A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

The Heavy Hand Of Press Censorship.

The Heavy Hand Of Press Censorship.

On a daily basis, I spend a fair amount of time going through the European Press, to garner an idea of how things are being presented to the unaware, trusting folk, across the European Union.

Occasionally I might leave a comment, which I consider to be a form of riposte to a slanted version of current events, presented in whichever journal. Recently I have been admonished by various publications, many of which are using the excuse of foul mouthed “trolls” as a justified reason for spiking my comments, without further explanation.

I have recently had a comment spiked by the Guardian, I have no idea why it was spiked, I never use bad language, I am not aggressive and I regularly receive dozens of thumbs up for my comments. I am no longer allowed to comment on the Mailonline, simply for making a justifiable comment on one of those “sacred” subjects which are considered to be above criticism.

The Mail warned me that should I attempt to post another comment on their site, using whatever pretext as a means of gaining access, they would be making contact with my Internet Service Provider no less, to take me off line. This is what passes for “free speech” in the United Kingdom, in the “Free Press.”

The Guardian has announced restrictions against unwelcome comments, due to a complaint that there had been an increase in the use of foul language, by those whom supported the position of Russia in the ongoing situation in Ukraine. This would suggest that the Guardian has adopted a position opposing Putin and Russia, which I would suggest, is not a good position from which to report believable, unbiased “News” from a War Zone, in which there is credible, filmed evidence, of the manipulation of events in Kiev, traceable back to the United States.

My own comment, did not involve Ukraine nor indeed the aforementioned “Sacred” subject, it involved a report made by a contributor to the Guardian, about the killings of Blacks in the USA and by extension all Blacks.

Full in the face of all of the available Official evidence the contributor was suggesting that Blacks were more in danger of being killed by either whites or the Police simply because of their colour. In my comment I pointed out that in fact, statistics show that more Blacks are killed by other Blacks, than are killed by White people and the Police combined, so would it not be better to concentrate on the real problem instead of simply blaming Whites for all their problems.

That message was apparently received as a form of violent hate speech by the Guardian monitors who pointed me towards their list of no no’s which have recently come into effect. I could find no adequate category into which my comment had stumbled, there was no suggestion, in any of them, that simple criticism would be censored out, should it disagree with the position adopted by the editorial staff of the Guardian.

Having discovered that my comment had been censored, I scrolled through a few pages of the comments, which had been made on the same post and to my astonishment there were dozens which had been censored out. If this is not “gagging” what is it?

The same thing goes for the Mail, who are they to threaten me in the manner in which they did, for simply making a comment on their site? Do they have the right or the power, to contact my ISP? The sad reality is that they could well be in the same group of Corporations as is my Internet Service Provider, such is the depth of the penetration of the Media by the Money Sick rich.


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