A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

A Tribute To Harper Lee. With A Nod To Mark Twain.


Harper Lee

Any European, while looking at what is happening in the Middle East, who does not experience a queasy feeling in the pit of their stomach, suggesting to them, that they are working alongside the forces of evil, an evil so abominable, they dare not speak its name and by not condemning it out of hand,  must accept their own share of responsibility for the slaughter, which has befallen millions of innocent people, across the entire region, in order, we are told,  to keep Europe safe, from a manufactured threat, will one day, come to regret their complicit silence.

These atrocities have been carried out in front of both the European Union and The United Nations, both of which have maintained a wall of silence, offering no word of outrage against the most blood-thirsty slaughter of innocent people since the days of the last coalition, which was responsible for the carpet bombing of Germany, horrifically murdering so many innocent people and children in the process, that they have never dared to release accurate figures illustrating the true extent of the horror and of their own criminality.

These users of whatever device comes to hand to further their covert agenda, without reference to their own presence in the construction of the world’s turmoil, are even now attempting, a new form of retrospective censorship, aimed at some of the best-loved novels, written by White people, in the United States, in the name of Political Correctness.


Huckleberry Finn  and Jim making a run for it.


One of my favourite books, a tale of young boys, which affected me greatly, by giving me my first literary role model, which corresponded with my own childhood, Huckleberry Finn, has been banned in American schools, because of the use of the word Nigger. A word which was more probably pronounced in earlier times, in an area which was and is dominated by French speakers, as Negre, which is Negro in French, of which Nigger is simply a mispronunciation of the word Negre.

`This mis-pronounced word is the correct description of Blacks, whom are “Des Negre” the Negro people.  The Black use of Whitey, for White people is a casual, though accurate description of Whites. Blacks still call themselves Niggers, whereas White people never refer to themselves as Whitey,  which is a racist term and not simply a mispronunciation.


atticus court scene

The other victim of the controlled media, which is in the hands of a group, which Political Correctness forbids me to name, is Harper Lee, whose death has just been announced.

She, having been glorified for the writing of “The Great American Novel,” “To Kill A Mockingbird,” a tale of youngsters in those same Southern States. Her touching, poetic work,  sold an estimated forty million copies world-wide and was filmed with Gregory Peck as the Lawyer Atticus Finch, whom was attempting to save a Black man from death, by proving him to be innocent of attempted rape.  

The Black was however, found guilty on the strength of dubious evidence, from guess who? Why a lying “White Trash Family” whose daughter was responsible for entrapping the accused Black man, what else? The father proved to be such a White brute, he even attacked innocent children, only to be killed by the handicapped Boo Radley.



Scout, Jeb and Dill; In Court.



This was a “literary” verdict, which despite being a total fiction, was and is,  still being used as the model of the innocence, by extension, and as an alleged miscarriage of justice, now being applied to all Judgements of Blacks, accused of whatever crime, they are all innocent, all White Courts are Kangaroo Courts because Black people can do no wrong. If I remember correctly, the Black man was killed before an appeal could be launched, so we were left with the idea of White guilt.

The exact opposite is being inflicted on to all White people who are considered to be either guilty of racism, or given the opportunity, will turn out to be inherently racist.

When Harper Lee allowed the publication of her second novel, “Go, Set A Watchman,” it was condemned out of hand, simply because she approached far too close to the description of modern reality on the ground.  She appeared to have – in modern parlance – woken up.

Harper Lee’s  description of the emotions and  ideas coming from the mouth of a hero from the past, a lawyer,  probably better known and loved than was Perry Mason, Atticus Finch, could simply not be tolerated.  Even though Atticus’s tirade did not represent her narrators own attitude, the thoroughly modern Scout, it was not offering a strong enough rebuttal of the views of her father and other White People, discontented with the advance of Federal control.  That Is not Politically Correct. Political Correctness demands an overt hatred of White People and their attitudes, Whites no longer have rights, that suggests White Privilege and there is no middle ground, we are all guilty.

White people are not even allowed the freedom to hate those whom are proposing,  not only this vicious, racist,  hatred of Whites but the actual destruction of the White people by attempting to force them to inter-marry with Blacks.

One need only take a glance at the life of Huckleberry Finn, to realise that things were no better for the White poor in the Southern States, than it was for Blacks. Huck was in fact desperately trying to lead his Black friend Jim to freedom, while he was himself a simple, dirt poor, White homeless,  street kid. As with Boo Radley, kids were taught to stay well clear of Huckleberry Finn.

When Scout, the narrator of To Kill A Mockingbird, returns to Maycomb, she is confused when faced with the reality of the campaign against White people, which was being funded by groups like The Southern Poverty Law Centre and the Anti-Defamation League, as they are to this day.

Scouts reaction when faced with the reality of an advancing Civil War part two, in the Southern States, when the consequences of the misuse of what was gained through the “controlled changes,” which were “won” by Blacks, after the Civil Rights marches, were just being felt and long before the upsurge in attacks against the very way of life in the South, with the banning of the Confederate Flag and the destruction of the statues of Southern Military heroes, all in the name of Political Correctness, which is itself code for justifiable attacks against White people. These are not grass-root attacks, by disenchanted Blacks, they are organised not by the innocent, no, not at all, but by the very people whom themselves brought the Black slaves to the South on boats with Captains and crews whom they controlled selling them in the main to their own kind.

Those carrying the can for this crime had nothing whatever to do with slavery, however when those who at the right time released the Blacks, it was the dirt poor who had to pick up the tab of keeping a labour force, fed and housed while they waited for a job working for a pittance for their old Masters. This was nothing more than an early example of destroying a culture through mass immigration.

Harper Lee lived long enough to see exactly what was going on and she quite rightly presented the views of a good man, Atticus Finch, her hero. She died a few days ago, having been attacked by the very people whom had gleefully made use of her work to suit their own purposes.  She no doubt, watched in sadness, the efforts being made to dismiss “Go, Set A Watchman” which was a beautifully written work and deserving of its place alongside “To Kill A Mockingbird,” as racist. However, whether it suits a certain caste of people or not,  her writings were never racist, when she supported Tom in past times she was right and when she criticised what was happening to Whites here and now,  she was still being fair and right and she was faithful to the innate goodness of Scout, to the end.




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