, arrant crap. Millennials are victims and to claim them to be dynamic and aware with their own philosophy of life, a philosophy which it was suggested, was well disseminated amongst the group as a whole, as if they had all popped out of the same pod was ridiculous.

There are, just as there were in 70’s, several schisms in youth culture. Mods did not have a particular philosophy of life, they had Lambrettas or Vespas, which they customised themselves and rode off to the seaside to have a silly little fight with the Rockers, who had Harley’s and long hair and beards and they were fierce. They wore black leather, as fierce people do. Alongside we had the “Far Out Hippies,” they liked smoking dope and everything was “Too much man.” they wore very carefully ripped and ragged clothes and they did indeed claim to believe in the “Power of Love” and Zen and the works of Tolkien. Alongside that bunch of freaks were the straights, there is very little to say about the straights, the name tells you all you need to know.

To suggest that there is now some dominant group, which has been categorised as the Millennials, is a sign of some sort of interference in modern society. There are not thousands of these youngsters who are going to change the face of modern business and how it operates, they work at their job in exactly the same way as past generations worked at their job. To suggest that they prefer to stay away from their workplace if they feel that their presence is not essential, is stupid. I was told by this site that Millennials do not favour face to face meetings, they are a waste of their time, when it can all be done with a Tablette.

Who dreams up all this crap? Once upon a time Cosmopolitan claimed to its female readership that they should have an affair to brighten up their marriage. Good advice that, seeing as it came direct from the Frankfurt School. The other day The Daily Mirror claimed that a girl should shag around with at least ten men, before settling down. Someone, somewhere had done some sort of poll and figured out that there was some connection between having shagged ten men and some unclear benefit.

I thought about this idea for a while, trying to figure out what the benefit could be. Just supposing you were a young woman, looking for a mate, should you accept the Mirror’s advice, what do you do when you arrive in bed with the Tenth Man? Do you in some way automatically believe that he is the best of the bunch? What if you find that he is inferior to both number three and number seven? They offered no guidance as to how you go back and do a test between number three and number seven, so you’re stuck. Bad advice.

The world is now full of ageing women, who took advantage of their “liberty” when they left their husband? As encouraged so to do, by female magazines they took to the road of maximum sex. A man a week, which soon became a man a month and then a man perhaps once a year if you were lucky and after that a life alone. Men eventually lose the overpowering control of their dick and women fail to take that into account, so when this ‘power surge’ arrives, they are suddenly in need of a faithful man, who will accept their problem, men however are not so stupid, we know the slags and we don’t want one, who would?

All of this nonsense was organised and propagated in our schools and Universities. Sex has become the cheapest commodity on the market and the most readily available. The Tarts at the side of the road around where I live, do a roaring trade and it costs less than a glass of Pastis. So I am told, I might add.

The unspoken side of the Millennial tale is the huge number of young gay men whom are in its ranks. They are legion these days. In past times they were unremarked by the rest of the population, now-a-days they cannot be missed. They tell me that this has something to do with hormones which are quite deliberately added to food-stuffs, hormones which are also responsible in some way for the plague of obesity. There is a silent war going on and we are the target.


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