A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

A 1066 Deja Vue All Over Again.

1066_Battle_for_Middle Earth

Stormin' Normans

This is the near future:  France, the old enemy, has been diligently preparing to cross the Channel, as they did in past times, to invade and destroy the British once and for all.

The British people have been lulled into believing that there has been a complete change in the manner in which modern States related to one another and that talk of war was old-fashioned, the History Has Stopped Syndrome.

An alert cell in the British Security Service had uncovered evidence of this plot and had been engaged in a covert investigation, which had revealed that on all levels the United Kingdom had been infiltrated by agents of the French Government.

The leader of the cell, arranged a meeting with the Foreign Secretary to discuss the problem.  Having explained the intentions of the French and their desire to annihilate the British, he asked what action he should take and would there be funds made available to investigate to what extent  the UK had already been compromised.

The reaction of the Foreign Secretary was surprising, he suggested that the Security Services were over-reacting and that there was no possibility of France being involved is such a devious undertaking.

The Security man objected, pointing out that he had reliable evidence in support of his claims, including images of members of the French Government extolling the virtue of destroying the British. He pointed out that to dismiss such threats as over-reaction was ridiculous, some action needed to be taken.

He was ordered to cease his investigations forthwith and to release his dossier to his immediate superior at once. The Security agent attempted to explain that he could do no such thing, as he did not even know the identity of his immediate superior, such is the way of things in the Secret Service.

As he prepared to wind up the meeting he asked the Foreign Secretary if he was aware of the fact that three-quarters of the Members in The Houses of Parliament had been implicated in this plot and did indeed spend an inordinate amount of time in Paris? They all belonged to a group which called itself, “Friends of France. What’s that all about?  “Et alors?” was the response.

He asked why High Ranking Police Officers had been trained by the French Gendarmerie, which was in fact a branch of the French Military.  His question was ignored and he was dismissed.

Undeterred by the reaction of the Minister, our intrepid, patriotic Security Agent, set about organising a means of alerting the British people as to the danger they were facing and the inept response from their Government, to this threat.

Being aware that he was totally compromised as far as communications by telephone or computer were concerned, now that he was ‘rogue,’ he was obliged to find other means of contacting loyal supporters.

He quickly came to understand that the security lock-down in the UK had been put in place not to catch terrorists, it was to trap patriots like himself. He ditched his devices and went underground.

He began to ask Londoners of White origins, whether they were aware of a French build-up in London. Everybody gave him the same response. They are everywhere, even the Mayor is French. He very quickly realised that his own investigation was in fact well-known, everybody was in fact aware of the problem, apart from those in authority.

Some of his responders went as far as to suggest that all of the main Political Parties were controlled by the French. There was evidence that British Taxpayers money was being surreptitiously given to the French Government. There had been no condemnation of the French slaughter of hundreds of unarmed civilians in an African State, in fact it was suggested that British Weapons had been used in the attack.

The British Prime Minister, on a recent visit to Paris had spoken glowingly of his pride in his French origins. His Finance Minister made a similar statement.

It was at this point that the tales of the forced emigration from France of all of those of non-French origin began to circulate.  These folk had been forced on to rafts and pushed into the English Channel, en route towards the United Kingdom.

As they began to arrive on the beaches of the UK, many remarked that they did not look too brown to them, they looked pretty much like the other three hundred and fifty-thousand French people who were already installed in London.

When the alert few,  started to demonstrate against this invasion, which was occurring in Hastings and Brighton, the sleep-walkers came out in droves, with the customary tea and cake for the invaders, without a care in the world, totally unaware of the hidden agenda behind this event and their own controlled Governments role in it.

The French trained British Bobby, took the part of the poor refugees  – whom had been evicted by the French – in a bizarre exposition of their British loyalties. I believe that the Police Force is in the main composed of psychopaths with an IQ of 85, which in Police terms is considered to be the level of a genius.

When News of the invasion of the French was reported by the mainstream media, they too were all in favour of the incoming French, even as the rapes were kicking off in Hastings, the incoming men had, after all, been denied sex for several hours by then.

The Police geniuses stood idly by, taking this immigrant behaviour as nothing more than a form of French horseplay. Local councillor’s simply laughed and cried out, C’est drôle n’est pas? Laisse les tranquille.

It was not long before a vigilant docker in Southampton, spotted several containers packed with Kalashnikov, labelled as “Toys for refugee children” despite there having been no children on the rafts, only brawny young men.

Through the use of various “plonks” and other occult methods of communication, our intrepid Special Agent managed to organise a group of loyal and trustworthy comrades, all of whom were prepared to at least discuss the current problem, whether it could be solved or not.

The combined data, presented by those present, demonstrated the profundity of the infiltration of British Society. The Military, Banks, Legal Profession, Police, Government, Judiciary and even the Civil Service had been compromised by the French. They asked of themselves the question; ‘What can be done?’

The aggregate answer was, that there was only one thing which could be done, they must all be rooted out and sent back to France. The overwhelming reaction to this notion was one of deep gloom and despondency, at the magnitude of such a task.

The response of the British Government, to date,  had been to deploy Naval vessels in the Channel to make sure that the refugees were collected and brought ashore safely in the UK. There was apparently no means of stopping them before they left France or of taking them straight back.

So what will become of our heroes? Will they find a way to defeat the evil French? Will they dare to name names and shame the shameless Politicians whom have conferred this mess on to the dumbards in the United Kingdom? Will the blameless Brits end their days in lack of Concentration Camps? What are the chances that the British will drink their ‘hair of a dog?’ get to their feet and save themselves at the last-minute?  Sadly very low! Ooh! la! la!










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